Monday, June 6

8 days to go

I imagine my posts over the next 3 weeks will be sporadic.

I get married a week from Sat and then I will be on my honeymoon.

The wedding plans are all wrapped up, more or less. Tara has it all under control. The honeymoon is booked and paid for.

The house is getting organized. This are coming along.

I am still pretty slow to react. I mean I sit here waiting on furniture and I know Tara would be running around the house doing something constructive.

This will be our life together. I selfishly think everything can wait till I am ready. Tara works to get in everything on her to-do list everyday.

Anyway, stick with me happy readers and I will give you volumes of new ideas and conversations once July rolls around.

the Couple: Tara & Jai
the Wedding: June 18, 2005
the Registries: Buy us stuff.
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