Tuesday, April 5

Sam Fisher on the Big Screen

Some of you might know that I play a few PC Games.

My favs are the

RTS like Age of Empires & Rise of Nations
Soccer games like FIFA 2005 or Winning Eleven
and lastly,
Stealth action games like, no, there's only one that matters...Splinter Cell.

This game kills me. You are a super spy who goes to exotic locals to deal with potential threats. The goal is to get through the game, accomplish your goals without being noticed. You can kill if you need to but you are better off sneaking up on people or around them. The story is based on a Tom Clancy idea.

Think Alias without the martial arts and without the disguises.

The new one, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, came out last week and I must have logged 40 hrs over the past week completing it. There are endless options to completing mission so I will be playing it over.

Peter Berg to direct Splinter Cell
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