Saturday, March 17

The new guy

I started a new job this past Monday. After years, I mean something close to 8 years, I have been trying to get a job with a library system in the Nashville area. I have interviewed with Vanderbilt 3 times and I have interviewed with Nashville Public Library at least 3 times. It's been extremely frustrating and disheartening but the library got a new HR director and I got a call. I interviewed twice and they apparently loved me.

I was glad and sad to leave Landmark. I worked with a wonderful group of people but, my God, it was insanely boring. I am sad to say that I spent more time surfing the net than entering my data. Our goal was to verify artists and tracks with either a 2nd database or the product itself; all day, album check, track check, and add data. I loved the fact that we were working with new, proprietary software. When systems went down we would play name that tune. I had IM to talk with a couple of friends outside the office and, of course, we had Krispy Kreme Donuts EVERY Friday and sometimes other days.

Now, I am finally in my career field. I am starting as Circulation Assistant I which means I will do lots of check-ins and registrations. I am at the Main location, the downtown branch, so that means we sort books for all other locations (you reserve a book at one location and it is sent through our workroom to make it to where you want to pick it up or where it belongs).

It's interesting to see the library culture not to mention the civil service culture. I don't know enough yet to see the real patterns and elements but I can see some things.
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