Saturday, August 18

How to eat watermelon, competing styles

You can eat it this way or

or you can do it this way (don't stop until you reach the 5min mark at which point you won't be able to stop)

Sunday, May 27

Blerds* to the Rescue

Can I just say that I am so excited to be alive? I can say it. I am fucking happy to be alive and proud to be black. Damn! It is a great day.

I'm not a space geek. I mean, I do love Star Trek and Star Wars and BSG but I never did the whole astrophysics nor astronomy. As an adult I have come to embrace the general ideas there but I really don't know anything about those fields of study. Over the last few months, maybe even year, I have heard - thanks to various NPR/PRI podcasts (and the Daily Show) - physicists and other scientists discuss String Theory and Multiverses and space travel. Much of it has been inspiring but what really made my day was hearing Dr. Mae Jemison dovetailing into a couple of recent interviews I've heard of Neil Degrasse Tyson. Its amazing to hear scientists think this way but what really got me is that I was listening to two black scientists talking about space travel, a topic that doesn't come up too often in most black barbershops, if you know what I mean.

On one level I know black people can do anything I am always happy to hear us breaking molds. They are talking Star Trek kind of shit and that just makes me wanna strut around challenging the naysayers.
You think black folk can only listen to rap, belong to get-up-out-of-your-seat churches and yell at their kids? Well fuck you, we are scientists, no, we are uber-scientists. Take that! Asshole!
I know this is a bit aggressive but this is the kinda thing that makes me wanna get in your face about.

*Blerd - Black Nerd

Friday, March 16

When decisions prove to be wrong

I made a mistake and it is costing my family dearly and I am having a very hard time coming to terms with it. The cost is relative but this decision is causing pain to a loved one, taking money from our very small bank account, stealing time from our finely tuned schedule, and soon it will be a major inconvenience.

My dog was diagnosed with heart worms, a highly treatable - although it wasn't when I worked in a vet clinic 25 years ago, highly preventable mosquito transmitted parasite. I should concentrate on the highly treatable part of the equation, right? Well, I'm not. I'm fixated on the highly preventable part of the equation. I was diligently giving Johnders his chewable preventative every month for 2, almost 3 years, of his life. I stopped giving the tablets to him b/c in my analysis - limited and superficial - the risk/$$ ratio said the risk to him was really small but things changed and Johnders got infected. Now my seemingly thrifty decision has become a major expense of time, money, energy, and Johnders is suffering currently with the parasite (in the heart and lungs), soon with the treatment (very painful shots) and lastly, the recovery (absolute bedrest).

Tara asked if I was Jewish or Catholic b/c of this guilt I've saddled myself with but I feel like a heel for making a mistake that is resulting is such a burden for my family.

Tuesday, March 13

iPod Philosophy

Do you know what makes you tick?
Do you know how to avoid what makes you sick?

Color Me True - Sly & the Family Stone