Thursday, September 28

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Right meditation is not escapism; it is not meant to provide hiding-places for temporary oblivion. Realistic meditation has the purpose of training the mind to face, to understand and to conquer this very world in which we live.
Nyanaponika Thera, "Power of Minfulness"(.pdf)

Wednesday, September 27

Help, I can't start.

I've mentioned how much I procrastinate. Below is some useful info that I will possibly use.
Procrastination is a widely complex problem that can be solved in many different ways and caused by many more. Despite this complexity, I have found that the simple solution of understanding, breaking down and starting is the most effective strategy. Here is a summary of that method:

* Understand where the procrastination is coming from:
o All procrastination is rooted in linking more pain to taking action than inaction
o Three Major Culprits:
+ Fear
+ Stress
+ Fatigue (Lack of Energy)
* Break down your walls and create stairs to make a large activity manageable
o Break down by:
+ Steps in Order
+ Components
+ Progressions of Intensity
* With the activity broken down, you might need an extra push, so:
o Use Rewards
o Use Leverage
o Modify the Activity

Monday, September 25

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Not thinking about anything is zen. Once you know this, walking, standing, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is zen. To know that the mind is empty is to see the Buddha...Using the mind to look for reality is delusion. Not using the mind to look for reality is awareness. Freeing oneself from words is liberation.

Nashville Lifestyles

So, on my 2nd Monday at the new job I said hi to Isaac Hayes & David Porter.

Landmark is an official division of BMI so we were invited to go to the "mandatory fun day".
You know those days when corporate America decides to show the employees how important they are.
Ours was a ride on the General Jackson riverboat, watching the wonderful Middle Tennessee landscape (I saw a heron & a hawk - or something that flies high and dives into the water for fish).

We met at BMI and I was a bit early so I was sort hanging by myself when in walks Black Moses! I knew he and David Porter were coming but I didn't know the arrangement. Sure enough, I made eye contact with Isaac and as he continues past me we exchanged hellos. Holy shit! Isaac Hayes said hi to me this morning!

Later Isaac came to stage and although he's doing well it's obvious his stroke knocked some of the wind out of his sail. He was funny and David Porter came to his side through his storytelling.

He's not nearly as tall as I thought he was. :-)

Nothing special on the boat. The food was pretty good, we got one beer each some new country dude sang (Jake Owen).

In Nashville we talk about gurmy, or being a gurm, which translates into gushing, cheeseball, "can I have your autograph", fan. You can say that all you want but Stax records is one of the most important aspects of American culture, one of the most important record labels in the history of recorded music and if I get a little goofy when I see two of the guys who worked their and work hits for them then so be it.

Sunday, September 24

Are you likeable?

Do the following and you will be liked:

1. Be positive.
2. Control your insecurities.
3. Provide value.
4. Eliminate all judgments.
5. Become a person of conviction.

Look to the Prometheus Institute for details.

Sounds a bit like the Four Agreements, don't you think?

1. be impeccable with your word
2. don't take anything personally
3. don't make assumptions
4. always do your best

Which do you find most difficult?

Friday, September 22

82 yrs old

My mother would've been 82 yrs old today. She died two weeks before her 60th birthday. Which means for the last four years I have lived longer without my mother than I did with.

I miss her.

Week 2

I haven't said anything about my new job but I will say that in week 2 I will get to see, maybe meet Isaac Hayes & David Porter.

Sunday, September 17

Posts again

I've had a lot of trouble posting from any of my blogging software and I don't know what's up.

It can be hard to get to the web so I'll see what I can do. Bear with me.



Tuesday, September 5


My last 5 posts haven't made it to the net. Something weird is going on. I get confirmation from performancing that they posted but then they don't show up.

Saturday, September 2

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Listen to the sound of water. Listen to the water running through chasms and rocks. It is the minor streams that make a loud noise; the great waters flow silently.

The hollow resounds and the full is still. Foolishness is like a half-filled pot; the wise man is a lake full of water.
Sutta Nipata

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Friday, September 1

Eye on Green Hills

Yesterday was cool musician day in Davis-Kidd!
Well first the Governor came in and told me he was feeling much better. He's lost a lot of weight and he looked tired but he was dressed down and about to eat lunch by himself.
Then the musicians...Kenny Vaughan. I first saw him many moons ago when he was touring with Lucinda Williams and he's a hot player. He actually comes in often, usually looks at some music books, then some CDs. Then came Justin (Townes) Earle. I thought I knew who Justin Earle was but I was wrong. The guy who came in was not the guy I thought was Justin. I think I had him confused with John Cash - I didn't have who they are confused, I just thought Justin looked more like John. He got some cool books and went on his way. Very rock-n-roll, tall, thin, inked. He was very nice and polite. 
One of the things I will miss about this place.