Thursday, May 8

If exercise makes you happy...

...why don't more people do it? Why don't I want to do it?

My wife exercises all the time. I have a membership to the YMCA. My doctor says I should exercise. My dog needs exercise and now I read this article that implies if I exercise I will become a CEO.
Most CEOs exercise regularly, so you could say that regular exercise is important to getting that top job.
Now, I don't have designs on being a CEO but I know I need to move. My current job has strapped me to a desk. I walk to and from the busstop and that's about it. That's about 1/2 mile total walking. I need to do something. I hate going to the gym and I make excuses about why I don't ride my bike. What can I do?

Monday, May 5

Boycott the Man

I don't have a lot to add here but read what Marjorie has to say and boycott Nestlé, Pepsico and all those companies!

Now I know, not all companies are purely evil but some took a sharper right turn towards it than others. I also understand that the corporate decisions are not made by the workers and I don't really want them to suffer b/c of any action I take but Marjorie talks about personal responsibility and we all have to find our "line in the sand" and our comfort zone.

As far as the mega-corporations...there is not one service or product produced by these companies offer that you can't find at a smaller, more local, probably higher quality place. Yes, they are possibly more expensive but where are your priorities?

Tara and I make a conscious decision on most everything we spend money local is it, how fresh is, how ecologically sound is, how humane was the process? If it is then something that fits our budget we buy.

So draw your line in the sand, ask the important questions and tell your friends.