Thursday, March 3

Biggest check ever.

A couple of years ago I moved into my childhood home. My Dad made sure the house, a 1930s Tudor, was really well maintained. Well, when I moved in, I moved in with computer, coffee maker & monster stereo system and realized it was time to upgrade and update the electrical system.

After a lot of procrastination i finally did it and yesterday I paid, I wrote the largest check I have ever written in my life, one of those checks where you don't think there's enough room to write all the words...

All done and now I am up to codes. Some of the wiring was the original knob & tube (ceramic wiring) - yes, it was still working after 70 years!

Now, it's on to the flooring, big project #2! Upstairs is getting cork and downstairs I am reclaiming the hardwood which has been covered by carpet from 30ish years.
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