Friday, July 3


I saw a Phish Halloween was the 96 show "Remain in Light" by Talking Heads. I went with my friend Kevin and the seats sucked. It was the Omni and we were at the top - no tapers tickets for me for that show.

The excitement was energizing. Everybody was guessing which album there would be. Then we got inside and they gave out handbills, like the Broadway type, and not being a big Talking Heads fan I didn't understand the cover photo (Remain in Light with Phich members instead of Talking Heads).

We trudged our way up and up and up some more. We squeezed into the seats - they are much smaller when you are that high up and I filled Kevin in on the show. He'd never been to one of these type shows (3 sets, etc). So an hour or so later Remain in Light begins and it was intense. I didn't know they album so I didn't know what was going on. I remember being excited to see El Buho, who'd I'd gotten to know in Nashville and I remember thinking how afrobeat it sounded. It would be a decade later before I actually heard the original album and not surprisingly, recognize how true to the album Phish had been.

I'm not going but I am glad they are doing the show. The article below was written before MJ died so I think "Thriller" is a better guess than the author probably thought.

Phish’s Upcoming Halloween Show: A Few Suggestions For ‘Musical Costumes’

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Wednesday, July 1

Is it Time To Care About Soccer?