Monday, May 2

This may be the last time...

I feel I can share the news now.

A few weeks ago the company I work for, OneMusic Corp, was sold. We employees were absorbed into our boss' developing company but my boss, being the good guy he is, offered me a deal. He gave me the option to assume a more active role in production at the new company or to leave with a comfortable severance so that I can go to grad school. Which, in his words, "is what I think you really want to do."

I will be leaving my full-time position at the end of May and will remain freelance as a descriptive writer and another pair of ears...for the past month my primary duty has been to go through new writer/composer submissions in order to build a new stable of composers. If you know someone who has a subscription to Film Music Network you can see the ad I wrote and started to run a second time today...look for my name as a contact.

I've missed my window of opportunity for entering school in Fall 06 but that will give me more time to get the stuff together. I have to take the GRE again and I have to find professors who might actually remember me (the advantage of going to a small school is that I probably can find some professors who do remember me).

So, now, for a little while, I become a no-good, lazy-ass husband.

It's kinda cool though, Tara and I will get to spend her Summer Break perfect for a newlywed couple!
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