Wednesday, November 30

Ronaldinho: The smiling face of football

This is what it should be like for everybody, don't you think?
The childlike pleasure he derives from the game is matched by that of his rapt audience, who are regularly treated to displays of his craft and inventiveness.

FIFA World Player of the Year shortlist

Ronaldinho has been shortlisted for FIFA's world player of the year for the second straight time.

For the women, the candidates are last year's player of the year Birgit Prinz of Germany, Shannon Boxx of the United States and Marta of Brazil.

Remembering Chris Whitley: A Hometown Perspective

A life of artistic turmoil ends
He always had those same eyes and that same grin. Always. He was the sweetest person behind all of those dark lyrics

Harper's names new editor to replace Lapham

Congrats to Roger D. Hodge!

I will never forget his final paper in that Faulkner class we took. I understood then that, as a writer, he was light years ahead of me.

Yea Sewanee's Right!

the Magazine: Harper's

Tuesday, November 29

It'll Love You Back

I've checked this site out before but a few weeks ago I sat with it for awhile and I learned. I like what's going on over at ::aurgasm::

To quote:
Take an active approach in finding music you love. Only you can find what you love. Immerse yourself in it. Buy the CD. Go to the show and meet your favorite artist afterwards. Tell them their music changed you. Support the artists whose work you adore.

Be passionate about music. It'll love you back.
Go check it out for yourself ::aurgasm::

Monday, November 28

Ronaldinho scoops European award

The 25-year-old was favourite to claim the Ballon D'Or (European Player of the Year), having already won the 2004 Fifa World Player of the Year and the inaugural FIFpro award.

More here and here.

Friday, November 25

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Now, there are many, many people in the world, but relatively few with whom we interact, and even fewer who cause us problems. So, when you come across such a chance for practicing patience and tolerance, you should treat it with gratitude. It is rare. Just as having unexpectedly found a treasure in your own house, you should be happy and grateful to your enemy for providing that precious opportunity.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Thursday, November 24

Movie Alert

Walk the Line...go see it.

Joaquin has a magical performance. There are moments where he gets the essence of Johnny so eloquently it will bring tears to your eye. The moment when Johnny sings "Folsom Prison Blues" for Sam Phillips is one of the moments.

Well done story too, no glaring gaps that I know of and T-Bone Burnett hits the nail on the head with the music.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Let us rise up and be thankful,
for if we didn’t learn a lot today,
at least we learned a little,
and if we didn’t learn a little,
at least we didn’t get sick,
and if we got sick,
at least we didn’t die;
so, let us be thankful.
The Buddha

Escovedo recording new album with John Cale

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Alejandro Escovedo, whose career has been sidelined since 2003 by a battle with hepatitis C, is working on an album that is being produced by Velvet Underground co-founder John Cale.

I'm not terribly familiar with John but a new Al record is always cause for celebration!

Vodafone, Manchester United part ways

Manchester United are searching for a new shirt sponsor after Vodafone ended their current £36million deal two years early.

Wednesday, November 23

More on Chris

Eclectic singer-songwriter succumbs to lung cancer at forty-five.
He is best known, however, for carving a personalized, often brooding take on country blues, marked by his mastery of the slide steel guitar and other stringed instruments.

Beginning over in the Big Sky Country

Chris Whitley 1960-2005

Damnit! Damnit!

I've loved Chris since "Big Sky Country" and this saddens me. He was so talented. He and his music were charismatic in a way few musicians can imagine.

the Man: Chris Whitley
the Music: Discography
the Obit: Chris Whitley has died.

Chris, I will miss you. Thanks for the shows and thanks for letting me tape.

Monday, November 21

My dog ate my homework!

Player blames hair-growth product for a positive doping test.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Just as material things are made of dust, so too are our perceptions and thoughts mere dust. Just as it takes only a moment to wipe the dust from the surface of a mirror, so it takes only a moment to become enlightened, the moment all defiled intentions are cleared from our consciousness, we will see ourselves in the mirror of perfect truth.
Master Hsing Yun, "Describing the Indescribable"

Sewanee gets number 25

Katharine K. Wilkinson from Atlanta, a graduate of the University of the South, plans to study environmental policy.

More here.

the Alma Mater: University of the South
the Scholarship: Rhodes Trust
the Prize: University of Oxford

Friday, November 18

Buddhist Thought of the Day

If you wish to move in the One Way
do not dislike even the world of senses and ideas.
Indeed, to accept them fully
is identical with true Enlightenment.
The wise man strives to no goals
but the foolish man fetters himself.
There is one Dharma, not many;
distinctions arise
from the clinging needs of the ignorant.
To seek Mind with the [discriminating] mind
is the greatest of all mistakes.
Seng-tsan, "Verses on the Faith Mind"

Thursday, November 17

Out of the Ashes of War Rises Africa's First Woman President

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia has made history by becoming the first elected woman president in Africa. Former football star George Weah, till now the best-known Liberian in the world, has disputed the results.

World Cup turns ugly

Ever since the advent of so-called Ping-Pong diplomacy in 1971, when U.S. table tennis players became the first Americans invited into China since the Communist takeover in 1949, sports has been perceived to build bridges between countries and cultures.

Ugly incidents at three of the five World Cup soccer playoffs Wednesday night have seriously undermined that perception.
This is so sad but I don't think we should be surprised; we learned a long time ago how much these events mean to the players and countries involved.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

In the beginning mindfulness takes away worries and fears about past and future and keeps us anchored in the present. In the end it points to the right view of the self.
Ayya Khema, "Be an Island"

Wednesday, November 16

Time Flies

I'm just fucking tired.

I have been out of it for a couple of weeks now. First there was the whole going back to work, then there was the training, next was the store moving and the relearning, and most recently, there was dental surgery and my Aunt visting.

My work has worn me out. But inertia is a funny thing. I know I can't stop yet.

The surgery went as well as can be expected I guess. Recovery has gone pretty well too. Last night was the first night I didn't take pain pills or Advil before bed and it was alright. I still have some stitches but slowly they are coming out and slowly I am brushing the repaired gums like normal.

Remember...FLOSS PROPERLY and go to the dentist.

Work has been ok. It's been tense. I don't really know what's going on, I'm too new to know all the dynamics but there is the sense that some of the staff have lost the desire to participate in anything. I can't be more specific b/c I can't put my finger on exactly what's up. Business seems to be up but it's kinda difficult b/c we have to relearn the location of everything and we seem to be short staffed.

That combined with my body being in recovery mode has made me come home really tired.

Today I have some stuff to take care of then we go see Capote. I don't know much about him. There is not a day that goes by in the store when I don't feel like an idiot. I'm just not that well versed in literature, or at least compared to these people I work with.

Oh well.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

I have taught the way without making any distinction between inner and outer teaching. For in respect of the truth there must be no such thing as the "closed fist" of the teacher, who hides some essential knowledge from the pupil. Secrecy is the mark of false doctrine.
Digha Nikaya

Tuesday, November 15

Buddhist Thought of the Day

It is good to control your words and thoughts. The seeker who is in control feels free and joyful. Listen to that seeker who guards his tongue and speaks wisely. Such a one is humble and does not exalt himself.

Monday, November 14



Press Release:

"What a special guitarist. [Derek Trucks] does not waste a note. And his strange pastiche of musical influences - John Coltrane-Eric Clapton-Ali Akhbar Khan-Wes Montgomery - isn't just an impressive list of styles; it remains unified and in effect from beginning to end." - THE NEW YORK TIMES

On February 7, 2006, Columbia Records will release Songlines, the first new recording by The Derek Trucks Band in nearly four years, and the first studio album to feature the full-throated, impassioned vocals of newest DTB member, Mike Mattison. Songlines signals the DTB's arrival at a spiritual plateau after a decade long journey of musical discovery, and cements Trucks' reputation as one of the greatest guitarists of his generation. While Songlines embraces the group's big-eared love of rock, jazz, blues, latin and world music, it is unquestionably their most cohesive album to date.

Songlines features several originals written by the DTB and collaborator Jay Joyce - from the Hammond B3 groove of "I'll Find My Way" to Joyce's anthemic, fiery "Revolution" and the shimmering Trucks instrumental "Mahjoun." Elsewhere, traditional blues (a wickedly funky "Crow Jane" rendered in with a cutting falsetto by Mattison) mingle with the DTB's stirring, tent revival take on Roland Kirk's classic "Volunteered Slavery," and their epic reading of the Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn composition "Sahib Teri Bandi/Maki Madni," a song that swells from a delicate tone piece to a whirling dervish and back again.

Songlines takes its name from an Aboriginal tradition which claims the culture's totemic elders traveled the Australian continent literally singing their world into existence. In turn, the "songlines" they created became a map for finding one's way through life. Derek Trucks has followed his own songlines from a very early age. A professional, touring musician since the age of twelve, Trucks now spends over 300 days a year on the road with the DTB and the Allman Brothers Band. Now 26, Trucks is the youngest guitarist to place on Rolling Stone's recent "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" list. His unmistakable guitar sound and attack has been described alternately as "incendiary" (Wall Street Journal) and "melodic and erudite" (Entertainment Weekly), but it is always deeply, unmistakably his own.

The DTB had a great tour in Europe and now the band is kicking off the northeast leg of the tour! Pics from Holland and the DTB gig with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra are posted on the photo section of the site.

NPS Broadcasting in Holland will be broadcasting online a three part program on Wed 11/16 from 4:30 - 7:00 PM EST. Part 1, an interview with Derek listening to and discussing his selections of inspirational tracks. Part 2, a recordings of live performances from "Steelin' & Slidin'", a collaboration between the DTB and the following slide players in Holland: Sonny Landreth, Dan Tyack, Buddy Cage, Johan Jansen, & Rene van Barneveld. Part 3, a recording of the The Derek Trucks Band's set at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on Oct 16th. Go to (after the initial broadcast you can stream it for one week by going to the website and clicking on woensdag, the Dutch word for Wednesday).

the Band: Derek Trucks Band

Sunday, November 13

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Guard against anger
erupting in mind;
in mind, be restrained.
Having abandoned mental misconduct,
live conducting yourself well
in mind.

Those restrained in body
--the enlightened--
restrained in speech & in mind
are the ones whose restraint is secure.
Dhammpada, 17, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Friday, November 11

'Iron Lady' claims win

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, known as the "Iron Lady", has claimed victory as the first woman to be elected president in Liberia, and Africa as a whole.

Thursday, November 10

Can Marriage Help You Live Longer?

Since I am in this category now...
Research shows that marriage contributes to good health, and people who are healthier tend to live longer. Married men and women are less likely to have drinking problems, commit suicide, and develop mental problems. They also tend to eat more healthfully and exercise more frequently. What is it about marriage that leads to a longer, healthier life? Is marriage a means to achieving better health?
Beliefnet: Health and Healing

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Don't forget to bring the good experiences of meditation into your daily activities. Instead of acting and reacting impulsively and following your thoughts and feelings here and there, watch your mind carefully, be aware, and try to deal skillfully with problems as they arise. If you can do this each day, your meditation will have been successful.
Kathleen McDonald, "How to Meditate"

Wednesday, November 9

Dental Talk

Yesterday was a 2.5 hour surgical marathon...and I'm not done yet!

Everything went well although the drive home was excruciating! The doctor expects a full and wonderful recovery and some time in the new year I will go back for round 2 (the left side of my mouth).

The idea with this is to clean out all the gunk b/t my gums and my jaw/bone/tooth and then the gume will heal around the tooth like it should. Because the surgery is so intense (and expensive) this periodonist splits the procedure between two calendar years.

Today my jaw is a little tender and a little swollen but nothing too bad. I still might take tomorrow off.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

If somebody meditates with a wholesome attitude, with right attention and mindfulness, then whether he has expectations or not he will gain insight. It's like filling a bowl with oil seeds and pressing them or milking a cow by pulling the udder or filling a jar with cream and churning it. It's the right method.
Majjhima Nikaya

Tuesday, November 8

Recent & Random

Haven't written much recently. This retail schedule is wrecking havoc with my routine.

Davis-Kidd has moved. The new digs are nice although a bit frustrating. Just as I was learning where things were in the store we all have to relearn. Some of the sections haven't been returned to their alpha order and some sections don't have their proper labels. There have been all sorts of tech glitches too but it's all getting ironed out.

New England Revolution & LA Galaxy are in the MLS Championship Game.

I'm behind schedule on my GRE studies.

Today is D-Day (Dental Surgery Day #1). Wish me luck!

Buddhist Thought of the Day

not on the rudenesses of others,
not on what they've done
or left undone,
but on what you
have & haven't done
Dhammapada, 4, translation by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

African Footballer of the Year Nominees

(From African gong list:The Confederation of African Football (CAF) said the list would be whittled down to three candidates on November 19 after a vote of the coaches of the continent's 53 national teams.

Monday, November 7

Nice thought but does anybody believe it will make a difference?

Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard has backed referee Arturo Dauden Ibanez's decision to ask for a message to be broadcast over the public address system in Getafe asking the home fans to stop racist chanting.
Rijkaard backs intervention

Sunday, November 6

Buddhist Thought of the Day

At a time when people are so conscious of maintaining their physical health by controlling their diets, exercising and so forth, it makes sense to try to cultivate the corresponding positive mental attitudes too.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, 1963

Buddhist Thought of the Day

If a person does evil,
he shouldn't do it again & again,
shouldn't develop a penchant for it.
To accumulate evil
brings pain.

If a person makes merit,
he should do it again & again,
should develop a penchant for it.
To accumulate merit
brings ease.
Dhammapada, 9, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Friday, November 4

Buddhist Thought of the Day

If you wish to understand yourself, you must succeed in doing so in the midst of all kinds of confusions and upsets. Don't make the mistake of sitting dead in the cold ashes of a withered tree.

Wednesday, November 2

Buddhist Thought of the Day 2

don't treat your own with scorn,
don't go coveting those of others.
A monk who covets those of others
no concentration.

Even if he gets next to nothing,
he doesn't treat his gains with scorn.
Living purely, untiring:
he's the one
that the devas praise.
Dhammapada, 15, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Don't be afraid of doing good. It's another name for happiness, for all that is dear and delightful--this phrase "doing good."

Whoever would live well,
Long lasting, bringing bliss--
Let him be generous, be calm,
And cultivate the doing of good.

By practicing these three,
These three bliss-bringing things,
The wise one lives without regret
His world infused with happiness.
Itivuttaka Sutta