Wednesday, August 30

I did it, I did it!

After months and months of rejections--I've had at least 5 job interviews in as many months and all ended in rejection--the tide has turned. It started a few weeks ago when I interviewed for a job at the Science/Engineering Library. The interview went great, I was quite hopeful. I didn't hear anything for awhile and then BAM! Another rejection but, BUT, the director said it was the hardest hiring decision she'd ever made and the job went to a Vandy insider.

After that I applied to staffmark temp services for a music industry job "Digital music identifier". I had no idea and I'd never worked with a temp agency before. The job asked for someone comfortable with digital music, streaming audio and the ability to identify songs quickly. I went to staffmark, took some office skill tests and they called me later that afternoon to set up an interview.

A few days later I interviewed at a Nashville high-rise but it was fun. I walked in and the boss was honestly complimentary about my resume and he apologized that the only way they could bring me on - IF they brought me on, of course - was as a temp. He gave me a really quick blurb about the company and asked me about myself. The four of us went on to chat about music. I would bring it back to how I thought I could help and then we would chat some more. It was fun. I walked out again thinking it was a great interview.

Within 2 hours I had a job offer!

The only time I had a response like that lead to 5 wonderful years at OneMusic!

From what I understand I will spend a lot of time listening to streaming radio trying to ID songs and verifying metadata for one of the performance rights organizations. So, it sounds like I will know commercial radio like nobody's business, which sucks but hell, if I get to listen to the radio for a living, a decent living…

Now, it doesn't pay as well as OneMusic did (thanks Jim!) but it is a 25% increase (look more toward the 25th percentile) over what I got at Davis-Kidd. No, I haven't given up on grad school but the procrasti-monster is alive and well.

So, there you have it. Almost a year to the day after I started at Davis-Kidd I will be leaving. If it weren't for the money and those spoiled Green Hills/Belle Meade ***holes I would've stayed at DK in a heartbeat. It is an amazing group of people to work with.

Tuesday, August 29

Force to be reckoned with

Sevilla crushes Levante 4-0
The emphatic victory came four days after UEFA Cup champion Sevilla trounced FC Barcelona 3-0 in Monte Carlo to win the European Super Cup.
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Monday, August 28

Buddhist Thought of the Day

In the eating hall, a stuffed parrot hung from the ceiling, and from its golden beak dangled a card that read, "We are in training to be nobody special." I had often repeated this to myself, working against my need for achievement and recognition, and the discontent that could engender. "I am in training to be nobody special." Saying the words in my mind, I felt how they redirected me from a certain seductive struggle and excitement and disease, into a more stable focus: forget what others think of you, forget the future goal of achievement; arrive instead in this body/mind, attending to this present moment. This is is the whole of practice.
Sandy Boucher, "Hidden Spring"

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Back to the music industry I go...details after I sign the papers.

Sunday, August 27

Buddhist Thought of the Day

It's good to see Noble Ones.
Happy their company--always.
Though not seeing fools
constantly, constantly
one would be happy.
Dhammapada 206, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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Saturday, August 26

10 tips on leading a balanced life

1) Go home from work on time.
2) Don’t be a yes person.
3) Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday.
4) Slow down.
5) Don’t buy into the culture around you if you don’t want to.
6) Create your own sub-culture involving your friends and family.
7) Recognize you have the right to be healthier than those around you.
8) Do something meaningful with your spare time.
9) Let go of the need to buy the next big thing.
10) Develop compassion, patience and tolerance for your fellow people.

the Full Article

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Friday, August 25

Uh Oh. Do we have a rising champion?

Sevilla smacks Barça in Super Cup.

Sevilla, who demolished Middlesbrough 4-0 in the UEFA Cup final last May to win their first trophy in 58 years, were more aggressive than their prestigious opponents and bravely seized their chances.


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Buddhist Thought of the Day

In the gloom and darkness of the night, when there is a sudden flash of light, a person will recognize objects; in the same way, the one with a flash of insight sees according to reality--"This is how sorrow works; this is how it arises; this is how it can come to an end; this is the path leading to that end."
Anguttara Nikaya

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Thursday, August 24

A story about the last time I consumed "The Autobiography of Malcolm X"

by Malcolm X

I have read this book a couple of times and it amazes me how much new I see when I read it. Each era of world situation and whatnot brings Malcolm’s words into a new space.

The one thing that never changes is how strong of an individual Malcolm was that he could see the mistakes he made and then redirect. That takes a lot of personal strength and it is something we don’t let our leaders do these days. Once they make a decision it stays with them for life and that’s sad. It short changes the individual as well as the society.

What a different world we would live in if Malcolm hadn’t been killed.

Wednesday, August 23

Buddhist Thought of the Day

If you can cultivate wholesome mental states prior to sleep and allow them to continue right into sleep without getting distracted, then sleep itself becomes wholesome.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, "Sleeping, Dreaming and Dying"

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Tuesday, August 22


are people so fucking rude and impatient?
Maybe my tolerance for this type behavior is lower than it used to be. Today I am saying outloud:
People suck! (and a lot of them are stupid too)

Bongo Java East + Las Paletas

The best news I have heard in months...
BJRC East now has about a dozen different Las Paletas flavors!
I went this morning for my Tues coffee sale (each pound bag is $2 cheaper!) and my jaw dropped when I saw the list of Las Paletas.
The last time I went, about 2 months ago, they only had about 3 or 4 flavors.

Sunday, August 20

Buddhist Thought of the Day

While practicing generosity, we should always remember how very fortunate we are to have this opportunity.
Gomo Tulku, "Becoming a Child of the Buddhas"

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Saturday, August 19

"my head spun around..."

Warren speaks about the new Mule album and other stuff.

Warren explains why some of us hate the current Mule output:
MG- Looking back, are you surprised at the path Gov’t Mule has taken since Allen Woody passed away?

WH- It was never our intention to remain a power trio, not that we had thought of adding a fourth or fifth member early on. When we formed Gov’t Mule, we explored this improv-trio format based on the fact that nobody was doing it. It was a dying art and a void that needed to be filled. And we had fun filling that void. We never had it in our minds that it’s what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives.

It started as a project and we knew it would change and evolve through the years. Woody and I talked constantly about how the first record should be very raw, live and improv-based and that the second record should be a little more produced, but still improv-based. But, we always felt the third record should be much more of a studio album. Woody was always pushing us to explore directions that we hadn’t explored and utilize different instrumentations. He actually played a bunch of different instruments and he wanted to utilize that in the music. By the time we got to Life Before Insanity, we were writing songs which reflected that. All the bands which have some longevity in the improv world---and let’s take the Dead and the Allman Brothers as two shining examples---are successful because they have a cool, collective improv which is combined with great songs. That’s why they are still here. Just the ability to jam is not going to get you very far. So, it’s always been in our mind that song-craft needs to become more front-and-center. But we always want to be more improvisational and I think every record is going to showcase something different from us.

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Friday, August 18

I'm looking for a specific book.

Just had a phone call.

Customer asked "I need a dictionary for my 6th grader"

"Ok, which one?"

"It's made by Merriam-Webster"

"Well, they have several versions of dictionaries, do you know which one?"

"No, he's in the 6th grade. I'll call the school bookstore, see which version and call you back."

Now, if the school has a bookstore, why would you need to call a commercial bookstore?

Buddhist Thought of the Day

The realization that another person wishes to harm and hurt you cannot undermine genuine compassion—a compassion based on the clear recognition of that person as someone who has the natural and instinctual desire to seek happiness and overcome suffering, just like oneself.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Hey, I know that guy.

Late last week at DK I saw EVERYBODY I know. OK that's a slight exaggeration. I saw more people I knew, or who knew me, than I had seen in a long time. In a span of 2 days I saw 2 fellow FRHS grads (Class of 1985); one of whom is a bizillioniare - she's written more than a couple of extremely popular songs in the rock and country worlds, and another who was a band geek in high school but now has the widest shoulders on the planet. I'm talking Mr. Incredible sized shoulders. There was also a fellow Sewanee grad. My Councilman's wife came in about this time and there was the other fellow FRHS alum, a woman who was a year ahead of me, who had a younger sister in my graduating class, and who almost every boy in her grad and mine had a crush on. She looks as good now as she did then.

To top the week off was an introduction to a cyberfriend, a fellow blogger. This was the big surprise. I hadn't read his blog in quite awhile but I remember when I first was looking for something about East Nashville on the web and I came across his web. He recognized me and said he read my blog, which surprised me but he thought my "Buddhist Thought of the Day" was cool.

Today, not initially part of the this story, the talented Pam Tillis came through. She bought Wired which has a cover story about music and we had a nice little chat about how every few years there's a new rebellion against the music industry and how cool it is to be energized by it. Not once did I let her know that I knew who she was. She was very nice.

That's just a few days in the Mall at Green Hills. I haven't seen some of my regulars like the Governor, the Mayor (he was looking for "Canadian Bacon" the last time he was in), Lee Beaman, Martina McBride, Keith Urban, Faith & Tim, David Olney, or Gordon Gee in awhile

Monday, August 14

Sunday, August 13

Saturday, August 12

Why it's taking me forever to finish consuming "Strivers Row"

by Kevin Baker

I have open books in almost every room of the house. This book, Striver’s Row, has been in my backpack which is an unfortunate place because that’s where my book club book is too. So, this book is put on the backburner until I finish the current book club book. I finished Assassination Vacation a couple of days ago and so I have picked this up again.

It’s a fascinating book. It reads well and so far it’s filled with all sorts of New York Black history. It is especially interesting b/c I am finishing Autobiography of Malcolm X again and Kevin Baker talks lots about Malcolm in the early days. It’s cool.

Governmental Inefficiency

Over the past two weeks I have been boldly reminded of how inefficient our governmental institutions can be.

Last weekend was Tax Free Tennessee weekend. 1st off it's a 9.25% off sale, when was the last time you got excited about a sale that was less than 10%? What makes it nuts is the list of items excluded/included. It is the most convoluted, confusing list you have ever seen. I know other states have this sale and I imagine their lists are equally as crazy but when you realize that someone had to put together a list and that list had to be revised and then approved it helps you understand why they get nothing done in the legislative halls. This is some seriously time consuming shit.

The .pdf list says things like:
  • Tool belts & belt buckles are taxable but belts are not
  • You can buy formal clothing (wedding dress/tux) including garters/garter belts, girdles, bras, and corsets w/o paying tax but you can't rent them
The other crazy thing this week is that Tara went back to school, as a counselor she has to be there before everybody else to get class schedules and new students ready. Well Metro Schools has a computer system that seems to have cracked under pressure everyday this week and the IT people say things like "there are too many people using the system" and things like that apparently not remembering that this week EVERY year EVERY school in the district is using the system because, oh, I don't know, maybe because school starts Monday and the kids need schedules and the teachers need rosters. Shouldn't the system be designed for this type of pressure? Do engineers say a bridge has too much traffic if the bridge was created to handle the standard daily amount of traffic? I mean, there aren't any more schools now than there were last year and maybe only a few more than when the system was installed about 3 years ago. Did they not make the system to handle this amount of work? If not why? It's sad and distressing that
  1. people can't get the work they are paid to do during their regular work hours
  2. tax payers are paying for a system that can't handle the current load and obviously it won't be able to handle a future load.
Let's get rid of them all and start over!

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Monday, August 7

UEFA won't bow

Israel has a way of getting Westerners to bend to their will. UEFA won't.
The IFA and its clubs shall be responsible for providing alternative venues in their function as host FA or host club according to the regulations of the competition concerned,
said the letter from UEFA secretary general Lars-Christer Olsson.

UEFA bars Israel from hosting international matches

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Sunday, August 6

Energy Efficiency

This is the coolest site I've seen in awhile. You can do a detailed energy audit. Get your electric & gas bills for the last year out and see how you do.

Energy Guide

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What has happened?

Malcolm X's grandson was arrested Thursday

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Cause baby, I cleansed my soul...

Arthur Lee Of 60's Rock Band Love Passes Away
Arthur Lee, the eccentric singer/guitarist with influential 1960s rock band Love, has died in a Memphis hospital after a battle with leukemia, his manager said on Friday. He was 61.
This is sad news, as it always is when we lose one of these special people.

I had searched high and low for years looking for Love because I'd heard that Jimi had gotten "Hey Joe" from these guys. I finally got a vinyl copy of "Forever Changes" and was absolutely stunned. It didn't have "hey Joe" but damn! This was insanity and it was too cool for words! I just couldn't figure out what I was listening to. It was folkie like the Byrds, it was psychedelic like the Jefferson Airplane, and it was orchestral like the Doors; although I identified it more as later Zeppelin or early Pink Floyd. I mean these guys opened the record with this orchestral, mariachi thing with a trumpet solo. Yes, a trumpet solo! I just could not wrap my head around this music. I liked it, I thought. I knew I didn't dislike it but I couldn't stop listening. A few years after I wore out that worn out record Rhino released "Love Story" and again I was mesmerized by the uniqueness, audacity, musicality and weirdness of Aurthur Lee.

I'm not sure if I get it yet but I will try with renewed energy now that he is gone. (Is that bad? That I plan to try harder now that he's not here to appeciate it.)

Rhino's Tribute

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Saturday, August 5

Buddhist Thought of the Day

The source of all good, evil, weal and harm lies with actions, speech and thoughts. Did you bring your actions, speech and thoughts with you today? Or have you left them at home? This is where you must look, right here. You don't have to look very far away. Look at your actions, speech and thoughts.
Ajahn Chah, "Living Dharma"

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Friday, August 4

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Once, two very old brahmans, both 120 years old, came to see the Buddha. They sat down before him and said:

"We are brahmans, frail and old. We have not done anything noble or even particularly worthwhile. So now there is nothing to reduce our fear of death. Please show us a way to happiness."

The Buddha said: "Yes, brahmans, you are truly frail and old and now you are full of fear. This world is flooded with old age, sickness, and death. But if you can practice some insight into your deeds, some control over your words, and some contemplation of your thoughts, that will provide you with a refuge and a shelter.

"Your life is nearly over. No one is immune from old age and death. Remembering death and keeping it in your mind, practice performing good deeds that lead to happiness for others. One who perfoms good deeds and is thoughtful will become harmonious in body, speech, and mind. He will find that death is not to be feared but indeed brings happiness."
Anguttara NIkaya

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Buddhist Thought of the Day

It is easier to meditate than to actually do something for others. I feel that merely to meditate on compassion is to take the passive option. Our meditation should form the basis for action, for seizing the opportunity to do something.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Tara Birthday Dinner

Tara Birthday Dinner 2006-18
Originally uploaded by bmitd67.

This was taken at Athens Family Restaurant. The food was good and Tara everybody had a great time.

Thursday, August 3

Pope retires from international competition

U.S. soccer star Eddie Pope is retiring from international competition, ending a career in which he played in three World Cups and the 1996 Olympics.
I'm sad to hear this. I always liked Eddie. He was a solid defender, someone you could always count on. He did have a lame World Cup but everybody did.

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Buddhist Thought of the Day

In the unthinkable, inscrutable, ordinary nature of reality there is no difference between freedom and bondage. No matter what arises, when you perceive your original nature, the joy arises automatically--and what joy!
-Shabkar, "The Flight Of The Garuda"