Wednesday, June 30

Good news!

Though educational levels have risen for blacks and Hispanics, both ethnic groups still trail whites in most categories.

High school, college completion rates rise - Jun 29, 2004

Home Field advantage?

Portugal became the first host nation since the Netherlands themselves in 1988 to qualify for the final of the UEFA European Championship...

It's not easy being me.

Mum Nicole: Not easy to find mate - Jun 30, 2004

Review: Spider-Man 2

"Spider-Man 2 is that rare Hollywood phenomenon, a sequel that is actually better than the original."

Review: Spider-Man 2

The Beautiful Game

Euro 2004, S.A. has donated €100,000 to the National Federation of Solidarity Co-operatives (FENACERCI), a platform for organisations which aim to improve the lives of people with learning difficulties and their families.

Helping others through football

Pot calling the kettle black

U.S.: Sudan 'in state of denial' - Jun 30, 2004

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Florence Ballard - 1943 in Rosetta, MS
Al Benson - 1908 in Jackson, MS
William Brown - 1946 in Perth Amboy, NJ
Stanley Clarke - 1951 in Philadelphia, PA
Wallace Davenport - 1925 in New Orleans, LA
Andrew Hill - 1937 in Chicago, IL
Lena Horne - 1917 in Brooklyn, NY
Joyce Jones - 1949 in Philadelphia, PA

Will this ever end?

Hendrix family battle for fortune

Don't you just love National Geographic?

Africa's Masai Find Kinship With Amish, Others in U.S.

US recalls ex-soldiers for duty

US recalls ex-soldiers for duty

More on Portugal

Detailed Country Profile: Portugal

With this appointment and EURO 2004 Portugal looks to be on it's way up

Portuguese PM gets EU's top job

I am in love with a powerful woman!...

...And I really like Serena too.

Serena cruises past Capriati in 45 minutes - Wednesday June 30, 2004 9:29AM

I guess there's more firemanship training needed

Boy Scouts sued for $14M over fire - Jun 29, 2004

Tuesday, June 29

Love is in the air...

Let me tell you how wonderful my girlfriend is. She likes to travel and she is very willing, and fortunately able, to take short trips pretty regularly.

Earlier this year we had talked about going to Boston. She loves it there, I've never been, she has friends and I have family there. Well, we hadn't mentioned it in a long time but just a few days ago she started plotting a trip, as a surprise for my Birthday (Sept).

She had talked to my office manager to make sure I could take a couple of extra Labor Day Weekend days, she's emailed my cousin to see if it would be ok to stay with her but she couldn't hold the secret. She thought I knew b/c I said something about Labor Day weekend to my cousin (before she and Tara started plotting). So, Tara asks me about it and then spills the beans.

What a lucky guy I am.

The Beautiful Game

BBC NEWS | Americas | Brazil to play Haitians for peace

Is Barcelona trying to return to glory?

Barca deal thrills Larsson

The Boondocks - 6/29/04

The Boondocks
Courtesy of UComics

Like Father Like Son?

FCC's Powell Won't Stay, Some Speculate

Editorial about the Gitmo Decision

It's Called Democracy

Spidey Gets A Heart

'Spider-Man 2': Putting Action After Feelings of a Superhero

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Gilberto Gil - 1942 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Evelyn "Champagne" King - 1960 in New York, NY [The Bronx]
Frank Kirkland - 1927 in Washington, D.C.
Little Eva - 1943 in Bellhaven, NC
Johnnie Louise Richardson - 1945 in Montgomery, AL

Monday, June 28

Make It Happen

One sunny day in 2005, an old man approached the White House from across Pennsylvania Avenue, where he'd been sitting on a park bench. He spoke to the U.S. Marine standing guard and said, "I would like to go in and meet with President Bush."

The Marine looked at the man and said, "Sir, Mr. Bush is no longer president and no longer resides here."

The old man said, "Okay," and walked away.

The following day, the same man approached the White House and said to the same Marine, "I would like to go in and meet with President Bush." The Marine again told the man, "Sir, as I said yesterday, Mr. Bush is no longer president and no longer resides here."

The man thanked him and, again, just walked away.

The third day, the same man approached the White House and spoke to the very same U. S. Marine, saying "I would like to go in and meet with President Bush." The Marine, understandably agitated at this point, looked at the man and said, "Sir, this is the third day in a row you have been here asking to speak to Mr. Bush. I've told you already that Mr. Bush is no longer the president and no longer resides here. Don't you understand?"

The old man looked at the Marine and said, "Oh, I understand. I just love hearing it." The Marine snapped to attention, saluted, and said, "See you tomorrow."

...and get others to vote, too.

Those quaky Whiskey-palians!

Episcopalians mark 175 years in Midstate - Monday, 06/28/04

The Boondocks - 6/28/04

The backstory is that Tom DuBois - a devout Democrat - kidnapped Nader...

Courtesy of Ucomics

Healthy Thoughts

Never hurry. Take plenty of exercise. Always be careful. Take all the sleep you need/ You may expect to be well.

James Freeman Clarke


I hope for the best for Iraq but can this provisional gov't really hold onto things. The atmosphere is so volatile. The gov't has little infrastructure let alone security!

There is speculation that pushing up the changeover was not just for security reasons, which seems logical and VERY smart, but there is a huge element of American politics. With this the Bush administration can say: "See, we brought the new Iraqi gov't into power before we had planned to." I tend to be a little naive/optimistic when it comes to stuff like that. I don't want to believe that kind of thinking is at play.

We'll see.

Is it little more than a publicity stunt?

The unexpected early handover in Iraq has provided the new interim Iraqi government and the departing Coalition with a rare propaganda coup

Now, if Bin Laden would do the same...

Saudis:Al Qaeda member surrenders - Jun 28, 2004

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Cathy Carr - 1936 in New York, NY [The Bronx]
David "Honeyboy" Edwards - 1915 in Shaw, MS
I-Roy - 1949 in Spanish Town, Jamaica
Bonnie Jefferson - 1919 in ShoalCreek, AR
Joe "Fox" Smith - 1902 in Ripley, OH

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Iraq handover of sovereignty completed - Jun 28, 2004

Sunday, June 27


Today I put my first batch of stuff in my compost bin. The countdown begins. I'll probably add stuff once a week or so. I'm really looking forward to seeing this process.

Anybody got composting stories?

Footpath became heart of city's black middle class - Thursday, 06/24/04

Footpath became heart of city's black middle class - Thursday, 06/24/04

Screams of Sudan's starving refugees

The 15-month long conflict in Sudan's western province of Darfur has produced what the United Nations is calling "the worst humanitarian crisis in the world".

CIA insider slams Bush antiterror policies - Jun 27, 2004

A book written by a top CIA counterterrorism official alleges that the Bush administration has bungled the war on terror

'Fahrenheit 9/11' breaks records - Jun 27, 2004

$21.8 million in its first three days, becoming the first documentary ever to debut as Hollywood's top weekend film.

The team to beat!

Baroš brings down Danes

Goodlettsville Middle among schools honored for gains - Sunday, 06/27/04

My girlfriend's school!

The 560-student school is one of 13 in Metro and 108 statewide recently awarded incentive grant for making academic progress, increasing student achievement or lowering the dropout rate during the 2002-03 school year.

National Women's Football Team NASHVILLE DREAM for auction

HURRY! Get your pro football team on ebay.
Action ends Jun-28-04 16:05:31 PDT

Dream visits Kansas City in playoff opener - Saturday, 06/26/04

Women's Football Championships


Pioneer lived out his hoop dreams - Sunday, 06/27/04


Driver hits homeless man's cart deliberately - Sunday, 06/27/04

Aging of Aquarius

Graybeard capitalists keep hippie dreams alive as communes learn to adapt.

'Fahrenheit' Is Casting a Wide Net at Theaters

Anti-Bush sentiment runs high at showings of the documentary, which has had a strong opening weekend on 868 screens.

Women's Soccer in Mexico Gets a Cross-Border Kick

Four players who live in the U.S. are helping the national team give female athletes a leg up.

Catching a Wave Out of Pricey California

Migration of young professional families may be creating a 'smart belt' in the Sun Belt.

David Cobb, the Green Party Candidate for US President

Cobb/LaMarche in 04?

We already knew they didn't want Nader.

Green Party delegates nominate party activist David Cobb as their Presidential nominee.

Despite an Act of Leniency, China Has Its Eye on the Web

the times they are a changin'

The Secret Power of Lesbian Style

No more butchie flannel & jeans?

Rest in Peace Louise

On this day last year my stepmother - Louise M. Sanders - died. She is missed.

Black Music Month - Other stuff on this day

1988 - MCA Records buys Motown Records for $61 million.

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

George Braith - 1939 in New York, NY [The Bronx]
Shad Collins - 1910 in Elizabeth, NJ
Eddie El - 1914 in Mound Bayou, MS
Rev. Lonnie Farris - 1924 in Charlotte, NC
Elmo Hope - 1923 in New York, NY
Bruce Johnson - 1944
Maceo Pinkard - 1897 in Bluefield, WV
Louis Risbrook - 1953 in Brooklyn, NY
Johnny "Moose John" Walker - Stoneville, MS
John Mayon Walker - 1929 in Greenville, MS
Leon Washington - 1909 in Jackson, MS
Frank Williams - 1947 in Smithdale, MS

The stage is almost set

Dutch delight in shoot-out

Saturday, June 26

Even Tony knows we're doing something wrong!

Blair plea to Bush on Guantanamo

Think Globally, Act Locally

Today I bought a composter. I know, I know you can make them but I figure the easier it is to do the more likely it is that I will do it so I bought one of those spinner kind from a new ecologically friendly garden store in town, Worm's Way.

Thanks to Tara, my beautiful and talented girlfriend, for motivating me enough to actually do this. I've always wanted to but didn't really know where to start. She would come over to my place with a small plastic container which we would fill in a matter of one meal. Now I have a place to put all the scraps I can generate!

I'm looking forward to this!

Darfur rebellion

Until all Africans stand and speak as free beings, equal in the eyes of all men, as they are in the eyes of Heaven;

Until that day, the African continent will not know peace.

His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie, 1968

Moderate Liberal Extremist

Courtesy of UComics

Insurgents have blown up the local offices of Iraqi prime minister Iyad Allawi's political party in Baquba.

Blasts hit Iraq political offices

T Minus 4 days and hell is breaking loose

Iraq terrorists threaten to behead Turkish hostages - Jun 26, 2004

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Big Bill Broonzy - 1893 in Scott, MS
Billy Davis, Jr. - 1940 in St. Louis, MO
Arthur Doyle - 1944 in Birmingham, AL
Jean Knight - 1943 in New Orleans, LA
St. Louis Jimmy Oden - 1903 in Nashville, TN
Brenton Wood - 1941 in Shreveport, LA
Reggie Workman - 1937 in Philadelphia, PA

The Wolves are circling

Moore defends 'Fahrenheit' - Jun 25, 2004

Friday, June 25

Here we go...

Kobe Bryant trial to start August 27

One Step at a Time

Today I signed up at the YMCA. I learned to swim and play football at the Y but that was 20+ years ago. Now I need to maintain and relax.

Throw me your positive vibes that I can use this facility regularly and make my life and the life of those around me better.


Well, ain't that a blip?

Iacocca Dumps Bush to Back Kerry

Will this make a difference if Colin won't be in DC musch longer?

U.S. Reviewing Reported Genocide in Sudan

Stop this MADNESS!

GOP Hurrying Gay Marriage Ban to Senate Floor

The Constitution is not the place for this issue!

What a freakin' MESS!

Summit aims to avert DR Congo war

France 0-1 Greece

"Greece sensationally knocked out defending champions France with an incredible win in their Euro 2004 quarter-final."

Death is coldblooded, and maybe God is, too.

Last Words of Brother Ray

At the end of his life, Charles set the record straight

Death," Ray Charles told me when he first learned that cancer was devouring his body, "is the one motherfucker that ain't ever going away."

I met Ray Charles in 1975, when he agreed to let me ghostwrite his autobiography. He was vulgar, refined, funny, sexy, spontaneous, outlandish, brave, brutal, tender, blue, ecstatic. He would wrap his arms around his torso, hugging himself in a grand gesture of self-affirmation. In normal conversation, he preached and howled and fell to the floor laughing. He was, in his own words, "raw-ass country."

Because my job was to take the material of our dialogues and weave them into a first-person narrative, I had to make sure the dialogues were deep. I began tentatively by saying, "Now if this question is too tough ."

"How the fuck can a question be too tough? The truth is the truth."

The truth -- at least Ray's truth -- came pouring out: that his life had been rough; that his life had been blessed; that he had followed his musical muse wherever it led; that he had been a junkie; that he had given up junk only when faced with prison; that every day he still drank lots of gin and smoked lots of pot and worked just as tirelessly; that he had a huge appetite for women; that he wasn't even certain how many children he had fathered; that he was unrepentant about it all.

"When my mother died, I didn't understand death," he told me. "Couldn't feature it. What do you mean, she's gone forever? I was fifteen, living at a school for the blind 160 miles away from home. She was all I had in the world. No, she couldn't be dead. Can't make it without her.

"That's when I saw what everyone sees: You can't make a deal with death. No, sir. And you can't make a deal with God. Death is coldblooded, and maybe God is, too. So I'm alone, and I'm going crazy, until a righteous Christian lady from the little country town where I grew up wakes me and shakes me and says, 'Boy, stop feeling sorry for yourself. You gotta carry on.' "

I wondered if the experience made him more religious.

"Made me realize I had to depend on me," he shot back. "No one was going to do shit for me. You hear me? No one. I could praise Jesus till I'm blue in the face. Pray till the cows come home. But Mama ain't coming back. So if Mama gave me religion, the religion said, 'Believe in yourself..' "

Early the next morning I was eager to continue the conversation.

"Ray, I just want to ask you another question about death. . . "

"Look, man," he said, irritated and tired, "I wouldn't talk to my mama now if she came out the grave." And with that, he fell asleep.

Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story came out in 1978. Ray liked the book because, as he said, "it's me -- and I like me."

When he turned sixty, in 1990, I asked him if he had regrets.

"About what?"

"Paternity suits from women who claimed they had your babies, complaints from musicians who claim you owe them money . . ."

"Motherfuck it," he spat. "I paid what was due. Fact is, no one's paid dues like me. If someone can prove I owe him, I'll pay. If they can't, I won't."

When he turned seventy, in 2000, I asked him if he wanted to collaborate on a sequel to his autobiography.

"All the facts are in Brother Ray. What would we talk about?"

"We'd reflect."

"About what?"

"The changes you've been through since 1978."

"I don't see no changes, baby. I'm still me. Still kicking plenty ass."

Then, in the summer of 2003, everything changed.

I heard he was having hip problems and was canceling his U.S. tour. Ray never cancels tours. I knew something was deeply wrong.

When I called Ray, he didn't sound himself. "My liver's not right," he said. "I'm not putting out no press release, but I heard them use the word cancer."

A month later, my phone rang shortly after midnight. "I'm thinking," he said, "that we need to add some stuff to the book. But right now I'm tired. I'll call you when I can."

Weeks passed before he called. "Someone said," he told me, "that if you picture yourself well, you get well. If you can conceive it, you achieve it. I'm focusing on the future. But I got to say, man, that the past keeps coming up."

"What part of the past?" I ask.

"Some of it is funny shit. Like this one time from the early days. I was fucking someone's old lady when Mr. Someone came home. I didn't even know there was a Mr. Someone. But there we were, screwing like rabbits, when we hear the door opening, and she's whispering, 'Oh, my God, it's my husband.'

" 'What husband?' I want to know.

“‘The one who's crazy jealous and carries a razor.'

"So she hides my naked ass in the closet, where I'm praying to God for the guy to leave in a hurry. Man, I'm shivering. If I cough, I'm dead. But God delivers me. The man splits. I'm saved. Now am I supposed to believe that the good Lord spared me so I could have me some hit records, make me some money and get me some more pussy? Well, that don't make sense, because God sure didn't save Sam Cooke. Sam was fucking the wrong girl in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he got shot dead. Why Sam and not me? Church folks said 'cause Sam traded in gospel for the devil's music. Well, I did the same. No, man, you got to believe that God works in mysterious ways. I've been blessed.

"I'm getting stronger," he said the next time he called. "I can feel it."

"Great. Heard you talked to Mable." Mable John, the great rhythm & blues artist for Motown and Stax/Volt, is a former lead Raelett and one of Ray's closest confidantes. Now she is a minister.

"Man, I been talking to Mable for forty years. For forty years she's been trying to save my sorry ass."

"Any progress?"

"How about you?" he asked.

"I've been reading the Bible."

"I got my Braille copy. Always keep it with me."

"What's it telling you?"

"When we were writing my book, I remember telling you that I'm not really looking at Jesus, I'm looking at God. Well, I'm looking at it differently now."

"How so?"

"I think about stories. Songs are stories. And if you're going to write a good song, you're going to have to praise a woman. That's the key. And if you're writing a book about God, you're going to have to praise God. That's what Jesus did. Praised the Father. Taught us about praise. I used to think all that church praise, all that hooting and hollering, was overdone. Stop shouting. Be cool. Besides, if God is God, why does he need all this praise? Now I'm thinking it ain't God who needs the praise -- it's us who need to do the praising. The praise makes us stronger. That's why I'm getting stronger."

"What's the source of the strength?"

"Used to think it was me. But now I see my strength has limits. I used to think that I'm in control of this whole motherfucking operation -- my music, my band, my life, my ladies. But soon as you start thinking that way, brother, run for cover. 'Cause someone's about to kick your ass."

"Is God kicking your ass?"

"God's teaching me to depend on something I can't see. I've always seen ahead of myself -- how to buy a car or buy a building, how to start a publishing company or a record label, how to make more bread this year than last. They call that foresight, don't they? Well, I've been blessed with foresight. Thank you, Jesus. But now it ain't serving me. Now I need another kind of sight."

A part of me wanted to see him; a part of me didn't. But when Ray called and said I could come by the studio, I dropped everything and ran.

He was seated behind the control board. He looked smaller, thinner, certainly diminished but far from defeated. I thought of the thousands of hours he had spent here recording his voice. That voice, once an instrument of unprecedented power, was reduced to a whisper.

He was thinking about other musicians, now gone.

"Did I mention Erroll Garner in my book?" he asked, referring to the great jazz pianist.

"Can't remember. I think so."

"I think I talked too much about my own playing. Too much about myself."

"That's the nature of autobiography."

"I never came up with that 'genius' tag. I'm a utility man. I can do a lot of little things well. But I copied."

"And then innovated."

"The innovation was copying. Good copying. Great copying. But I wouldn't put me up there with Bird and Diz."

"And when they say you invented soul music, you're going to argue?"

"Maybe I put together two things that hadn't been put together before, but, hell, give credit to the church singers and the bluesmen who I got it from. I got enough credit. Let people know that it didn't come from me. It came from before me."

"And didn't the singers before you get it from someone else?"

"But they didn't get no money for it, and I did."

"And you regret that?"

"I love that, man," he said, his voice growing a bit more animated. "Be lying if I said I didn't. Got bread to leave behind. Bread for charities. Bread for my kids. But for every musician out there who's made a name, there's a dozen cats back in Jacksonville or Dallas twice as bad as them."

"What else do you want to mention?"

"That I hurt some musicians."


"Being too much in a hurry. Too impatient. Looking for everything to be perfect. Lost my head. Said some nasty shit to guys who didn't deserve it. You know me, man. I'm always fucking with the drummers. If they don't get my time, I pitch a bitch. Treat them bad. I feel like I hurt people. I know I hurt people. Well, tell them I'm not an asshole. Tell them I have feelings, too. I can feel their feelings, man. Tell them I appreciate them. Tell them. . just tell them Brother Ray loves them."

The last time I saw him, we didn't speak. He could hardly speak at all. His deterioration was dramatic. I hadn't been able to reach him for six or seven weeks. His people told me he was talking to no one. Minister Mable John said otherwise.

"I was there the other day," she told me. "He's still going to his building every day. He's still goes into his studio. He's maintaining his routine. Routine is Ray's life. He'll never give up his routine. So they set up a bed for him where he used to work. He has all the nurses he needs. He says he has all he needs to get through. And I believe him."

"Is he peaceful?" I asked.

"He's determined. He can't be any other way. He's determined to come outside today for the ceremony."

The outdoor ceremony was to commemorate Ray's beloved professional home, 2107 West Washington Boulevard, in Los Angeles, as a historical landmark. Mable and I arrived early and sat in the front row.

The speeches droned on. And then the door to his building opened.

Seated in a wheelchair, Ray appeared in a crisply pressed pinstripe suit. He was in obvious pain. Slowly, carefully, he was lifted from the chair and brought to the podium, where his longtime manager Joe Adams brought the microphone to Ray's mouth. The sound of the singer's voice was slight, distorted, slurred, his words barely audible. He thanked the city and then paused. I felt him struggling for energy, for a single stream of breath. Finally the breath came:

"I'm weak," he said, "but I'm getting stronger."

The news came six weeks later. Ray was gone. My reaction was immediate: I had to hear him sing. I put on his live versions of "Drown in My Own Tears" and "Tell the Truth." Those are the songs that bonded his heart to mine as a boy. After a good, long cry, I called Mable.

"I know he's all right," she said. "I know he's found his strength."

Find Your Spot

Taking a hint from George (who I don't know) I went to Find Your Spot to see what the fuss was.

The top 5 spots according to my survey results are:

  1. Portland, Oregon - City of Roses

  2. This Oregon city has the nation's largest forested municipal park, the aptly-named Forest Park.
    Population: 1,573,000 | Average Home Price: $196,000 | Precipitation: 36" | Snow: 5"

  3. Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana - Cities of Three Flags

  4. This spot on Louisiana's Red River was named for a steam boat captain who cleared a logjam known as the "Great Raft" in the 1830s…
    Population: 392,000 | Average Home Price: $123,000 | Precipitation: 45" | Snow: 0"

  5. Sacramento, California - The River City

  6. This state capital is the oldest incorporated city in California…
    Population: 1,628,000 | Average Home Price: $224,000 | Precipitation: 17" | Snow: 0"

  7. Charleston, West Virginia - The Home of Hospitality

  8. For a taste of yesteryear, catch the boat races at this West Virginia city's annual Sternwheel Regatta...
    Population: 53,000 | Average Home Price: $149,000 | Precipitation: 41" | Snow: 26"

  9. Frederick, Maryland - Where The Past Comes Alive

  10. This Maryland city's Great Fair is one of the nation's oldest county agricultural fairs…
    Population: 53,000 | Average Home Price: $163,000 | Precipitation: 36" | Snow: 21"

I added my hometown and fav city:

Nashville, Tennessee - Music City, U.S.A.
Though best known for its music, this spot also boasts the Hermitage, home to Andrew Jackson, Americas first president from the wild "West"…
Population: 545,500 | Average Home Price: $153,000 | Precipitation: 46" | Snow: 11"

Where is your spot?

In a related story...

Sources: Ryan dropping out of Senate race in Illinois - Jun 25, 2004

What's up with this?

Is it me or does the 9th District Congressman from TN and the Democratic Candidate for Senator of IL have a similar look?

What does this mean? Is this the new look for the Democratic Party?

Who is Barack Obama?

The Jr Sen from IL or soon-to-be

Was it a goal or not?

Eriksson cools controversy

What went wrong?

What went wrong with Beckham?

It's all my fault.

Beckham takes the blame

Poor Becks

Beckham to stay as skipper

There's Only One Ray Charles

Ronald Reagan arrived at the Pearly Gates, and was met by St. Peter. Reagan was stunned for a moment.

"You mean, I---I'm in?" he asked.

"That's right" said St. Peter. "Come on, man. I'll show you around."

He tossed the keys to a brand new Lincoln Town Car at Reagan, and said, "You drive. This is your car, for the rest of eternity." Reagan was buoyant as they drove along the streets of Heaven, through sunny neighborhoods.

Finally they came to a fancy part of town, with big lawns and swimming pools. St. Peter told Reagan that this is where he would be living.

"That's Franklin Roosevelt's house over there," St. Peter pointed out as they drove, "And that's where Albert Einstein lives, next to Madame Curie.

Pope John Paul XXIII lives here....and here's your house." They pulled into the driveway, and got out. As Reagan was looking around, he noticed up in the hills a palace made of shimmering, white granite. He could see it was enormous, with room after room, and terraces with dozens of gold fountains.

"That must be where the Lord lives," said Reagan. St. Peter shook his head.

"No, that's Ray Charles' place," he said. Reagan's smile faltered for a moment. "Ray Charles lives there? How come all the presidents, scientists and popes live here, and Ray Charles lives up in that palace? I don't get it."

St. Peter chuckled.

"Ronnie," he said, "Presidents and Popes are a dime a dozen. But baby, there's only one Ray Charles."

Judge Calabresi apologizes for appearing partisan

Calabresi, a former dean of Yale Law School, was quoted saying the U.S. Supreme Court "put somebody in power" when a ruling it made in December 2000 settled the dispute over whether Bush had defeated Al Gore.

"In a way that occurred before but is rare in the United States ... somebody came to power as a result of the illegitimate acts of a legitimate institution that had the right to put somebody in power," Calabresi said. "The reason I emphasize that is because that is exactly what happened when Mussolini was put in by the king of Italy.
"The King of Italy had the right to put Mussolini in, though he had not won an election, and make him prime minister," the judge continued. "That is what happened when Hindenburg put Hitler in."

Calabresi told the lawyers:
"I am not suggesting for a moment that Bush is Hitler. I want to be clear on that, but it is a situation which is extremely unusual."

Calabresi went on to say the public should expel Bush from office to cleanse the democratic system. "That's got nothing to do with the politics of it. It's got to do with the structural reassertion of democracy," Calabresi was quoted saying.

Judge apologizes for Bush-Hitler remark - Jun 24, 2004

I think it's interesting how he apologized for appearing partisan bu not necessarily apologizing for the sentiment:
"My remarks were extemporaneous and, in hindsight, reasonably could be -- and indeed have been -- understood to do something which I did not intend, that is, take a partisan position,"

This sounds like BS to me.

Rapper DMX arrested in New York - Jun 25, 2004

And the reviews keep coming

'Fahrenheit 9/11': Unruly Scorn Leaves Room for Restraint, but Not a Lot

Black rhinos 'on recovery path'

Black rhinos 'on recovery path'

Powell confronts Iraq escalation

Powell confronts Iraq escalation

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Candyman - 1968
Joe Chambers - 1942 in Stoneacre, VA
Clifton Chenier - 1925 in Opelousas, LA
Harold Melvin - 1939 in Philadelphia, PA

Thursday, June 24

And from the heartland

'Fahrenheit 9/11' is a cinematic editorial - Foxlife - Fox411 - 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Gets Standing Ovation


As much as some might try to marginalize this film as a screed against President George Bush, "F9/11" — as we saw last night — is a tribute to patriotism, to the American sense of duty — and at the same time a indictment of stupidity and avarice.

A First Look at "Fahrenheit 9/11"

A First Look at "Fahrenheit 9/11"

This one came in awhile ago but it wasn't time for me to use it.

Review: Fahrenheit 9/11

The reviews start to come in

'Fahrenheit 9/11' a powerful, fiery film

Hosts hold their nerve

Portugal eventually overcame England on penalties to advance to the last four of UEFA EURO 2004™ Matches

Luís Figo (Portugal) & David Beckham (England) ©Getty Images

Marriage Amendment: Oppose Writing Intolerance into the Constitution

Marriage Amendment: Oppose Writing Intolerance into the Constitution

Venus makes shock exit

WOW! What's up with this?

Venus makes shock exit

Why I lost my job today.

A photographic survey of some big "oops".

I Lost My Job Today
I Lost My Job Today2
I Lost My Job Today3
I Lost My Job Today4
I Lost My Job Today5
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Who Combined Social Protest with Rhythm 'n' Blues?

A short story about another genius for Black Music Month.

Amazing Black Facts: Who Combined Social Protest with Rhythm 'n' Blues?

Curtis Mayfield 1988 Live Station Dortmund photo by Oskar C. Neubauer

Happy Birthday Jeff Beck.

B.B. King and Jeff Beck at John Jay College, NYC, 6/20/03.
Photo by Glyn Emmerson © 2003

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Michael Coleman
Born Jun 24, 1956 in Chicago, IL
Ransom Knowling - 1912 in New Orleans, LA
John "Captain John" Handy - 1900 in Pass Christian, MO
Frank Lowe - 1943 in Memphis, TN
Lance "Un" Rivera - 19??
Marvin "Smitty" Smith - 1961 in Waukegan, IL
Cootie Williams - 1910 in Mobile, AL
Lester Williams - 1920 in Groveton, TX

Euro 2004 Domination

The only undefeated team in group play!

Czechs overflow with talent
Pavel Nedved fends off Edgar Davids

EURO 2004 - Germany out and so is the coach!

Germany Out!

Dr. Dylan to the stage please.

Dylan receives honorary degree

American folk-rock singer Bob Dylan has been awarded an honorary degree by Scotland's oldest university.

Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' turns on box office heat - Jun. 24, 2004

Michael Moore's version of "The Passion"?

Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' turns on box office heat - Jun. 24, 2004

High Court Justice Supports Bar Plan to Ease Sentencing

Look! A conservative with vision.

High Court Justice Supports Bar Plan to Ease Sentencing

Wednesday, June 23


Recently I've had some very vivid dreams. Not regular dreams but epics. Dreams where one scenario flows right into another and into another although none are necessarily connected.

The other night I had a dream that included images from video games I play and images of my Dad (died 1996) and my Step-Mom (died this time last year). It also included images of a house guest and my girlfriend. All of these images were translated into "scenes" or items in scenes and then all these scenes were strung together like a movie.

This kind of thing happened 2 nights in a row and I don't ever remember dreaming like this.

Does anybody know anything about dream interpretation? How true is the info that's interpreted? Can the foretell your future? Or are they a fresh perspective on what has past?

There are so many mysteries. I wonder if I will ever be satisfied? *Sigh*

What went wrong at Abu Ghraib

A top-down push for harsh interrogation techniques comes to light, as investigations into Iraqi prisoner abuse continue.

Rooney gets Pele backing

Rooney gets Pele backing
Pele, who won the World Cup three times with Brazil, added: "He's a very exciting talent who shows maturity and composure beyond his young years."

"I just hope that Rooney is allowed to remain focussed on his performance and that the only pressure he has to carry is that which he puts upon himself.

"There is certainly a lot more pressure on a young player like Rooney than there was when I first played for Brazil.

"It is something Wayne will have to learn to cope with."

This is news I like. If we can only get it to happen in the US too!

England's rising ethnic fanbase

It's all in the marketing.

Experts slam low-carb trend as rip-off - Jun 23, 2004

Sommmmewhere OVER the Rainbow.

AFI's 100 YEARS...100 SONGS

Turn it over cause this side is DONE!

I guess nobody knows who Perry Ferrell is anymore.
.: Welcome to LOLLAPALOOZA 2004 :.

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Rev. Clay Evans - 1925 in Brownsville, TN
Donald Harrison - 1960 in New Orleans, LA
Milt Hinton - 1910 in Vicksburg, MS
Helen Humes - 1913 in Louisville, KY
Eli Robinson - 1908 in Greenville, GA
Lucille Spann - 1938 in Bolton, MS

Tuesday, June 22

First Spain now Italy

Unbeaten Italy bow out

What a fabulous looking woman! She's quite a Tennis player too.

Serena Wins Opening Match at Wimbledon

Defending champion Serena Williams returns to China's Jie Zheng, during their Women's Singles, first round match on the Centre Court at Wimbledon, Tuesday June 22, 2004. Williams won the match 6-3, 6-1.(AP Photo/Dave Caulkin)
Larger photo

Militants in Iraq Kill S. Korean Hostage

When will they learn that this is not necessary nor is it productive!

Militants in Iraq Kill S. Korean Hostage

Euro 2004 | Rooney 'the new Pele'

The youngest ever player to play for England: Wayne Rooney celebrates his goal against Denmark

Euro 2004 | Rooney 'the new Pele'

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Chris Blackwell - 1937 in London, England
Chuck Jackson - 1937 in Latta, SC
Ella Johnson - 1923 in Darlington, SC

Ex-wife of GOP Senate candidate alleged sex club forays - Jun 22, 2004

Just like Eric Benet! Why can't these men be satisfied with the beautiful woman they have? - Ex-wife of GOP Senate candidate alleged sex club forays - Jun 22, 2004

Black writers crossing the final frontier

Black writers crossing the final frontier

Nashville listed as fourth-best city for blacks - Tuesday, 06/22/04

Nashville listed as fourth-best city for blacks - Tuesday, 06/22/04

Monday, June 21

The fifth amendment

George Bush goes to a primary school to talk about the war. After his talk he offers question time. One little boy puts up his hand and George asks him what his name is. "Billy." "And what is your question, Billy?"

"I have 3 questions. First, why did the invade Iraq without the support of the UN? Second, why are you President when Al Gore got more votes? And third, whatever happened to Osama Bin Laden?"

Just then the bell rings for recess. George Bush informs the kiddies that they will continue after recess. When they resume George says, "OK, where were we? Oh, that's right --- question time. Who has a question?"

Another little boy puts up his hand. George points him out and asks him what his name is. "Little Johnnie" "And what is your question, Johnnie?"

"I have 5 questions. First, why did the invade Iraq without the support of the UN?Second, why are you President when Al Gore got more votes? Third, whatever happened to Osama Bin Laden? Fourth, why did the recess bell go 20 minutes early? And fifth, what the f**k happened to Billy?"

That Lucky Ol Sun

That Lucky Ol Sun
Written by: Beasley Smith / Haven Gillespie
Performed by Ray Charles on "Ingredients In A Recipe For Soul"
(Transcribed by Robin Hood.

Up in the mornin'
Out on the job
Work like the devil for my pay
But that lucky old sun got nothin' to do
But roll around heaven all day.

Fuss with my woman, toil for my kids
Sweat till I'm wrinkled and gray
While that lucky old sun got nothin' to do
But roll around heaven all day

Dear Lord above, can't you know I'm pining, tears all in my eyes
Send down that cloud with a silver lining, lift me to Paradise

Show me that river, take me across
Wash all my troubles away
Like that lucky old sun, give me nothing to do
But roll around heaven all day

Send down that cloud with a silver lining, lift me to Paradise

Show me that river, take me across
Wash all my troubles away
Like that lucky old sun, give me nothing to do
But roll around heaven all day

One last song for Ray.

U.S. ranks low on paid leave

Stole this from another blog...

U.S. ranks low on paid leave

Nader announces running mate - Jun 21, 2004

Nader/Camejo. It just rolls right off the tongue.

Nader announces running mate - Jun 21, 2004

Fashion Sense?

The Ladies Love Me!

He's got his bag of goodies.

No comment!

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Mitty Collier - 1941 in Birmingham, AL
Sur Reginald Dural - 1970 in Lafayette, LA
Elgin Evans - 1909
Clay Hammond - 1936 in Roseback, TX
Brenda Holloway - 1946 in Atascadero, CA
Skip James - 1902 in Bentonia, MS
Jamil Nasser - 1932 in Memphis, TN
Eric Reed - 1970 in Philadelphia, PA
Pete Rock - 196?
O.C. Smith - 1932 in Mansfield, LA
Jim Wynn - 1912 in El Paso, TX

Clinton: 'Demons' led to affair

Yeah, the demon in his pants! Come on, Mr. President!

Clinton: 'Demons' led to affair

Daily Boondocks

Courtesy of UComics.

European Labels Hope Piracy Succumbs to Digital Services

'It is a shame that the major record labels were so slow to come around to realizing it,' Ms. Smith (deputy secretary general of Impala, a group based in Brussels that represents more than 1,800 independent record labels in Europe) said. 'In a way, that's one reason why they are in the trouble they're in.'

European Labels Hope Piracy Succumbs to Digital Services:

Some Small Pleasures, as Phish Dissolves

Some Small Pleasures, as Phish Dissolves

Old Search Engine, the Library, Tries to Fit Into a Google World

Old Search Engine, the Library, Tries to Fit Into a Google World

Happy Solstice!

Summer Solstice

Sunday, June 20

Men's National Team Wins

Men's Worldwide Ranking

Grenada's Everetts Watts (right) and Claudio Reyna of the United States jump together to head the ball.

The Beautiful Game

Two Russian fans celebrate with a kiss during their team's game against Spain.

Nuno is No. 1

Nuno Gomes celebrates scoring for Portugal.

Nuno Gomes lights up Lisbon

Nuno Gomes lights up Lisbon

New favorite Athlete

Thierry Henry. I used to think he was kinda wussy but after a year of watching EPL on FoxSports World I have changed my mind.

I used to think that because of his physique. He's thin with long legs and his socks were always pulled up to his knees. Now, why all of that meant anything I don't know but the man is amazing. He never seems to tire (he played 3150 minutes of the last season with Arsenal - that's 35 full games!)and he's a powerful striker with all sorts of finesse. There is a reason why he was voted Player of the Year by the English Professional Footballers' Association (2nd year in a row) and the European Sports Magazine Golden Shoe (1st Frenchman to win this award).

Besides all that. His name is fun to say... teary ahn-ree.

Harlem Children's Zone

Here's the websire related to Geoffery Canada's organiztion.

Harlem Children's Zone

Hard times, truth and inspiration

Hard times, truth and inspiration

The Harlem Project

The Harlem Project

Nashville General Hospital at Meharry earns the JCAHO Gold Seal of Approval™

Nashville General Hospital at Meharry earns the JCAHO Gold Seal of Approval™

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Eric Dolphy - 1928 in Los Angeles, CA
Lazy Lester - 1933 in Torras, LA
Lionel Richie - 1949 in Tuskegee, AL
Kid Thomas - 1934 in Sturgis, Mississippi
Lamar Wright - 1907 in Texarkana, TX

Clinton defends successor's push for war - Jun 19, 2004

Clinton defends successor's push for war - Jun 19, 2004



craigslist: nashville online community

craigslist: nashville online community

Saturday, June 19

An Obscure Texas Celebration Makes Its Way Across the U.S.

An Obscure Texas Celebration Makes Its Way Across the U.S.

Purple Drain

Purple Drain

Bradbury Wants His Book Title Back

Bradbury Wants His Book Title Back

Euro 2004 | England

Euro 2004 | England
England's Wayne Rooney celebrates after scoring the opening goal in the 3-0 win over Switzerland

EURO 2004 - Latest News

EURO 2004 - Latest News

Jackson leaves Lakers

We knew this was coming, didn't we?

Jackson leaves Lakers

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Paula Abdul - 1962 in Los Angeles, CA
Afrika Islam - 1962
D.C. Bender - 1919 in Arbala, TX
Jimmy Buxton - 1924 in Philadelphia, PA
D-Nice - 1970 in New York, NY [Bronx]
Mark DeBarge - 1959 in Grand Rapids, MI
Billy Drummond - 1959 in Newport News, VA
Shirley Goodman - 1936 in New Orleans, LA
Paul Kelly - 1940 in Miami, FL
Gwen Owens - 1953
Ernest Ranglin - 1932 in Robin's Hall, Jamaica
Joe Thomas - 1909 in Uniontown, PA
Charles Thompson - 1891 in St. Louis, MO
Al Wilson - 1939 in Meridian, MS

Friday, June 18

The Boondocks - 6/18/04

I meant to post this earlier...
Courtesy of Ucomics

Friends Sing Praises of Ray Charles

"That Lucky Ol Sun ain't got nothing to do but roll around Heaven all day..."

Friends Sing Praises of Ray Charles

U.S. Hostage Beheaded | June 18, 2004

My condolences to Paul Johnson's family.

What the hell is going on with this crap! I am not an Islamic Scholar but I can't imagine Allah would approve of these people's behavior!

U.S. Hostage Beheaded | June 18, 2004

Science Fiction Museum & other SciFi Talk

Of note is Octavia Butler as one of the guests, Paul Allen and his money strike again with the SciFi Museum

Science Fiction Museum & other SciFi Talk

Spread the Love

I just ate one of the tastiest meals I've had in a long time.

Fido, my favorite spot in town, had a shredded chicken with mole BBQ sauce and grilled polenta cakes. It is out of this world!

Esther on the loose

Madonna compares Bush to Saddam


moe. @ the Ryman for Halloween!


Speaking of Alejandro Escovedo

Please support.

Alejandro Fund . Com : : Alejandro Escovedo

FiftyCrows - Social Change Photography

Some photos might disturb sensitive viewers.

FiftyCrows - Social Change Photography

Support your local and indi record stores!

Grimey's Preloved Music: New and Used CDs& Vinyl

New Music

Dropped by Grimey's yesterday, the first time since they moved. I like the new space, and I do mean space! You can actually move around without hurting somebody.

Mike and Doyle have done a great job.

While there I picked up a couple of Rope*A*Dope records. I got the new Dirty Dozen and the new Antibalas. I also picked up the Alejandro Escovedo live record and something called Chicago Soul. The Alejandro has been in the works for a very LONG time and it was worth the weight. It shows Al at full power. That's all I've gotten to check out so far.

US groups want Moore film banned

Well, of course they do.

US groups want Moore film banned

Fans line up for Ray Charles viewing - Jun 18, 2004

The final farewell.

Fans line up for Ray Charles viewing - Jun 18, 2004

Madonna reinvents herself as Esther - Jun 17, 2004

It's not good enough to just reinvent yourself you have to change your name?!?!?

Madonna reinvents herself as Esther - Jun 17, 2004

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Jimmy Cheatham - 1924 in Birmingham, AL
Dewey Corley - 1898 in Halley, AR
Don "Sugarcane" Harris - 1938 in Pasadena, CA
Tommy Hunt - 1933 in Pittsburgh, PA
Jerry "Boogie" McCain - 1930 in Gadsden, AL
Nathan Morris - 1971 in Philadelphia, PA
Benny Payne - 1907 in Philadelphia, PA

Thursday, June 17

No Nader in Debates.

Does this surprise anybody? We have a two party. screw the rest system. What happened to us? We had such promise when we were young.

No Nader in the debates.

Prince at his best for home crowd

No this sounds like a concert!

Prince at his best for home crowd

Job Vacancy: Director needed.

Green Hornet movie needs a new director.

Exorcist - The Beginning

If you have the time this is one cool ass website.

Exorcist - The Beginning

Happy Birthday Igor Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky

Dylan to receive honorary degree

Dylan to receive honorary degree

Cruises for Music Lovers Jam Their Way Across the Seas

Cruises for Music Lovers Jam Their Way Across the Seas

Thomas' Take on the Law Rooted in 18th Century

I guess if you can take a literal view of the Bible you can take it of the Constitution too.

Thomas' Take on the Law Rooted in 18th Century

UEFA EURO 2004 - Latest News

UEFA EURO 2004 - Latest News

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Chris Columbus - 1902 in Greenville, NC
Leola B. Grant - 1893 in Birmingham, AL
Chuck Rainey - 1940 in Cleveland, OH
Tony Scott - 1921 in Morristown, NJ
Gene Sedric - 1907 in St. Louis, MO

Wednesday, June 16

Jones wants hearing on possible drug evidence against her - Wednesday June 16, 2004 3:06PM

Stand up and take notice! This is a strong black woman. I hope she's not guilty. :-0

Jones wants hearing on possible drug evidence against her - Wednesday June 16, 2004 3:06PM


Sometimes work is just a pain in the ass. I will say it's more me than the job. I'm lucky to have such a cool ass job but I just hate all of my job duties sometimes...

The Beautiful Game

Police to let England
fans smoke dope

9/11 panel: Al Qaeda planned to hijack 10 planes - Jun 16, 2004

9/11 panel: Al Qaeda planned to hijack 10 planes - Jun 16, 2004

Who will be the next kingpin of the jamband universe?

Eventhough they call Gov't Mule a power trio I like the way they give each band odds of taking the throne.

Farewell, Phish

Something I found on my HD.

--By Tavis Smiley

1. Register to vote, or shut up!
2. Take all that money out of those stocking caps, tin cans, mattresses, and floorboards and invest money in something. For starters, invest in the food you eat and clothes you wear.
3. Learn another language; ebonics does not count.
4. Stop using the "N" word in the year 2001, especially since Merriam-Webster has announced it isn't changing the definition.
5. Buy something each week from a black vendor.
6. Stop blaming white folk for 98% of your problems, while giving them 100% of your money.
7. Subscribe to Ebony, JET, Black Enterprise, Essence. Then subscribe to one of the three weeklies: Time, Newsweek, or US News and World Report. After we read about what's going on in our world, how about knowing what's going on in theirs? It is, after all, your world.
8. Stop walking past each other and not speaking.
9. Be on time for something... anything!
10. Get an annual check up; herbs do not cure everything!
11. In all thy ways acknowledge Him (GOD) and he shall direct thy path. And prioritize this as #1.
12. Stop being jealous of one another, learn to look past the material things and see the person for who they are.
13. Get involved in at least one charitable or voluntary community service.
14. Say a prayer for someone other than yourself.
15. Hug your child/spouse/parent today.
17. Learn to Let Go and Let God.
18. Stop talking about it, and be about it.
19. Let GOD order your steps instead of the world.
20. P.U.S.H.!! Pray Until Something Happens!
21. In all that you do, get understanding, (turn off the TV, and open a book).

Don't just read this, DO IT and encourage others.

Africa: The Invisible Continent

Most Black Americans already recognize the fact that there is no coverage of Africa.

This show explores the reasons and the solutions of why we see so little about one of America's largest trade partners and the MOTHER OF HUMANITY.

Africa: The Invisible Continent

Swiss campaign to hex Becks


Swiss campaign to hex Becks

Jenna Bush agents join fistfight - Jun 16, 2004

This family breeds trouble.

Jenna Bush agents join fistfight - Jun 16, 2004

Nashville Symphony plays Lord of the Rings

Before this year I was not an orchestra kind of guy. Yes, my radio is perpetually tuned to WPLN-FM and AM but I just never thought about the music.

Last year in the early stages of dating Tara we went to the Beethoven Fest and I was knocked out. Not only did I not fall asleep but I was enchanted and vitalized by the symphony. It was fascinatinating to watch the sections play as I was listening. It was sort of like watching a clock's internal mechanism.

Now I'm always game to see the symphony.

Tonight Tara and I went to Centennial Park to see the Nashville Symphony play the music of the Lord of the Rings and Chicago. Unbeknownst to us there were several more pieces on the program including "Ride of the Valkyries" and Carmen's Hoedown - a mix of bits from Carmen and a hoedown. It was so cool and relaxing to be out in the open with this relaxed symphony belting out some great music.

If you live near Nashville check out the symphony when you can.

Funk Brothers in Nashville - ok! just one

I was meeting my girlfriend at one of our favorite joints - Taste of Tokyo - and as I sit down there is a table of 3 in the corner, 2 men and 1 woman. I knew they were music people because in Nashville you learn what the music people look like but one of these guys looked more familiar.

I sat there straining to eavesdrop so I could place the guy and finally I got the voice. It was Bob Babbit, the Motown bassist.

Of course, as soon as I figured out who he was he was leaving and my girlfriend was arriving.

Another day in Nashville.

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Albert Dailey - 1939 in Baltimore, MD
Lamont Dozier - 1941 in Detroit, MI
Javon Jackson - 1965 in Carthage, MI
Femi Kuti - 1962 in London, England
Eddie Levert - 1942 in Canton, OH
Robbie Montgomery - 1941 in Columbus, MS
Lucky Thompson - 1924 in Columbia, SC
Tupac Shakur - 1971 in New York, NY

Pistons beat Lakers 100-87 to clinch title - Wednesday June 16, 2004 12:42AM

Everybody I know is excited about this, except the 11 year old next door.
Pistons beat Lakers 100-87 to clinch title - Wednesday June 16, 2004 12:42AM

Tuesday, June 15

Pipeline sabotage reported in southern Iraq - Jun 15, 2004

Looks like shit's heatin' up!

Pipeline sabotage reported in southern Iraq - Jun 15, 2004

Speaking of Black Music. Let's talk about the Most Underrated Funk Band...

The Meters.

the funky Meters, as they are called now, started as a house band to SeaSaint Studios and ultimately became one of the most sought after backing bands, playing on the biggest hits from New Orleans...everybody from Lee Dorsey to LaBelle.

In the late 70s the original 4tet broke up but all continue to perform. George Porter & Art Neville have the funky Meters, Leo Nocentelli has his band and Zigaboo Modeliste has his band and every once & awhile they come together at jazz fest or something to play on each others' stage.

If you wanna hear the missing link in funk history, the link that is the basis of the sound of New Orleans check out the albums these guys have to offer. You can't lose with any of them.

Sci Fi's Shyamalan profile goes sour - Jun 15, 2004

Sci Fi's Shyamalan profile goes sour - Jun 15, 2004

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

Aron Burton - 1938 in Senatobia, MS
Jaki Byard - 1922 in Worcester, MA
Erroll Garner - 1921 in Pittsburgh, PA
Eddie Hinton - 1944 in Jacksonville, FL
Ice Cube - 1969
Clarence Jones - 1889 in Wilmington, OH
Leo Nocentelli - 1946 in New Orleans, LA

T-Boz files for divorce, claims abuse - Jun 15, 2004

TLC hasn't had a good time over the past few years...

T-Boz files for divorce, claims abuse - Jun 15, 2004

Sunday, June 13

Black Music Month - Today's Birthdays

James Carr - Memphis, TN
Doc Cheatham - 1905 in Nashville, TN
Bobby Freeman - 1940 in San Francisco, CA
Richard M. Jones - 1892 in Barton, LA
Marvin Tarplin - 1941 in Atlanta, GA
Lafayette Thomas - 1928 in Shreveport, LA
Garland Wilson - 1909 in Martinsburgh, WV

Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go

Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go

Saturday, June 12

What's wrong with this picture?

I turn on CMT, you know Country Music TV, and I see "Crossroads", the episode with Travis Tritt & Ray Charles. A tribute to Ray most likely.

I turn on BET, you know Black Entertainment TV, and I see nothing but Rap videos.

I have nothing against Rap videos but where is their tribute to Brother Ray?