Monday, March 26

March Madness

I love March Madness. I don't watch basketball during the regular season but I am glued to the TV during March. I went to a Division III school with a shitty b-ball team but I do remember the excitement of being at the game and I cannot imagine this kind of finish!

Sunday, March 25

Quote of the Day

I'm back to reading "A Change Is Gonna Come: Music, Race & The Soul of America" (Craig Werner). Not only is he a wonderful writer and a gifted thinker, he is also an amazing researcher - this is the guy I want to be when I grow up.

I've mentioned before what wonderful quotes he finds and today's quote is another example:
It's not an act, but a state of being. I play and move as I feel. My music, my instrument, my sound, my body, are all one action with my mind.
Jimi Hendrix

Saturday, March 24

Buddhist Thought of the Day

An accomplished person does not by a philosophical view, or by thinking become arrogant, for he is not of that sort; not by holy works, nor by tradition is he to be led, he is not led into any of the resting places of the mind.
adapted from the Sutta-nipata, translated by V. Fausboll


One of my favorite bands finally as a new record. Ojos De Brujo, do some of the funkiest, flamenco inspired stuff you've ever heard. Who cans if you can't understand the words (Spanish), it sounds great, it flows, it's got style and soul.

Here is the video:If you are a downloaded be sure to get it from's fair trade music.

Thursday, March 22


A little bit of info is a dangerous thing. Today I overheard a conversation about history and geopolitics that was wrought with partial info...just crazy misinformation and the party with this misinfo was passing a lot of opinion of as info.

Although I try very hard to have accurate info, I wonder if I come off like that sometimes.

Tuesday, March 20

Ethnic Jai

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Marjorie mentioned the whole thing with me looking like our former coworker's boyfriend, Benny. Benny is Indian. What we saw as similar was our body shape. We are both about the same height and width. Our faces are similarly shaped and our complexion is similar, especially in the Summer.

My wife is often mistaken for a latina and I have a cousin or two who could be seen as Greek, Italian or Central Asian. So, yes I guess we can all look mixed up.

Monday, March 19

Buddhist Thought of the Day

As a single slab of rock
Won't budge in the wind,
So the wise are not moved
By praise,
By blame.

Like a deep lake,
Clear, unruffled, & calm;
So the wise become clear,
On hearing words of the Dhamma.
Dhammapada, 6, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Walk like an Egyptian

Tara & Jai 2
Originally uploaded by bmitd67.
So, I started working at the Nashville Public Library. One of my coworkers is Egyptian, he's been in the US for a couple of years, very nice guy. Last week, during my training we were sitting across from each other and he looked at me and said I looked Egyptian. Very interesting, I've never been told I looked "ethnic", non-African-American. I don't know, what do you think?

Sunday, March 18

Buddhist Thought of the Day

And those who have no mental vigilance,
Though they may hear the teachings, ponder them or meditate,
With minds like water seeping from a leaking jug,
Their learning will not settle in their memories.
Sântideva, "Bodhicaryâvatâra"

Saturday, March 17

Why I gave up consuming "The Ballad of Frankie Silver"

by Sharyn McCrumb

I hated the dialog so I stopped.

The new guy

I started a new job this past Monday. After years, I mean something close to 8 years, I have been trying to get a job with a library system in the Nashville area. I have interviewed with Vanderbilt 3 times and I have interviewed with Nashville Public Library at least 3 times. It's been extremely frustrating and disheartening but the library got a new HR director and I got a call. I interviewed twice and they apparently loved me.

I was glad and sad to leave Landmark. I worked with a wonderful group of people but, my God, it was insanely boring. I am sad to say that I spent more time surfing the net than entering my data. Our goal was to verify artists and tracks with either a 2nd database or the product itself; all day, album check, track check, and add data. I loved the fact that we were working with new, proprietary software. When systems went down we would play name that tune. I had IM to talk with a couple of friends outside the office and, of course, we had Krispy Kreme Donuts EVERY Friday and sometimes other days.

Now, I am finally in my career field. I am starting as Circulation Assistant I which means I will do lots of check-ins and registrations. I am at the Main location, the downtown branch, so that means we sort books for all other locations (you reserve a book at one location and it is sent through our workroom to make it to where you want to pick it up or where it belongs).

It's interesting to see the library culture not to mention the civil service culture. I don't know enough yet to see the real patterns and elements but I can see some things.

Master Procrastinator's Best of 2006 - (surprises)

Every year something happens that we don't expect. I am only gonna address to musical surprises of 2006. One was very pleasant and the other was mixed. I was glad that I can say it exists for there to even be a surprise.

The bad news is the release of "Boxing Mirror" by Alejandro Escovedo. I am so glad Al is around to give us new music. For those who don't know or haven't listened to the record, Al has Hepatitis and he almost died in 2003. We weren't sure if we'd ever get more music from him. He'd suffered a health setback and as a result he suffered a financial setback b/c he, like most working musicians, he didn't have adequate health insurance. So when I say I am glad to have more music I am sincerely happy that this master of lyric and melody is back out there. The part I don't like is the resulting record. I have grown to like the album more than I did when I first bought it but I have major problems with the production & some of the songs. I know it was produced my one of his idols, John Cale, but why? Most of the record sounds dated (in a bad way) and in general it is unattractive to me. I don't know any John Cale records so I can't say more than "I don't like it." The songs, there are several songs that are dupes from other albums and there are songs that I just don't get, I can't say more than that, I just don't get them. I love Al, I will continue to support him but this record doesn't work for me.

The biggest surprise on the positive end was Gov't Mule's "High & Mighty". I used to love this band. From 96 until 2000 I listened to Gov't Mule more than almost any other band. I traveled further to see them play than any other band, I traveled more to see them I did for any other band. I became acquainted with the band members and crew. I would dare say I became friends with them, especially Allen Woody, mainly because he lived in Nashville and I would see him when the band had a break. Those days were all about the Mule. In August 2000 Woody, bass player of the Mule, died. The band decided to create a tribute album and tour that featured a lot of different bass players and during this time the popularity of the band exploded. The shows were up and down and the family atmosphere started to disappear. I was among many old timers who felt like fish out of water.

The band settled into a 4tet with a new bassist, Andy Hess. They released the absolutely horrid album "Deja Voodoo" and I knew my relationship with the band was over. I missed the last 3 shows they performed in Nashville, which would never have happened during the late 90s. All this in mind I hesitated and hesitated and hesitated buying this record. Somewhere along the lines I heard a track and kinda flipped out. The song was really good. It was the old Mule but more. "High & Mighty" is an album for the ages. The band is cohesive, the music is nuanced yet powerful and Warren's lyrics are in the pocket. He's got his mojo back with subversive, allegorical lyrics. This is the Gov't Mule I fell in love with and thank God they are back!

Thursday, March 15

Why I recommend "You Suck: A Love Story"

by Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore. I think you love him or hate him. I love him. I like his universal themes that victimized women have more strength than they imagine, there are unexplainables, homeless are people too and nerdy guys save the world and get the girl!

This is a wonderful continuation of Bloodsucking Fiends. I liked Bloodsucking Fiends but not as much as some of his others so I didn’t expect much out of this one. I was surprised, this was a great story and has a wonderfully romantic ending. His characters are char-ac-ters. They have wonderful personalities, he understands different types of people and can bring them all to life. There are inside jokes related to his other books. If you like Letterman and Colbert Report with a bit of geeky fantasy I think you will love most anything Christopher Moore has written.

Wednesday, March 14

A First

It's 2007 and we're still noticing firsts. Congrats to Thelma, lets see if the College can follow soon.
Thelma Monique Panton, a middler at Sewanee, the University of the South's School of Theology, is the first African American to be named student government president.

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Monday, March 12

How I wish.

I was skipping around the R&RHoF Induction Thing and after the grand finale MHD switched to the Cream Reunion show from Royal Albert Hall. I watched and listened to how good they sounded. They have grown and mellowed, the music was relaxed, solid and emotive. Watching Cream I can't help but thing what it would be like if Jimi had made it and 30 years later he was jamming to a sold out audience with Mitch & Noel or Billy & Buddy. In my dreams, in my heaven.

Friday, March 9

Quote of the Day

I know it's early but this has to be the one:
"We shouldn't be constantly feeding negative energy to these kids," he (Suge Knight) said. "You can get rich with the devil's money, but you can only be happy with God's money."

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Friday, March 2

Buddhist Thought Of The Day

All tremble at the rod,

all are fearful of death.

Drawing the parallel to yourself,

neither kill nor get others to kill.
Dhammapada, 10, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

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Oscar Response

This is actually more a response - a dissent, if you will - to the extraordinarily smart and beautiful, poetically inclined maven of Brown Rabbit Tanning, Marjorie. Marjorie and I worked at Davis-Kidd together, we started on the same day (to walk into the breakroom and see her certainly made me feel better about working for $8/hr), and I typically agree with her on things film and political, although she once steered me to an insane Turkish movie, which I have fortunately forgotten the name of, although I did like the music.

I will have to say that her disinterest in The Queen disappoints me greatly. I, not being an Anglophile wasn't interested in The Queen but when the lights went down I became enthralled and entranced by Dame Helen Mirren (who joins other silver-haired beauties, Raquel Welch - I know she's not silver haired but you know what I mean - and Emmylou Harris, on my hottie list). Here performance was all encompassing, she is one of the few who truly and absolutely deserved her Oscar. The Departed, ok I can see not wanting to see it but it was an intense recreation of the Japanese cinema and how can you not love Jack. Babel, I hear you Marjorie but I think all of those issues are entwined and appropriate - although, I don't know about that racist thing, I didn't really see so much of that in Babel.

Volver, Letters from Iwo Jima & Happy Feet were the 3 best I saw this last year

As far as costumes Marjorie says Marie Antoinette, which I will see tonight, but I must say that Curse of the Golden Flower was stunning...the movie sucked but I couldn't get enough of the sets and costumes. Zhang Yimou's understanding of colors and textures is unparalleled.

Marjorie we will have to hook up for some filmfest stuff, hopefully I can afford a few. When is someone gonna drop a gold brick on my doorstep? Sheesh!

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Thursday, March 1

Buddhist Thought of the Day

You cannot find Buddha nature by vivisection. Reality cannot be caught by thinking or feeling mind. Moment after moment to watch your breathing, to watch your posture, is true nature. There is no secret beyond this point.
Shunryu Suzuki, "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind"

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