Wednesday, April 6

On this Day in Black History

1483 - Raphael born
1520 - Raphael died
1712 - the New York Slave Rebellion occurred.
1798 - James Pierson Beckwourth (Beckwourth Pass in the Sierra Nevadas) born
1830 - James Augustine Healy, 1st Black to be consecrated as Roman Catholic Bishop, born
1846 - Dred Scott and his wife Harriet filed suit against Irene Emerson for their freedom.
1862 - Battle of Shiloh began
1869 - Ebenezer Don Carlos Bassett named minister to Haiti becoming the first major Black diplomat
1889 - George Eastman places Kodak Camera on sale for 1st time
1896 - Modern Olympic Games began in Athens, Greece.
1905 - W. Warrick Cardozo born
1909 - Matthew Henson with Robert Peary, became the first people to stand at the North Pole.
1917 - US declared war on Germany, entering World War I
1917 - Walter "Shakey" Horton born
1922 - Dorothy Donegan born
1931 - 1st Scottsboro (Alabama) trial began (trial of nine Black youths accused of raping two white women on a freight train became a cause celebré)
1937 - Billy Dee Williams born
1941 - Italian-held Addis Ababa capitulates to British & Ethiopian forces
1965 - Lyndon B. Johnson authorized the use of ground troops in combat operations in Vietnam.
1968 - Bobby Hutton shot dead by Oakland Police.
1971 - The exhibition "Contemporary Black Artists" opened at the Whitney Museum
1971 - Igor Stravinsky died
1985 - Gaafar Nimeiri, the president of Sudan, was overthrown in a coup.
1985 - Sudan suspends constitution after coup under General Swarreddahab
1988 - Matthew Henson was awarded honors in Arlington National Cemetery.
1991 - Diego Maradona suspended for 15 month by Serie A for testing positive for cocaine use
1992 - Vernon Reid married Mia McLeod
1992 - Isaac Asimov died
1994 - The presidents of Rwanda and Burundi were killed in a plane crash near Rwanda's capital
1998 - Tammy Wynette died
1999 - Carmen Electra filed for a divorce from Dennis Rodman. They had only been married six months
2003 - Babatunde Olatunji died
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