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Trouble in Paradise?

Chelsea joins Arsenal at top of league

I concur!

Review: Foxx outstanding in fine 'Ray'

And it can be summed up with this:
With "Ray," Hackford has made a film that -- like Charles' music itself -- breaks your heart, makes it brim with joy and ultimately fills it with a deep belief in beauty and salvation

Saturday, October 30


(1) Are you informed about the candidates and issues?

Check out to read about the candidates and the latest political news (Click on "Get Informed - News").

(2) Do you know where your polling place is?

In most states, you have already received a notice in the mail with your polling place on it. Hold onto it -- this is the MOST accurate and important source of information about your specific polling location (place it on your refrigerator or other obvious place). But you can also look for your polling place by calling your county voter registrar's office (listed in the government pages of your local telephone book), checking your state's Secretary of State Web site, or checking on

(3) Do you have identification ready to bring with you on Election Day?

Every state is slightly different in Election Day ID requirements, but in all cases, it's a good idea to bring a driver's license, passport or other photo ID, particularly if you are a first-time voter. It's also a good idea to bring some proof of your address, like a bill statement. Again, this isn't a requirement in all states, but we recommend it -- it can't hurt just to be on the safe side.

(4) Have you planned your Election Day strategy?

Plan your Election Day in advance. In all states, polling places generally open between 6 and 9 a.m., and they close between 6 and 9 p.m. Most local newspapers and their Web sites publish polling hours during the week before the election, so check them out.

And finally...

(5) Talk to family and friends -- remind them about the Election Day checklist, and maybe even drive a few people to the polls with you (or walk together).

Friday, October 29

A right-wing Senator for Kerry

I will have to defer to the Daily Kos for the pdf.

But the gist is that former Senator Bob Smith, who is about as hardline right-wing as you can get is endorsing John Kerry, not only because GW has screwed up but b/c he believes in John Kerry.

I've been to 54% of the USA

BUT the map won't format with my you will have to guess which states.

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Who is your ultimate Rock Band?

Guns and Roses my ultimate band i love these guys
ang you get to share them with me, awww aren't
i kind

^^Who is your ultimate Rock Band?^^(pics+new results)
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Top 10 Frightening Flicks from the crazies @ G4TechTV

10. JAWS (1975)
9. THE SHINING (1980)
7. FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)
6. PSYCHO (1960)
4. THE EXORCIST (1973)
I know that last post was WRONG! but I think it's really funny (in a South Park kinda way). Posted by Hello

Who are you gonna vote for?

You better make the right decision on Nov 2! Posted by Hello

Presidential Election by the numbers (or cell phones determine the election)

"Election rides on the 917 vote"

by Jimmy Breslin (Newsday,Inc. Copyright 2004)
October 21, 2004
On Sept. 15, there were 168,900,019 cell phones in America, according to the cell phone institute in Washington.

Not one phone user was called by the political pollsters reporting with such marvelous accuracy on the Bush-Kerry race. A month later, on yesterday afternoon, there now were 170,475,160 cell phones in America, according to the cell phone institute.

In one month, 1,575,000 new cell phones have been bought.

Not one cell phone has been called during the presidential campaign. This is because there is no method for polling cell phones. Nobody has their numbers. Nor do they know who the users are, where they live and what they do. You have 170 million phones and you talk to none of them and then try to say you know what the public is thinking.

A month ago, pollster John Zogby said he had discontinued telephone polls because cell phones had made any and all results meaningless. Now if you pay attention to polls, you are insane.

Yesterday, the polls showed a Bush surge. It never happened because they were basing it on thin air. There also were figures showing Kerry winning states like Ohio in the Miwest. They came up with the percentages without calling one cell phone of the millions and millions of them in the area. I believe nothing.

Everybody maintains that the two candidates are in a statistical dead heat. Nobody knows that. With a huge number of new registered voters, overwhelmingly of color, and young, and with 40 million using cell phones, the only thing going on in this election is how many times George Bush goes under before he drowns on Election Day. As he should. He is the worst president we have had, maybe ever.

Yesterday on the East Side of Manhattan, they counted 40,000 new registrations. You didn't need 10 of them, for this is a Kerry district, and state. But it showed the level of animosity toward Bush. I was at a book signing at Sarasota the other day, and 400 Democrats were there. A rare number. The next day, they raised $100,000 when Joe Biden appeared for Kerry. Over the last several weekends, groups have come down from Connecticut to go door to door for Kerry in Tampa. I saw cell phones everywhere.

The newspaper and television polls aren't worth glancing at. They are taken of people who have land lines, as your house phone is known. Many millions have cell phones and land lines both, and can be reached. But there are about 40 million between 18 and 29 who only use cell phones. They are heavily Democratic. The usual view is that they vote sparingly. This time, with the word "draft" in the air the young breathe, and with a general and intense dislike of Bush, the number should be higher than usual. Even if it is disappointing, the numbers are so huge to begin with that Kerry will be your president on a 917 vote.

Older people are Bush voters and they are deficient in making cell phone calls. When it buzzes, chimes or rings with an incoming call, they are breathless.

Yet the newspapers and television are running polls as if they are excerpts from textbooks at MIT. They are taken with 20th century methods for a 21st century political race. "Our scientific poll is based on interviews with 532 people, and has an error margin of 3 percent, one way or the other. Of course that makes 6 percent, but that's close enough for us."

They are lies by numbers. The reporters basing their coverage on these polls are lazy, unimaginative and irresponsible. That everything is based on an untruth could be the reason for the dreadful election coverage. What they write or say so often has nothing to do with the times in which they are supposed to live and report.

In the week ending Oct. 17, there were 23 American soldiers killed in Iraq. I saw no prominent mention anywhere. If there were 23 policemen killed in New York in a week, the city would shut down. If there were 23 police officers killed in the nation in a week, it would be a national calamity.

But the 23 dead American soldiers went virtually unmentioned. I watch the "Today" show and they say that now we are going to see all the good things happening in Iraq. Insanity.

I think common sense says that the issue of the campaign is the dead soldiers who are in Iraq because George Bush lied to get us into the war. Younger people might feel a little closer to a casket holding the young.

They talk on cell phones, and when they talk they say, "Where are you? Did you hear George Bush saying the jobs are improving? Where? And for how much? He is making this a $9-an-hour country. Did you hear his idea on Social Security? We can give it to a stock broker to steal. Did you hear him saying a word about the guys getting killed in Iraq? No. He wants to make like it never happens. So long. I'm going into the building, and I'm going to lose you."

How to get on the FBI wanted Eminem

Mosh, the video & PSA


Blog Blog Woof Woof has changed address....


Oh no, Mr. Frodo, he's not from Bag End

"Hobbit" Discovered: Tiny Human Ancestor Found in Asia

Tuesday, October 26

Now that's a deep bench

Sir Alex Ferguson made 11 changes from the side that beat Arsenal on Sunday and Alan Smith took just 10 minutes to coolly slot the visitors in front.

Crewe 0-3 Man Utd

A real man.

Van Nistelrooy accepts FA charge

This was my Poli-Sci teacher...

and I didn't understand a word he said!
Charles Brockett, professor of political science at the University of the South has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant to conduct research in Mexico during the 2004-2005 academic year, according to the United States Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.
Full Story

Politics in the 21st Century

An Avalanche of Misinformation
Two misleading Bush ads accusing Kerry of supporting tax increases on gasoline and middle-class parents were running heavily last week. According to the Campaign Media Analysis Group of TNS Media Intelligence, which tracks TV ads in the top 100 markets, the two Bush ads accounted for nearly half of the estimated $16 million spent by Bush and the Republican National Committee during that week alone.

Monday, October 25

State lease to aid African-American museum

We'll get rid of an ugly useless parking lot and broaden the scope of the Bicentennial Mall!

Clasiical sound in Music City

Watch Nashville's Symphony center grow

Quote of the Day

Another health related post...
The ingredients of health & long life are great temperance, open air eay labor & little care.
Sir Philip Sidney

Health goals

According to my health tip-of-the-day we need to ask ourselves if we are doing the following:
  • enjoying our fav music?
  • using the family planning method that works for us and our partner?
  • taking a vitamin supp in addition to eating right?
  • listening to others & communicating effectively?
  • acting like a kid from time to time?
The goal of the month is to try an exercise activity you've never tried.
The family planning question is a little odd but hey, it's a legit question.

Too much to say.

Hey ya'll. My server is running out of room so if you can't get some archives just bear with me. I hope to get something firgured out soon.


Why America Has Waged a Losing Battle on Fallouja

This regime, I mean presidency, has got to be one of the most arrogant in the history of US politics.
Why America Has Waged a Losing Battle on Fallouja

Login required but never fear, is here. (go here type in the url for the page that needs a log in and BAM! You've got your very own login & password)

What's Going Right in Iraq

Here's a different angle on Iraq. It's a badly needed and rarely heard angle. By no means, assume I think the US being in Iraq was the right approach but we here soooo much negative about what is happening there it's really nice to hear some concrete examples of positives.
What's Going Right in Iraq

Login required but go here to get your very own anonymous login.

Sewanee in the Washington.Post

Conservation's Company Plan

Login reguired, if you don't want to use your info try go to this page to get a log in!

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Buddhist Thought of the Day

There are too many things in this world to be learned, and life is too short to learn everything, so we should complete that which we have begun rather than dabbling in many things.
Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey, "Advice From a Spiritual Friend"

Friday, October 22

Gov't Mule

This is just the setlist. I'm gonna try to put together a review...

Gov't Mule
Ryman Auditorium
Nashville, TN

Set I
Slackjaw Jezebel
I Think You Know What I Mean [new arrangement]
About To Rage
Perfect Shelter
Bad Little Doggie
Birth Of The Mule
Slow Happy Boys

Set II
Time To Confess
Blind Man In The Dark
32/20 Blues*
Out Of The Rain**
30 Days In The Hole++
Encore I: Don't Let Me Down@
Encore II: Simple Man++

*Mickey Rafael - harmonica & JoJo Hermann - Rhodes piano
**Mickey Rafael - harmonica & Lee Roy Parnell - guitar
+Jack Pearson - guitar
++Audley Freed - guitar
@singer, guitarist & keyboardist from Gomez (opened for Robert Randolph earlier in the night), first time played

Little David

Little David was in his 4th grade class when the teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers came up-fireman, policeman, salesman, doctor, lawyer, etc. David was being uncharacteristically quiet, so the teacher asked him about his father.
"My father's an exotic dancer in a gay cabaret and takes off all his clothes in front of other men and they put money in his underwear. Sometimes, if the offer is really good, he will go home with some guy and make love with him for money."
The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other children to work on some exercises and took little David aside to ask him, "Is that really true about your father? "No," said David, "He works for the Republican National Committee to elect George Bush, but I was too embarrassed to say that in front of the other kids!

Now, here's a thought.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has set his sights on becoming U.N. secretary-general.

Damn Government!

DTV Switch-Over To Be Delayed Until 2009?

Alejandro Escovedo Day

I can think of few others who deserve their own day!

Alejandro Escovedo Has His Day

Thursday, October 21

The People Vs. Beenie Man

I love the way this article was edited, very unique. Dancehall reggae star, under fire for gay-bashin

I'm torn. I've liked Beenie Man's music for awhile but not until he declared himself Rasta. I just don't know what to I stop supporting him b/c he writes about his worldview?

Actor Cheadle in New York honour

Ocean's 11 actor Don Cheadle is to be honoured for his work at the Gotham Awards in December.

The star will be given the award's first Celebrate New York Tribute by the Independent Film Project (IFP).

"He's someone who very seamlessly goes between smaller independent productions to larger commercial movies."
IFP/ New York president Michelle Byrd.

Black Christian Conservatives for Bush

Republicans have made dramatic inroads with black Christian conservatives

Buddhist Thought of the Day

If, in your course, you don't your equal, your better,
then continue your course firmly, alone.

There's no fellowship with fools.
Dhammapada, 6, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Don't they prep these people?

Teresa Heinz Kerry apologizes for remark

Tuesday, October 19

Monday, October 18

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Monks, there are these three roots of evil. What three?

is a root of evil, hate is a root of evil, delusion is a root of evil. These are the three roots of evil.

Top 10 Signs You Are Too Old To Trick or Treat

10. You get winded from knocking on the door.
9. You have to have another kid chew the candy for you.
8. You ask for high fiber candy only.
7. When someone drops a candy bar in your bag, you lose your balance and fall over.
6. People say, "Great Boris Karloff Mask." and you're not even wearing a mask.
5. When the door opens you yell, "Trick or....." and can't remember the rest.
4. By the end of the night, you have a bag full of restraining orders
3. You have to carefully choose a costume that won't dislodge your hairpiece.
2. You're the only Power Ranger in the neighborhood with a walker.
1. You keep having to go home to pee.

I do love some crazy Angelina!

Angelina takes to the Sky as the `sexiest woman alive'

Saturday, October 16

The crazy but beautiful game

Prostitutes score with football

What do you expect?

You could say this unexpected considering what we westerners here in the news but I can imagine when you life your life as a life and not as a headline you would be proud.

'We are proud to be Africans'

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Because we all share this planet earth, we have to learn to live in harmony and peace with each other and with nature. This is not just a dream, but a necessity.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Friday, October 15

Can you explain jazz?

Yogi Berra on Jazz:

Interviewer: Can you explain jazz?

Yogi: I can't, but I will. 90% of all jazz is half improvisation. The other half is the part people play while others are playing something they never played with anyone who played that part. So if you play the wrong part, its right. If you play the right part, it might be right if you play it wrong enough. But if you play it too right, it's wrong.

Interviewer: I don't understand.

Yogi: Anyone who understands jazz knows that you can't understand it. It's too complicated. That's what's so simple about it.

Interviewer: Do you understand it?

Yogi: No. That's why I can explain it. If I understood it, I wouldn't know anything about it.

Interviewer: Are there any great jazz player alive today?

Yogi: No. All the great jazz players alive today are dead. Except for the ones that are still alive. But so many of them are dead, that the ones that are still alive are dying to be like the ones that are dead.

Interviewer: What is syncopation?

Yogi: That's when the note that you should hear now happens either before or after you hear it. In jazz, you don't hear notes when they happen because that would be some other type of music. Other types of music can be jazz, but only if they're the same as something different from those other kinds.

Interviewer: Now I really don't understand.

Yogi: I haven't taught you enough for you to not understand jazz that well.

Life in excess has it's dues

Coast Guard boards Tiger's honeymoon yacht

Buddhist Thought of the Day

If you're respectful by habit, constantly honoring the worthy, four things increase:
  1. long life
  2. beauty
  3. happiness
  4. strength
Dhammapada, 8, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Bumper sticker of the day


The plot thickens

The man who said Mary Cheney was a ‘selfish hedonist’ has one in his own family. Why are we not surprised?

Thursday, October 14

Chris Rock to Host Academy Awards

He's made it now!

Liars! The whole lot of them!

Chaney incorrectly told us to check out, which was the wrong url. The correct one is and here's what they have to say about last night's debate...

U.S. Advances To Next Round With 6-0 Blowout

Gotta see the photos from the scorers!

Women drivers

I was riding to work yesterday when I observed a female driver cut right in front of a pickup truck. The guy had to drive on to the shoulder to avoid hitting the woman.

This evidently angered the driver enough that he hung his arm out His window and "flipped" the woman off. "Man, that guy is stupid," I thought to myself.

I ALWAYS smile nicely and wave in a sheepish manner whenever a Female does anything to me in traffic, and here's why:

I drive 48 miles each way every day to work. That's 96 miles each day. Of these, 16 miles each way is bumper-to-bumper. Most of the bumper-to-bumper is on an 8 lane highway. There are 7 cars every 40 feet for 32 miles. That works out to be 982 cars every mile, or 31,424 cars.

Even though the rest of the 32 miles is not bumper-to-bumper, I figure I pass at least another 4000 cars. That brings the number to something like 36,000 cars that I pass every day. Statistically, females drive half of these. That's 18,000 women drivers! In any given group of females, 1 in 28 has PMS. That's 642. According to Cosmopolitan, 70% describe their love life as dissatisfying or unrewarding. That's 449. According to the National Institute of Health, 22% of all females have seriously considered suicide or homicide. That's 98. And 34% describe men as their biggest problem. That's 33. According to the National Rifle Association, 5% of all females carry weapons, and this number is increasing.

That means that EVERY SINGLE DAY, I drive past at least one female that has a lousy love life, thinks men are her biggest problem, has seriously considered suicide or homicide, has PMS, and is armed.

Flip one off? ... I think not!

Wednesday, October 13

For the writer in all of us:

Five modes of editing:
1.Meta editing: What is the story about? Why are we doing it? What s the approach? Who will want to read it?
2. Edit for meaning: Done with the first draft. What does the story mean? What is its heart?
3. Macro editing: Look at the whole story. How well does it work? Look at the structure, the tone, the voice, the key issues. Are there ambiguities? Are there confusing parts?
4. Meat editing: Does each sentence and section move the story along? Does it have a strong pace? Are there detours? What gaps exist?
5. Micro edit: Look at words, grammar, sentence length.
Source: Jacqui Banaszynski, Seattle Times

Tricks and treats: US MNT moving on

Johnson notches hat trick, Donovan records double in win over Panama

6-0 US defeats Panama

5 of the 6 goals were in the 2nd half and 3 of them were by a 20 year old!


Eddie Johnson, a 2nd half sub, has scored his 3rd goal in 17min, his 4th goal in 5 days!!!!

US 5
Panama 0
th min

Portugal just SPANKED Russia

Ronaldo got 2 goals

Howard struggling for club and country

I wonder what's going on that he's not even listed as a reserve. Tim was a star of Man U last season, his first in the EPL.


Duane Allman:
I love being alive and will be the best man I possibly can. I will take love wherever I find it and offer it to everyone who will take it. I will seek knowledge from those wiser and teach those who wish to learn from me.

Becks makes a mess

Beckham apologises over booking

Tuesday, October 12

Blacks and the Race for the Senate

No matter where you stand on the issues, this is a very historic election.

My Flickr page is pretty much updated

Jai's Flickr

Please leave comments or send me an email.


Beckham tactic is 'nothing new'

New or not, why be a bonehead about it?
Beckham got himself booked during England's game against Wales, knowing the resulting ban would coincide with missing a game through injury.

China's middle class revolution

After one of the fastest periods of economic growth in history, China is set to reclaim its place as one of the world's great powers.

And the communist government, which once despised such displays of wealth, is counting on a new middle class to help it succeed.

This was noticeable in 02 when I was there. One of our guides was a manager (if I remember correctly) in a travel agency that catered to international travellers.

Titans crush Packers 48-27

The 48 points were the most allowed by Green Bay at home since Detroit's 52-17 win at old City Stadium in 1952.

Monday, October 11

Four Die in Crush After Togo World Cup Qualifier

The incident brings to seven the number of people killed at African stadiums Sunday. Three fans were trampled to death in Guinea's capital Conakry as they sought to buy tickets for the qualifier against Morocco.

Freddy! Freddy! Freddy!

He steals, he shoots, he scores, he fights!

Utah MLS team picks Real Salt Lake

yeah, umm. this makes sense. Real in spanish means royal and uness this team is Mormon, I'm not so sure what's royal about Salt Lake City. MLS: Utah MLS team picks Real Salt Lake

Family (an outsider's prespective)

You know its interesting to introduce people, especially significant others, to family members. You get so accustomed to hwo your family does things that you don't even notice.

For instance, this weekend my Tara spent time in my Aunt's house for the time. They had met but not spent a huge amount of time together.

Tara observed that my Aunt is an external processor (in Tara's mom's words). She talks alot, a running commentary combined with a perpetual string of questions. I hadn't ever really thought about it. I knew we talked alot but I hadn't reflected on how it was actually a running dialog. Now, some people do this with mundane, trivial ideas and observations but my Aunt is almost always serious; she talks about politics, society, race and family alot. But as I reflect more sometimes she just talks; she talks to the car in front of her when they won't make their turn as quickly as she would like, she talks about people as they pass by; nothing malicious, just observations. She talks in movies or while watching TV, usually rhetorical questions like: "Why do they have to use such foul language?"

It is amazing and informative to see things from the outside every once & awhile.

FIFA Rankings

After a big weekend of World Cup Qualifiers we see some changes in the FIFA Rankings

Newt Gingrich tells it like it is about Sudan

Shameful Games at the U.N.

A Commentary by Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

For more than six months, U.N. observers, delegations from the House and Senate and aid workers from organizations such as Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders have witnessed and spoken out against what the State Department has correctly called the genocide that is being committed in Darfur by the janjaweed militias. Despite its repeated denials, it is clear that the government of Sudan is funding these attacks.

Yet in the face of all the evidence, incredibly, Sudan continues to hold a seat on the U.N. Commission on Human Rights. How can that be? How, if that is the case, can the commission have any moral standing whatsoever? How can it affect change or protect human rights?

It seems plain and obvious that Sudan must be stripped of its seat and that it cannot possibly sit in judgment of the human rights records of other countries. Yet under U.N. rules, that's exactly how the Commission on Human Rights operates.
You'll need to subscribe for the rest of the article.

China, human rights and 2008 Olympics

LA Times requires a free subscription. You should do this to get that west coast perspective.

By Mark Magnier, Times Staff Writer

BEIJING — The video clip shows an Olympic runner approaching the starting line and readying himself for a race. He looks Chinese, as does the official with the starter's pistol who raises his gun skyward. At the last minute, however, the official lowers the pistol and shoots the runner.

The clip by the French civic group Together Against the Death Penalty — shown at film festivals and other venues in Europe before the lights dimmed in Athens — suggests how quickly and aggressively human rights groups are moving to put China in their cross-hairs. Four years before Beijing hosts its big coming-out party — the 2008 Summer Games — the event is shaping up as one of the most controversial global sports events in recent memory.

The Olympics are no stranger to politics. And although China has made huge strides economically, its authoritarian political system makes it a prime target for human rights activists.

Civic groups are increasingly savvy about waging high-profile media campaigns to publicize their causes. They're better coordinated. And the public is listening, given its rising interest in China as an economic powerhouse.

"Human rights groups looking at China are definitely riding this wave," said Nicolas Becquelin, Hong Kong-based research director with Human Rights in China, a New York-based civic group. "Human rights is the barometer of a healthy political system, and we see this global event as a way to make China accountable. They need to do more than hold some big, perfectly scripted event."
The International Olympic Committee would just as soon keep politics as far away from the stadiums and billion-dollar sponsorship deals as possible. Olympic history, however, is replete with examples of groups grabbing the spotlight.

Click here for the rest of the article.

RIP Christopher Reeve

'Superman' star Christopher Reeve dead at 52

Sunday, October 10

The free bird is dead; long live the midnight riders

From The Charlotte Observer

The band that calls itself Lynyrd Skynyrd should throw in the towel -- or, maybe I should say, the Confederate flag.

When the current Skynyrd opened for the Allman Brothers at Verizon Amphitheatre last Friday during the two influential Southern rock bands' historic first joint tour, it became abundantly clear why the Allmans remain so well respected and why Skynyrd is having a hard time getting into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

Don't get me wrong, Skynyrd should be in the Hall. The original Skynyrd.

The current version has become a glorified cover band. Only two original members remain, and the others -- veterans of inferior acts including Blackfoot and the Outlaws -- put more emphasis on rock-star posturing than on rock 'n' roll soul.

Frnt man Johnny Van Zant -- brother of founding singer Ronnie, killed in a 1977 plane crash -- never had a great voice, but now it's an empty croak. When he barked through obligatory versions of "Simple Man" and "Sweet Home Alabama," all the character and nuance of his late brother were gone. Only the swagger remained. And when the band trotted out its new material, such as the mindless patriotic mumble of "Red, White and Blue," the sentiment felt hollow and calculated.

The Allmans, on the other hand, played with as much passion as I've ever seen from them. Only three originals remain, but the younger blood -- guitarists Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks, percussionist Marc Quiñones and bassist Oteil Burbridge -- perform as if every show is a new experience. Their improvisations are intricate and intense, and Gregg Allman's warm, gospel-ish wail still drips with a tenderness that's fueled his best works, such as the melancholy "Midnight Rider." The Allmans' music isn't about nostalgia, it's about timelessness.

The US is rolling strong!

Brian McBride and Eddie Johnson scored goals to lead the United States over El Salvador 2-0 Saturday night and put the Americans in commanding position to advance to the final round of qualifying for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

The whole of humanity is one human family. This planet is our only home.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Thursday, October 7

"With God on Our Side"

You know this song by Dylan always powerfully effected me. The first time I heard it I was just shocked by the power and the truth. As I listened more and learned the lyrics it became anthemic! I would scream the lyrics as powerfully as I could to match the fire with which Dylan was spitting out the words (hmmph, I sound like a kid but I was in my 20s when I first heard and learned this song).

Now, listening to Buddy Miller sing this song (it's on what will be considered one of the best albums of the year: Universal United House of Prayer) I can't help but cry. The song is so disturbingly true in this day and age, with our Born Again president and the Muslim terrorists. Dylan's lyrics are unparalleled and Buddy's delivery is as passionate as any I've heard.

Oh my name it is nothin'
My age it means less
The country I come from
Is called the Midwest
I's taught and brought up there
The laws to abide
And that land that I live in
Has God on its side.

Oh the history books tell it
They tell it so well
The cavalries charged
The Indians fell
The cavalries charged
The Indians died
Oh the country was young
With God on its side.

Oh the Spanish-American
War had its day
And the Civil War too
Was soon laid away
And the names of the heroes
I's made to memorize
With guns in their hands
And God on their side.

Oh the First World War, boys
It closed out its fate
The reason for fighting
I never got straight
But I learned to accept it
Accept it with pride
For you don't count the dead
When God's on your side.

When the Second World War
Came to an end
We forgave the Germans
And we were friends
Though they murdered six million
In the ovens they fried
The Germans now too
Have God on their side.

I've learned to hate Russians
All through my whole life
If another war starts
It's them we must fight
To hate them and fear them
To run and to hide
And accept it all bravely
With God on my side.

But now we got weapons
Of the chemical dust
If fire them we're forced to
Then fire them we must
One push of the button
And a shot the world wide
And you never ask questions
When God's on your side.

In a many dark hour
I've been thinkin' about this
That Jesus Christ
Was betrayed by a kiss
But I can't think for you
You'll have to decide
Whether Judas Iscariot
Had God on his side.

So now as I'm leavin'
I'm weary as Hell
The confusion I'm feelin'
Ain't no tongue can tell
The words fill my head
And fall to the floor
If God's on our side
He'll stop the next war.

Words and Music by Bob Dylan
1963 Warner Bros. Inc
Renewed 1991 Special Rider Music

The war on terror? Well, the terror is spreading again!

Blast at hotel in Red Sea resort

For those that don't get it, this is in Egypt...not Isreal (albeit more Isreal than Egypt) or Iraq.

He mighta screwed up on Iraq but he IS the only Western leader to even think about Africa

Blair calls for action on Africa

Mr. President, if you can define this you can keep the presidency

Looks like Kerry pulled out the thesaurus for this speech!

Kerry: Bush 'Aggrandized, Fictionalized' Saddam

Aggrandize, to make appear greater

Wales in rap-ture

Music & Football, a great combo!

Rap stars Goldie Lookin' Chain are backing Wales to hammer England 3-0 when they meet at Old Trafford this weekend.

We need stadiums named like this...

Guatemala, who lead Group B with seven points from three games in the second stage of the CONCACAF qualifiers, take an 11-match unbeaten run to San Jose where they face Costa Rica on an artificial pitch in the Saprissa stadium known as the Monster's Cave.

Jamaica will also be out for revenge away to Panama in Group A after losing 2-1 at home to the Central Americans in their usually impregnable Kingston stadium known as the Office.
CONCACAF Matches this week

Wednesday, October 6

The year of Outkast continues.

OutKast lead MTV Europe shortlist

I swear we already knew this, didn't we?

Report concludes no WMD in Iraq

Everyday we hear these reports and I wonder will this constant proof of GW's shortsightedness make a difference on 11/2/04.

I knew people would check this site out but I didn't expect...

a message from anti-Bush billionaire investor George Soros entitled "Why we must not reelect President Bush."

I heard Cheney say this and said to myself that the hits for (whatever the url was supposed to be) would go through the roof. I can hear the VP cussing up a storm!

The correct url is and it has some really nice balanced info.

I love Nashville

From the Nashville Scene:
Last Thursday, though, something rare happened over at Family Wash in East Nashville. Some folks, baited by beer and live jazz, participated in American civic life—together. That's right, at 8 p.m. a few dozen youngish Nashvillians set aside their well-tested cynicism, and instead gathered around to watch the season's first presidential debate. It was Bush vs. Kerry, round one, except with a twist: at the Wash, the back-and-forth was accompanied by a jazz combo that tailored its music to the rhetorical ebbs and flows (or flubs) of the debate.

Music = Joy

Photo courtesy rope*A*dope who got it from Nick

Quote of the day

Socrates says:
By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher.

Rest in Peace Rodney

Rodney Dangerfield dead at 82

Tuesday, October 5

Something to think about...

Should foreign born citizens be allowed to run for President?

It has been introduced in the legislature (both senate & house) that a constitutional amendment be made for the Governator...oops. He's not the only one.

A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to make eligible for the Office of President a person who has been a United States citizen for 20 years.

As it stands you have to be born here to be eligible for President.

I don't have a problem with the new resolution. Arnold's situation is far more common that you'd think and we don't have to worry, like the founding fathers did about some foreigner coming over for a coup...that's already happened! Ouch! I didn't mean that, really. This current administration is completely legit!

Now here's a stat I never thought about.

Minority kids get less sleep

We made it on National news

Authorities arrested a prison guard and issued a warrant for another on charges they helped an inmate escape from a maximum security medical prison over the weekend.

A Gunners Home

60,000-seater ground at Ashburton Grove named the Emirates Stadium

Why can't US fans ever rally like this.

Man Utd fans draw up defence plan

Come on! He's good but he's not THAT good.

Rooney up for world award

Monday, October 4

One of my all-time favorites

Peter Sellers: Goon but not forgotten

China leads world on broadband

still only 6% of China's total phone lines

No proof

If you could see me I'm taking a double-take. BBC NEWS | Americas | Rumsfeld doubts Saddam Laden link

Music & Health

From my health factoid-a-day calendar:
Since ancient times, music has calmed the spirit, eased the mind, reduced pain & healed the body in cultures worldwide. Our music-body connection starts with the heartbeat that provides the daily rhythm of our lives. Modern science shows listening to soothing music can lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate. This may be because music promotes the brain's production of chemicals that make us feel good.

A team reborn and a possible American owner

Man Utd a pitch asset

I saw Ronaldo play this weekend and can I just say that he is amazing, his control, his balance, his vision, his play-making ability are mind boggling and then to consider that he is still a teenager!

Dum, du, dum, dum...what we have is a true story

File Traders Could Do Hard Time

Change in the Chinese Wind

Wired News: Change in the Chinese Wind

Now, this is great news. If China can pull this off they will definitely be a world leader.

An Essay on Political Candidates

Through several years of university teaching, I am very familiar with the look of the C or D student who has prepared for an oral exam but freezes when being grilled in front of a class. He or she (it's usually he) gets this earnest look halfway between petrifaction in the face of danger and the urgent demand of a bowel movement and begins to perspire more profusely than the room temperature warrants. There are tense moments of waiting as the mind searches its cheat sheets for the answers and appears to be drawing a total blank. Then a pre-conceived answer is blurted out that may not bear even the remotest relationship to the question. The point is that the student has shone a measure of courage or sheer bravado in responding at all, considering how emotionally and psychologically out of touch he or she is with the material required to answer.

This is the look I saw repeatedly on George Bush's face during the first debate with presidential contender John F. Kerry. Like the C or D student he admittedly was at Yale, Bush was obviously not readily conversant with the facts and factoids important to such a high-level debate. He had been schooled in certain answers, to be sure -- that being president is "hard work" and that saying "This is the wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time" sends an awful message to our soldiers, allies, and enemies -- or at least he found some comfort in repeating these cliches that had drawn such sympathy and applause from his highly-screened all-Republican audiences on the campaign trail. But he was patently ill at ease with the fuller material of the debate -- all the plans, arguments, and details that he should have known as easily as he knows the days of the week -- and he came across the way he must have appeared at Harvard Business School, where one professor said he was among the dumbest students he ever taught.

I thought about Dan Quail in the famous debate with Senator Lloyd Bentsen, the one in which Bentsen said, "I knew John F. Kennedy, Mr. Quail, and, believe me, you are no John F. Kennedy." Quail too had that lost-in-the-footlights look, and seemed to be floundering for any answers that asked more of him than a recitation of his campaign theme about the importance of the American family. It would have been a disaster if Dan Quail had ever become president of the United States, and the first President Bush should have realized that. But maybe he didn't because he had a fatherly feeling for Quail -- a feeling inspired by the fact that Quail reminded him of his own son, George W.

As a minister and professor, I have never been particularly political, believing that I was flexible enough to vote for whichever candidate appeared to offer the most intelligence and moral courage for leading this country. I voted for Adlai Stevenson over Dwight Eisenhower because I thought Stevenson had the soul of a poet and the dignity of a diplomat. (I may have been wrong in that case because I underestimated the importance of Eisenhower's experience as Commander in Chief of the Allied Armed Forces.) I voted for Kennedy over Nixon because I thought Nixon was shifty and untrustworthy -- which he proved to be. I voted for Jimmy Carter over Gerald Ford because I liked his populist approach and keen mind, even though he was the first president to say nucular. I voted for him again over Ronald Reagan because I thought Reagan was merely a pretty face being manipulated by his handlers, who included Nancy Reagan. And I voted for Bill Clinton over both George H. W. Bush and Bob Dole because I had known Clinton personally in the national literacy program and knew how smart and capable he was. But not once, in all those choices, did I vote for the Democrats because they were Democrats. In fact, if Rudolph Giuliani were running for president this time around, I would seriously consider voting for him.

But I find it hard to believe that anybody in his or her right mind would vote a second time for the bumbling president we saw on the national debates the other night. He made it clearer than ever that the only reason he got to be president (or governor of Texas, for that matter) is that he had the right name and family connections, which made him the perfect front for the ambitious, arrogant neo-cons who selected, groomed, and promoted him all the way to the Oval Office. Ask yourself, "Would this man have ever become president if he'd had a name like Smith or Googleheimer?" Of course not. For my money, he is the biggest embarrassment to our country since the presidency of Richard Nixon. And he is a far greater danger because Nixon at least knew what he was doing in foreign policy and was effectually driving his own bus, not riding at the back of it.

It isn't any wonder that Bush scowled a lot during the debate. It wasn't the scowling of an angry man, outraged by his opponent's positions. I've seen the look on too many C and D students. It was the scowling of a scared, self-doubting schoolboy who knew he was getting the stuffing beat out of him because he didn't know the right answers and could see that his trite little campaign mantras, devised by Karl Rove and company, weren't working in the setting of a debate. Those were the faces of the inner Bush, the ones the White House wants to keep us from seeing. And if the networks hadn't fudged on the rules of the debate, we wouldn't have seen them at all.

JOHN KILLINGER is a retired Congregational minister and university teacher who has written more than 60 books, including GOD, THE DEVIL, & HARRY POTTER (St. Martin's Press), TEN THINGS I LEARNED WRONG FROM A CONSERVATIVE CHURCH (Crossroad Publishing Co.), and ENTER EVERY TREMBLING HEART (Abingdon Press).

Sunday, October 3

Buddhist Thought of the Day

My call for a spiritual revolution is thus not a call for a religious revolution. Nor is it a reference to a way of life that is somehow other-worldly, still less to something magical or mysterious.

Rather, it is a call for a radical re-orientation away from our habitual preoccupation with self towards concern for the wider community of beings with whom we are connected, and for conduct which recognizes others' interests alongside our own.
-His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Death & Rock, what a combo

How death has left its mark on acts through the years

Friday, October 1

Bye, bye blockbuster!

Netflix, TiVo Make Deal to use high-speed Internet connections to pipe DVD-quality movies into the homes of their mutual subscribers.

Who are they?

The Least Likely starring Ming Na

This is the best ad I've seen in a long time.