Tuesday, June 29

Love is in the air...

Let me tell you how wonderful my girlfriend is. She likes to travel and she is very willing, and fortunately able, to take short trips pretty regularly.

Earlier this year we had talked about going to Boston. She loves it there, I've never been, she has friends and I have family there. Well, we hadn't mentioned it in a long time but just a few days ago she started plotting a trip, as a surprise for my Birthday (Sept).

She had talked to my office manager to make sure I could take a couple of extra Labor Day Weekend days, she's emailed my cousin to see if it would be ok to stay with her but she couldn't hold the secret. She thought I knew b/c I said something about Labor Day weekend to my cousin (before she and Tara started plotting). So, Tara asks me about it and then spills the beans.

What a lucky guy I am.
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