Friday, June 25

There's Only One Ray Charles

Ronald Reagan arrived at the Pearly Gates, and was met by St. Peter. Reagan was stunned for a moment.

"You mean, I---I'm in?" he asked.

"That's right" said St. Peter. "Come on, man. I'll show you around."

He tossed the keys to a brand new Lincoln Town Car at Reagan, and said, "You drive. This is your car, for the rest of eternity." Reagan was buoyant as they drove along the streets of Heaven, through sunny neighborhoods.

Finally they came to a fancy part of town, with big lawns and swimming pools. St. Peter told Reagan that this is where he would be living.

"That's Franklin Roosevelt's house over there," St. Peter pointed out as they drove, "And that's where Albert Einstein lives, next to Madame Curie.

Pope John Paul XXIII lives here....and here's your house." They pulled into the driveway, and got out. As Reagan was looking around, he noticed up in the hills a palace made of shimmering, white granite. He could see it was enormous, with room after room, and terraces with dozens of gold fountains.

"That must be where the Lord lives," said Reagan. St. Peter shook his head.

"No, that's Ray Charles' place," he said. Reagan's smile faltered for a moment. "Ray Charles lives there? How come all the presidents, scientists and popes live here, and Ray Charles lives up in that palace? I don't get it."

St. Peter chuckled.

"Ronnie," he said, "Presidents and Popes are a dime a dozen. But baby, there's only one Ray Charles."
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