Tuesday, April 5

Tips for a great website

Go to Jai's Place, poke around, and let me know if I live up to the criteria listed below.
  • Give your site a title that's brief, descriptive, and easy to remember. Keep the title's promise and provide all of the content you say you will
  • Splash screens act as a barrier to entering your site. Unless your goal is to stop people at the door, don't use splash screens.
  • When a user encounters your home page, the site's purpose and navigation should be clear. The site's identity (its branding) should also be clearly established up fron and then carried forward throughout the site.
  • Don't assume that people will scroll. Keep your content within one screen, break pages that are more than two screens long into multiple pages, or give people a very compelling reason to scroll.
  • Keep navigational clutter to a minimum. On your home page, for example, either have between five and seven items from which to choose, or organize what you offer into five to seven clearly defined areas.
  • Make anything that looks like a button act like a button.
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