Monday, February 12

Become Greener in 101 Steps (51-75)

  1. Use your library
  2. Recycle your batteries
  3. Recycle your ink cartridges
  4. Buy organic and all-natural beauty and personal care products (there are men's products available)
  5. Buy organic undies
  6. Make your own soap
  7. Get your kids in the habit of being green
  8. Use only low- or no-VOC paints
  9. Use salvaged architectural materials
  10. Donate items taken out of your house during a remodeling job
  11. Clean your furnace’s air filter monthly while in use
  12. Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners
  13. Reduce your use of plastic
  14. Buy an insulated reusable coffee mug instead of using paper or styrofoam ones
  15. Buy in bulk
  16. Minimize use of disposable products
  17. Use solar powered outdoor lights
  18. Take a shower instead of a bath
  19. Use tree-free holiday cards
  20. Avoid toys made with PVC
  21. Donate unwanted books and magazines
  22. Find a drycleaner that doesn’t use perc
  23. Buy paper products made with post-consumer recycled material
  24. Optimize your computer’s energy settings
  25. Buy a laptop instead of a desktop
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