Saturday, June 18

T-minus 11.5hrs

Yup. It's 2:30am and I'm still up. There was just so much to do, a little of this and a little of that. If I weren't trying to prep for home remodel at the same time I would be alright.

Tonight was fun. The rehearsal was weird, just a little anxiety about what I'm supposed to do. The dinner was awesome. Amy & Curt are great hosts, their house is beautiful the food was awesome.

I have to be at the church in 6.5 hrs to meet DJ Geezus. Then I have about an hour b4 we meet for lunch and decorations at the church.

I think I'm packed. Tomorrow night I get to relax. We'll leave the reception about 7pm and it's into the big ol Hermitage Hotel for the wedding night!

Do you have spare time in the Summer?

Summer Reading 2005

Thursday, June 16

Down to the wire.

In less than 48 hours I will be a married man.

I'm not stressing about that at all but we'll see at the rehearsal.

What I am stressing about is getting everything ready. See, the home remodel will continue while we're gone. They will hopefully start Monday on the kitchen. In the meantime, I have to make sure the kitchen, pantry and dinette are clear of stuff. I have to finish packing, I have to wrap the groomsmen's gifts and write their thank you notes. I have to get a haircut, I have to choose a doorknob and lock. I'm not even sure what else!

Tomorrow, there's a brunch at Bonnie's and then we go to the church to decorate. I'll have a couple of hours between that and the rehearsal.

We'll see what happens...

A Prelude to Germany 2006

Soccer: Goals flow in Confederations Cup

Buddhist Thought of the Day

If we can reach the understanding of what we actually are, there is no better remedy for eliminating all suffering. This is the heart of all spiritual practices.
Kalu Rinpoche, "Luminous Mind"

Nothing I have to worry about yet

Legal Guide for Bloggers

Wednesday, June 15

Top 25 Men's Soccer Rankings

US maintains No. 10 spot in FIFA rankings:
1 Brazil
2 Czech Republic
3 Argentina
4 Netherlands
5 France
6 Mexico
7 England
8 Portugal
9 Spain
10 USA
11 Italy
12 Sweden
13 Greece
14 Turkey
15 Ireland
16 Denmark
17 Iran
18(tie) Japan
18(tie) Uruguay
20 South Korea
21 Germany
22 Croatia
23 Poland
24 Costa Rica
25 Colombia


Tuesday, June 14

How to Feed a Friendship

Five Tips:
  1. Pay attention.
  2. Exercise your dialing finger.
  3. Crack open your date book.
  4. Raise a flute of champagne.
  5. Rain compliments.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Negligence produces a lot of dirt. As in a house, so in the mind, only a very little dirt collects in a day or two, but if it goes on for many years, it will grow into a vast heap of refuse.
Commentary to Sutta Nipata

I wondered where Alexi has been...

...while a few of his cohorts are still running around the pitch.

Lalas named MetroStars president, GM

Saturday, June 11

Updated Schedule

Dancin in the District has finally released the entire 2005 schedule:

Have fun and remember, it used to be free.

Frankie J
Baby Bash
Free Sol

The Neville Brothers
Jon Nicholson

Dark New Day

Tegan & Sara
Harsh Krieger
Tickets On Sale June 9th @ 10am!

Sound Tribe Sector 9
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Xavier Rudd
Old Union
Tickets On Sale June 9th @ 10am!

John Legend
Big Fella & Te Arthur

Buddy Guy
Adrian Belew
Tickets On Sale June 9th @ 10am!

Tickets On Sale June 9th @ 10am!

Better Than Ezra
Cowboy Mouth
Ingram Hill
B. Young
Tickets On Sale June 9th @ 10am!

Thursday, June 9

Neil Young + Jonathan Demme = concert movie in Nashville

Neil to stage a show at the Grand Ole Opry in August

Howard Dean is in hot water again

Dean's 'Race' to the Bottom

Women Defy Ban, Attend Soccer Match

"Who cares about the elections? We're going to the World Cup!"

U.S. becoming soccer region

A trip to next year’s World Cup in Germany is virtually assured.

UN Approves International Symbol of Marriage

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After 5 months of heated debate, the Commission of Human Rights of the United Nations approved the new International Symbol of Marriage.

My Africa

The Brits & the Africans

A Good Business Man

Below is an email I got from my boss as I left my full-time position @ AMZ Music. (creative typing is all his)
I had hoped to see you this week to say goodbye...but my trip got canceled.... You did a great job wrapping up thank you SO MUCH and your music reviews where very very helpful.. You did a great job. You have the big ears Jai!. And, Don't be a stranger....if you EVER need me CALL.
Warmest wishes, Your Biggest fan.

You can see why I loved my job.

Movies in the Park

It's Summer in Nashville & that means Movies in the Park.

Every Wednesday for the next 2 months we get to see a movie at the Centennial Park Bandshell for free.

The movies are a mix of relatively recent and classic, last night was Spiderman 2. At some point we will see Say Anything.

There are vendors and giveaways but most people bring their own food and bug spray.

Sometimes I really love Nashville.

Wednesday, June 8

Hope ya'll have a fun & safe weekend.

:: 2005 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival ::

What Happened to the Jambands Community?

I could see the shift when I was touring. I came in as a taper at the tail end of the Grateful Dead era. There was a distinct difference b/t the Phish Phans and the Deadheads. Although the Deadheads were melding into the same the thing, the Phish kids seemed to be far less community oriented and far more cool oriented.

This is a very general stereotype but the paradigm was shifting.

Jambands, now & then

A Rebuttal: A Response to "What Happened to the Jambands Community?"
Old School: the Dead
New School: Phish

Why is the West rich?

Very interesting commentary about the financial differences between the West & Africa.
What Africa really needs is more debt

Cashville on trial

US rapper ordered to stand trial

the Rapper: Young Buck

Harold Ford, Jr.

You know, I've talked to several people in my small circle about Harold's political potential. We like him a lot as a representative but I wonder if Senate is a bad move.

The history of US Presidency shows that most were Governors. Senators haven't fared well when they've taken the leap.

Now granted, he has a better shot at getting a Senatorial seat versus a Governor's mansion in the state of TN but still. What about Mayor of Memphis and then VP, then President?

I could see him as VP then Pres.

The other question, which might have something to do with why he's sticking with DC Politics, is escaping the family. The Memphis Fords have a crazy assed political history (most recently we've seen the downfall of Harold's uncle, John Ford) and I can only imagine he wants to distance himself from that as much as possible.

Anyway...just a little politics on this hot Summer afternoon.

Good luck guys.

U.S. Looks for Tough Road Victory Tonight in Panama World Cup Qualifier

Tuesday, June 7


So, I've been doing all this work on my house and I figure it's about time to advertise.

The 2 general contractors I've used have been:

Stillwaters LLC
311 Bluebird Dr
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
(615) 851-4884
attn John Keightley

Danhauer Construction
PO Box 2242
Hendersonville, TN 37077-2242
(615) 545-5454
attn Steve Danhauer

Both of these guys are personable and professional.

The specific jobs have included:
John Barnard Electric Contractors
Alex Martinez Painters
Frank Jones Flooring


So, I've been doing all this work on my house and I figure it's about time to advertise.

The 2 general contractors I've used have been:

Stillwaters LLC
311 Bluebird Dr
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
(615) 851-4884
attn John Keightley

Danhauer Construction
PO Box 2242
Hendersonville, TN 37077-2242
(615) 545-5454
attn Steve Danhauer

Both of these guys are personable and professional.

The specific jobs have included:
John Barnard Electric Contractors
Alex Martinez Painters
Frank Jones Flooring

Achtung Baby!

U.S. team closes in on World Cup berth

Anyway it comes.

Bush to announce Africa aid plan

Monday, June 6

Out & About Today

TV Station to start show for gays

Wait Harold, Wait

The most iconoclastic of Tennessee politicians speaks about Tennessee's Democratic rising star.

However, in my view, he should not run for the United States Senate, because I think it's virtually impossible for him to be elected.
the Candidate: Harold Ford, Jr. for Senate
the Commentator: John Jay Hooker

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?

Since Sith is all the rage...

Green is your Lightsaber's color.

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth,
harmony, and freshness. Green has strong
emotional correspondence with safety. Green is
also commonly associated with wealth and
happiness, so someone with a green lightsaber
like yourself is a fortunate soul.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

The person who attracts our ego is seldom the one

Find Your Soulmate

21 Guidelines:
  1. Stop focusing on your partner’s faults, and start asking that your own be revealed to you.
  2. Learn to listen for the voice of your guide in meditation.
  3. Be willing to face the truth, even if it seems terribly embarrassing or disappointing.
  4. Gracefully release relationships that are no longer fulfilling.
  5. Face your mistakes with compassion and take the necessary steps to correct them.
  6. Consider the possibility that there is a source of wisdom within you that knows better than you do which partner will be most likely to make you happy.
  7. Don’t be discouraged just because your attempts to find true love have not worked in the past. A new approach may produce results beyond your wildest expectations!
  8. Stop listening to your ego, and start listening to your soul and your guide.
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want.
  10. Don’t hold out for perfect certainty before being willing to move forward with your relationship.
  11. Focus on one relationship at a time, giving your partner every opportunity to respond as you hope she or he will.
  12. Look elsewhere if your present partner doesn’t want to share the kind of relationship you have in mind.
  13. Your soulmate won’t necessarily share your background, or look the way you expect.
  14. Your guide may bring you together with your soulmate repeatedly, but it’s up to you to decide whether to accept the introduction and pursue the acquaintance.
  15. If your guide encourages hope, wait patiently to let the true possibilities of a relationship emerge in their own good time.
  16. The people who make you swoon may be precisely the ones you would be best to avoid.
  17. It’s wise to proceed cautiously when you are blinded by infatuation.
  18. True love is never blind.
  19. Don’t be so sure you can tell someone’s soulmate potential at a glance.
  20. Take periodic vacations from your ego’s thoughts, in order to contact your soul’s feelings.
  21. Relax! You’ll meet your soulmate when the time is right for both of you.
  22. Remember that your soul won’t be satisfied with anything less than true love. Accept no substitutes!

8 days to go

I imagine my posts over the next 3 weeks will be sporadic.

I get married a week from Sat and then I will be on my honeymoon.

The wedding plans are all wrapped up, more or less. Tara has it all under control. The honeymoon is booked and paid for.

The house is getting organized. This are coming along.

I am still pretty slow to react. I mean I sit here waiting on furniture and I know Tara would be running around the house doing something constructive.

This will be our life together. I selfishly think everything can wait till I am ready. Tara works to get in everything on her to-do list everyday.

Anyway, stick with me happy readers and I will give you volumes of new ideas and conversations once July rolls around.

the Couple: Tara & Jai
the Wedding: June 18, 2005
the Registries: Buy us stuff.

Sunday, June 5

US soccer team blanks Costa Rica

Keller made a string of sensational saves early in the second half.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Better than if there were thousands
of meaningless verses is
that on hearing
brings peace.

And better than chanting hundreds
of meaningless verses is
one Dhamma-saying
that on hearing
brings peace.

Dhammapada, 8, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Saturday, June 4

The Boondocks

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Thanks UComics.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Just as a cow with a young calf keeps an eye on it even when it is eating the grass, so it's proper for a person to keep an eye on all that can be done for others who are following the path.
Majjhima Nikaya

Friday, June 3

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Live not a low life; remember and forget not; follow not wrong ideas; sink not into the world.
The Buddha

Thursday, June 2

Dave Chappelle: Alive And Doing Stand-Up In Hollywood

If I do Half Baked 2, you’ll know I’ve run out of money.
Dave Chappelle

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Each time pain--the duality of positive and negative, good and evil--manifests, and we embrace it and receive it with the energy of mindfulness, then it will return to the depths of the mind a little bit weaker. Pain loses energy every time it is embraced in this way, because the energy of mindfulness is really the energy of a mother.
Adapted from True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart by Thich Nhat Hanh

Ten ideas to help find a meaningful job and make the world a better place

This article is very Canada-centric but I know of a couple of US organizations that can help...Greenbiz and are couple of spots that can help you find a meaningful job/career. I'm sure there are others like Co-Op America and Working for Change but I don't know if they have job/volunteer listings.

Finding a Job with a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Organization:
  1. Know Where and How to Look
  2. Use Your Network Aggressively
  3. Join the Club
  4. Do Your Research
  5. Participate
  6. Reduce Your Need to Work
  7. Increase Your Knowledge and Expertise
  8. Create Your Own Job
  9. Know What Makes You Happy, Who You Are and What You're Good At
  10. Be Innovative

Wednesday, June 1

World football's governing body has decreed

FIFA steps up racism fight

the Organization: FIFA
the Competition: Confederations Cup

On this Day in Black History

1760 - Jupiter Hammon, a New York slave, became the first African-American to publish. His was a poem titled "An Evening Thought, Salvation by Christ, with Penitential Cries".
1792 - Kentucky became the 15th state of the US
1796 - Tennessee became the 16th state of the US
1843 - Sojourner Truth began her career as an antislavery activist.
1861 - The first skirmish of the US Civil War took place at the Fairfax, VA Court House.
1864 - Senator Solomon Dill was assassinated in his home. Dill had allegedly made "incendiary speeches" to South Carolina Blacks.
1866 - The African American Registry (not the same as this website) features a brief article and definition of Civil Rights.
1869 - Thomas Edison received a patent for his electric voting machine.
1885 - The Appeal newspaper was founded
1909 - Warren E. Henry born
1920 - W. E. B. Du Bois received the Spingarn Medal, NAACP's highest award.
1921 - A race riot erupted in Tulsa, OK
1924 - Spelman Seminary became Spelman College.
1926 - Andy Griffith born
1926 - Norma Jeane Mortenson (Marilyn Monroe) born
1934 - Pat Boone (Charles Eugene Boone) born
1937 - Morgan Freeman born
1938 - Superman, the world's first super hero, appeared in the first issue of Action Comics.
1939 - Cleavon Little born
1941 - The U. S. Army activated the first African-American tank battalion, the 758th.
1953 - Haile Selasie received a ticker-tape parade in New York.
1961 - FM multiplex stereo broadcasting began.
1963 - Governor George Wallace vowed to defy an injunction that ordered the integration of the University of Alabama.
1966 - Approximately 2,400 persons attended White House Conference on Civil Rights.
1968 - Henry Lewis became the first Black musical director to lead a major US Orchestra (New Jersey Symphony)
1968 - Helen Keller died
1973 - WGPR became the 1st television station owned by Blacks
1979 - White rule ended in Rhodesia; Rhodesia became Zimbabwe
1980 - Cable News Network (CNN) made its debut as the first all-news station.
1991 - David Ruffin (Temptations) died of an apparent drug overdose.
1994 - South Africa rejoined the Commonwealth after an absence of 33 years.
1998 - Goodyear Tire & Rubber was sued for alleged discrimination towards black workers.
2001 - Jamal "Shyne" Barrow was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

We lose another great one.

Oscar Brown, Jr. dead at 78


Yesterday was my last day at OneMusic/AMZ Music.

I'm posting this from my office...

OK, I had to take care a few more things before I could really call it quits.

I've had a wonderful run in this office. Over the past 5 years I have worked for a fantastic company and boss. It has fit my idea of what small business should be. The company is successful and creates quality products. The staff works like a family. The boss is fun, intuitive, intelligent (generally and business-wise), and accessible.

I've learned more about myself and technology while working here than I could've ever imagined. I'm met some great people.

We have been spoiled and I think Jim and my coworkers for that.

Nigeria's most famous footballer that never was

Matters became even more complex when it emerged that not just the agents, but also Mikel Obi's father had been involved one way or the other in pushing contract for him. Parties identified with Chelsea were said to have given the older Obi some money to sway him to their side. A more recent revelation reported Manchester United as offering N40 million "pocket money" to the young player, even as the controversy rages.
John Mikel Obi Saga