Tuesday, April 5

On this Day in Black History

1839 - Robert Smalls born
1856 - Booker Taliaferro Washington born
1865 - African American federal troops march into Richmond, VA, the Confederate capitol
1915 - John B. "Coach Mc." McLendon, Jr. born
1934 - Stanley Turrentine born
1937 - Colin Luther Powelll born
1941 - Harvard University benched Lucien Alexis, Jr. in a lacrosse match with the U.S. Naval Academy because the Academy refuses to play against an African American.
1951 - Segregation in restaurants is outlawed by the Municipal Court of Appeals in Washington, DC
1953 - Jomo Kenyatta was convicted and sentenced to 7 years in prison for orchestrating the Mau-Mau rebellion in Kenya.
1968 - Paula Cole born
1975 - Minnie Riperton went to No.1 with 'Loving You'
1976 - Theodore Landsmark was stabbed with an American flag by anti-busing agitators in front of Boston's City Hall.
1976 - FBI documents, released in response to a freedom of information suit, revealed that the government mounted an intensive campaign against civil rights organizations in the sixties.
1977 - Gertrude Downing's corner cleaner attachment was patented.
1984 - Marvin Gaye was buried
1987 - Spelman College's Board of Trustees selected Johnnetta Cole as the first black president of the college.
1987 - FOX Broadcasting Company launched "Married....With Children" and "The Tracey Ullman Show". The two shows were the beginning of the FOX lineup.
1990 - Sarah Vaughan died
1995 - Monika Danneman (Jimi Hendrix's one-time girlfriend)committed suicide, two days after losing a court battle with Kathy Etchingham, another of Jimi's ex-lovers.
2000 - Ziggy Marley became the official spokesman for the Hemp Bar
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