Friday, February 4

On this Day in Black History

1789 - George Washington, the commander of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, is unanimously elected the first president of the United States by all 69 presidential electors who cast their votes. John Adams of Massachusetts, who received 34 votes, was elected vice president.
1802 - Richard Allen organizes Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia
1802 - France abolishes slavery (the first time, it is revived under Napoleon)
1822 - A group of American free blacks settle in Liberia, West Africa.
1861 - Confederate constitutional convention meets for 1st time, elect Jefferson Davis pres of Confederacy
1913 - Rosa Parks is born in Tuskegee, AL
1924 - Louis Armstrong & Lillian "Lil" Hardin marry
1944 - Florence LaRue (The Fifth Dimension)
1952 - 1st black executive of a major TV station (Jackie Robinson - WNBC NY)
1964 - Austin T. Walden first black judge in Georgia since Reconstruction.
1965 - Malcolm X makes his first speech in favor of civil rights in Selma, AL.
1969 - MPLA begins armed struggle against Portugal in Angola.
1975 - Louis Jordan dies
1976 - Cam'ron born
1993 - Marge Schott suspended from baseball for 1 year due to racism
1997 - OJ Simpson found libel in murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson
1999 - Amadou Diallo was killed by four New York City police officers from the NYPD Street Crime Unit.
2000 - Singer Doris Kenner-Jackson (the Shirelles) dies
2005 - Ossie Davis dies
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