Wednesday, December 27

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Through heedfulness, Indra won
to lordship over the gods.
Heedfulness is praised,
heedlessness censured—
Dhammapada, 30, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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This is a tribute...

Undomondo tribute to Ahmet Ertegun

I don't care about the past...

Another extremely hot TV appearance by James Brown. Wait till Nate Jones (I think) gets his solo...this is what it's all about. Tight and hot; fuckin' bad ass!
JB - Cold Sweat (Mike Douglas Show)

JB is gone

Watch this video and you will understand why words cannot express the tremendous loss I feel.

It's not just James as a singer and performer but James as a bandleader and talent scout...just listen to the band.

James Brown - Prisoner of Love/Please Please Please

Thursday, December 21

Made My Day

Over the past couple of days I've heard news reports about Wolfgang's Vault, this online store filled with Bill Graham Presents... memorabilia. The guy who runs it is in trouble b/c he apparently is using images in unauthorized ways...making coffee mugs with poster images and whatnot. My good friend Kevin dropped me an email about it and he decided to check the place out. See, not only does they website have all this stuff but they stream concerts from the vaults and that is what has made my day. I am listening to Albert King, 27Jun1971 from the Fillmore East.

Oh my fucking GOD! His power, his style, his voices...throat and guitar.

Sign up and check out some incredible live music (Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Zappa, Tracy Chapman, U2, etc)

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Tuesday, December 19

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Many people are afraid to empty their minds lest they may plunge into the Void. They do not know that their own Mind is the Void. The ignorant eschew phenomena but not thought; the wise eschew thought but not phenomena.
Huang Po, "Zen Teaching of Huang Po"

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Friday, December 15

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Restraint with the eye is good,
good is restraint with the ear.
Restraint with the nose is good,
good is restraint with the tongue.
Restraint with the body is good,
good is restraint with speech.
Restraint with the heart is good,
good is restraint everywhere.
A monk everywhere restrained
is released from all suffering & stress.
Dhammapada, 25, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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Coffee quote of the day

If beer is heaven, coffee is faith.

Dethroner has talked about coffee all week.

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Ahmet Ertegun is dead. Long live Ahmet Ertegun.

Ahmet Ertegun, co-founder of Atlantic Records has died.

This man was responsible for a huge quantity of my favorite music and some of my favorite records. Without Ahmet there would be no Atlantic Records, without Atlantic Records...I don't even want to think about the musicians who wouldnt've made the records I adore. I will, however, give you 2 names - Ray Charles and Tom Dowd - and you can figure out the rest.

There will never be another like you Ahmet.

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World Footballer of the Year

Viva Italia!

Fabio Cannavaro, who skippered Italy to victory at the World Cup, was named World Soccer's World Player of the Year.

My boy Ronaldinho wasn't in the top 3. Barca had a great year but he sucked on the world stage...

Besides, Cannavaro was born on Sept 13, my birthday is Sept 14.

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Thursday, December 14

Song Title of the Day

I spend most of my day verifying the performers of songs. Usually it's artist for artist match but sometimes I have to use song titles to find more info or verify the correct performer.

Today I see a band called Puddy and in my database the song title "I Gave You My Love, You Gave Me". The complete title is "I Gave You My Love, You Gave Me The Clap". I would say that qualifies as song title of the day.

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Wednesday, December 13

Buddhist Thought of the Day

It is in everybody's interest to seek those [actions] that lead to happiness and avoid those which lead to suffering. And because our interests are inextricably linked, we are compelled to accept ethics as the indispensable interface between my desire to be happy and yours.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Main Entry: eth·ic

Pronunciation: 'e-thik

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English ethik, from Middle French ethique, from Latin ethice, from Greek EthikE, from Ethikos

1 plural but singular or plural in construction : the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation

2 a : a set of moral principles : a theory or system of moral values -- often used in plural but sing. or plural in constr. b plural but singular or plural in construction : the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group c : a guiding philosophy d : a consciousness of moral importance

3 plural : a set of moral issues or aspects (as rightness)

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Monday, December 11

Shout! Sister Shout!

I was listening to a little Rosetta Tharpe and stumbled across this excellent video.

I first heard of her from my Dad. One of his dying wishes was for some Lucky Millinder, who i was clueless, absolutely clueless about. I finally found a couple of disks which credited Rosetta Tharpe as a singer. I thought that was very odd b/c what I did know of her was as a gospel singer and Lucky Millinder is about as far from gospel as you can get. Years later I picked up "The Gospel of the Blues" and the tribute "Shout Sister Shout" and you will see by this video that this woman knows what she is doing...and that's before you get to the guitar solo!

Thursday, December 7

Nooo, this can't happen.

Klinsmann exits race for U.S. soccer coach

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Buddhist Thought of the Day

Real peace will arise spontaneously

When your mind becomes free

Of attachments,

When you know that the objects of the world

Can never give you what you really want.

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Tuesday, December 5

Kalifornia Klinsmann!

Wooohooo! We have a coach, we have a good coach.

Jürgen Klinsmann already has a strong history with US Soccer and I think it's a positive move to hire him. Who knows if he can revive the team and the organization but I will support his efforts and the team.

German legend to lead U.S. Soccer

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Friday, December 1

Quotes of the Day

I am reading A Change Is Gonna Come:Music, Race the Soul of America by Craig Werner. It's a great survey of how music fit in the social movements of America with an emphasis on the Black experience. It's really entertaining an enlightening.

Today I was reading about the blues and there are several great quotes in a matter of 3 pages:
Singing the blues is like being black twice.

BB King
By a conservative count, 180 percent of blues deal with sex or money. The extra 80 percent accounts for the times sex and money are the same damn thing.
Eddie Kirkland
Talking about Southern Soul Steve Cropper says:
It's a Southern sound, a below-the-Bible-Belt sound. It was righteous nasty.

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Buy something (RED)

Today is World AIDS Day.

Follow the link below or above and do something worthwhile.


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Thursday, November 30

President or Supreme Court Justice?

I feel I need to let you know that this quote is from Andrew Sullivan. I figure you might get confused because I have so many chats with former presidential candidates.
I had a chat recently with a senior Republican and former presidential candidate. We were discussing how deeply divided the Republicans are. I asked him: what could unite them again at this point? He answered in one word: Hillary. She's the last hope for the far right. Please, Senator Clinton. Don't do it.
Yesterday I heard on someone on NPR talking about Senator Doctor Bill Frist's decision to be a doctor again and they mentioned how wide open the Republican field has become now that several of the presumed frontrunners (Frist, Santorum, the guy in VA) are out of the race. My thought was then, what do the Democrats have to do to fuck this up. We'll never again have an Independent, let alone Green Party, as a serious candidate so I have to align myself with Democrats, which is depressing in and of itself, since they can't seem to shoot fish in a barrel. Anyway, Andrew and his unnamed conversation partner pretty much spell it out. Hillary is not the candidate for 2008, if ever. She's an extraordinary woman but I don't think the Oval Office should be her goal, nor the best embodiment of non ministrari sed ministrare.

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Tuesday, November 28

Bebe Moore Campbell

Rest in peace Bebe Moore Campbell.

This has been a bad Fall for Black entertainers. We have lost several and from almost every creative arena.

Yet again, I have been caught with an author I know more by reputation that work. I have not read any Bebe Moore Campbell but I recognize her as a thoughtful, well-respected writer.

Read something for Bebe Moore Campbell.

King Biscuit's King

Robert Lockwood aka Robert Junior Lockwood has died.

I was fortunate enough to see Robert perform several times through the years at King Biscuit Blues Fest and it was always a pleasure. It was romantic to stand in the shadow of the step-son of Robert Johnson and it was fun to listen to him play.

He had an uptown style nothing like what you probably think of when you think of his step-father, Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson taught Lockwood some guitar stuff but Robert Lockwood was a child of the jazz era and his music was more like T-Bone Walker than Robert Johnson.

His generation is all but gone; Honeyboy Edwards being one of a very few still around. Hell, even the next generation which includes BB King and Buddy Guy is about gone. The Blues is on the verge of becoming a historic artform. I know some will argue with me about that but so few of the artists out there who are creating interesting Blues. I kinda gave up on the music a while ago so maybe it's just me but I can't help think the good stuff is being ignored and therefore suffocating the genre.

Enough of that negativity.

Go see live blues for Robert Lockwood.

Sunday, November 26

Green Cup 2010

Looks like South Africa might have a green cup (the world cup)!
An initiative aimed to implementing a "Zero Waste" concept for the 2010 World Cup was launched today in South Africa with the support of the government as well as local and international businesses.
I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

The one whose mind knows the clarity of perfect wisdom is never afraid or even anxious. Why? Because when being at one with the living power of wisdom, the mother of all the buddhas, that person has the strength to remain in a state of undivided contemplation even while ceaselessly and skillfully engaging in compassionate action.

The wise one is enabled to act because of concentration on a single prayer:
"May all beings never leave the path of enlightenment, which is their own true nature and is empty of separate self-existence."

Drink Beer & Save the World

Homer said it best:
Bart, a woman is like beer. They look good, they smell good, and you'd step over your own mother just to get one!
I knew drinking all that beer was doing good.

Buy the book (Fermenting Revolution: How to Drink Beer and Save the World)
Buy some local beer.

Wednesday, November 22


I have yet to read her (Zadie Smith) books but I have heard several interviews with her and she sounds brilliant.

A pull quote stolen from Boing Boing:
But the problem with readers, the idea we’re given of reading is that the model of a reader is the person watching a film, or watching television. So the greatest principle is, "I should sit here and I should be entertained." And the more classical model, which has been completely taken away, is the idea of a reader as an amateur musician. An amateur musician who sits at the piano, has a piece of music, which is the work, made by somebody they don’t know, who they probably couldn’t comprehend entirely, and they have to use their skills to play this piece of music. The greater the skill, the greater the gift that you give the artist and that the artist gives you. That’s the incredibly unfashionable idea of reading. And yet when you practice reading, and you work at a text, it can only give you what you put into it. It’s an old moral, but it’s completely true.
The link to KCRW's audio interview.

Tuesday, November 21

Some people are just smarter

I put my simple little tribute to Robert Altman earlier and now I see this:
First, I didn't know there were so many versions of "suicide is painless"; second, and more importantly, I never would have thought to make that my tribute like words from the author, just a photo of, music inspired by and a quote from Robert Altman.

That, my friends, is a multi-media tribute.

Robert Altman has died

A man with amazing talent.
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Director Robert Altman, who introduced an innovative ensemble style of filmmaking in such works as "MASH," "Gosford Park" and "Nashville," has died at age 81, his production company said on Tuesday.

A spokesman told Reuters that Altman died on Monday night but gave no cause of death.

Altman revealed at the Academy Awards in March that he had a heart transplant when he was in his 70s but kept it a secret in order to keep working. He received a lifetime achievement award at the same ceremony.

Altman, born in Kansas City, Missouri, was 30 when he made his first feature film.

On the strength of that he moved to Hollywood where his big break came with "MASH," the 1970 black comedy about a medical unit during the Korean War. Its irreverent ad lib dialogue caught viewers by surprise and ushered in a new era of film making.

Monday, November 20

Film City USA

Nashville is usually thought of as a music city, and we are definitely that, but what most people don't know is that we are a movie city and tonight was payoff to the supporters of this industry and art form.

Nashville Film Festival has arranged a special engagement of the new film:
Come Early Morning

Exclusive and FREE To Our NFC Members

The film's star, Ashley Judd, director, Joey Lauren Adams (to be confirmed) and music producer, Alan Brewer will be in attendance for a special Q & A panel to follow. Brian Mansfield (Nashville correspondent for USA Today) will moderate the panel.

Come Early Morning
Monday, November 20, 7pm
Regal Green Hills Cinema
Q & A Panel to Follow Screening

NFC Members may bring one guest to this event. Members must show their NFC Card for admittance. Seating is limited.

Come Early Morning, Dir. Joey Lauren Adams, 97 min, USA, Rated R (language and some sexual situations)
Cast : Ashley Judd, Jeffrey Donovan, Tim Blake Nelson, Laura Pepron, Diane Ladd, Stacey Keach
Original Music by Alan Brewer

Come Early Morning is a beautifully rendered film about a southern woman in a small-town, rural community, a subject director Joey Lauren Adams obviously knows intimately. Delicately told, it is the story of Lucy, a 30-something woman who keeps waking up with a stiff hangover and a guy she doesn't even want to look at. If coming to grips with why she keeps repeating this pattern isn't enough, Lucy also begins to realize that she needs to get in touch with her familial past and, more importantly, with the person she has become. Fueled by a perfectly nuanced performance from the gifted Ashley Judd, Come Early Morning is about life transitions, the search for love, and the burdens we carry with us. A portrait of simple truths that isn't archetypal melodrama, it steadfastly avoids wallowing in the depths of sentimentality or self-destruction. You can't help but appreciate this kind of storytelling for its directness, honesty, and qualities of toughness and heart that leave you wanting to know more as it plays itself out, following you into that part of your filmic memory reserved for distinction.-- Geoffrey Gilmore, Sundance Film Festival

Questions or comments? Email or call (615) 742-2500.
The film was quite good. Ashley and her mama, Naomi, sat directly behind us. I could soak in the Ashley lovliness. I do have to say it was a little uncomfortable thinking about hot she looked in her underwear during most of the movie with her sitting right behind me. She looked fabulous in her winter coat too but wow...on the screen and her equally attractive, although trashed down roommate, Laura Prepon.

It's kind of a southern gothic chick flick but it's good.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

The Buddha was joined by his own son, Rahula, a young boy. He advised him: "Cultivate Rahula, a meditation on loving-kindness, for by cultivating loving-kindness, ill will is banished forever. Cultivate, too, a meditation on compassion, for by cultivating compassion, you will find harm and cruelty disappear."
Majjhima Nikaya

Ruth Brown RIP

I have never been a huge fan of female singers - there are exceptions, always - and therefore never paid much attention to Ruth. As any growing individual and music fan I now appreciate and respect her. As we move into the 21st century we will continue to lose these pioneering musicians and that is an unfortunate fact of life. We do have a well documented body of work and for that we can be glad.

So, go out and buy some Ruth Brown.

Nike now gets it

Nov 20 (Reuters) - Sporting goods company Nike Inc. (NKE) on Monday said it stopped orders with its Pakistan-based supplier of hand-stitched soccer balls over labor concerns.

The company said the decision follows the supplier's failure to correct significant labor compliance violations.

Nike said soccer teams and leagues sponsored by Nike will not be affected by the decision. The company, however, continues to source apparel in Pakistan. (Reporting by Shikhar Balwani in Bangalore)

Friday, November 17

Another Way To Tell If Gore Is Running...

I'm starting with the end of this article because I think it's the most interesting theory. It's going to be fun watching what happens with the 2008 presidential election. I don't think it's Al's time. I just don't know if people are ready for President Gore. I think he should continue to do what he's doing for another 4 years, if not 8. Barring most situations I will vote for him based on his environmental policies alone but I just don't think most Americans give a shit about global's too theoretical, especially in the christian fundamentalist realm, which seems to be a predominant ideology right now. Oscars are in Jan or Feb so we'll see.
An Inconvenient Truth will probably be nominated for an Oscar. It's the third highest grossing documentary in history and the most successful documentary of 2006. It will probably win. If you see a chubby, happy Al Gore standing next to the producer and director, celebrating the win at the Oscars, forget it, he's not running. Nothing to do with Hollywood plays well in the heartland (except the movies themselves). The cultural resentment of Hollywood is almost pathological in certain sections of the country. However, if Gore chooses not to be there -- if he's at the spa that day -- then you can take it to the bank. Big Al's running.
Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for pointing the way to another interesting article.

Monday, November 13

Monkey Fish Frog

I laughed at this one scene of South Park more than any other scene since the original unaired pilot.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Of slight account, monks, is the loss of such things as reputation. Miserable indeed among losses is the loss of wisdom.

Of slight account, monks, is the increase of such things as reputation. Chief of all the increases is that of wisdom.
Anguttara Nikaya

Tis the Season for Fair Trade

Visit - the new marketplace for ethical and fairtrade products.

For a Christmas which invokes the true spirit of the season, make this festive season a Fair trade one.

Never before have so many Fairtrade certified seasonal gifts been as readily available as they are this year. The growing range of Fairtrade cotton has meant many new gift ideas for this year and a Fairtrade football should help kick start the New Year in a positive way.

Fairtrade food, drinks, flowers and chocolate can all help to make this a time to remember – in our homes and in homes on the other side of the world.

Choose from hundreds of exciting products with the FAIRTRADE Mark now available in the new look and you can spend your Christmas cash safe in the knowledge that your purchases are guaranteed to make a real difference to the lives of marginalised farmers and their families in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Friday, November 10

Damn, Not Gerald too!

(CNN) -- Gerald Levert, the R&B singer whose hits included "I Swear" and "I'd Give Anything," as well as chart-toppers with the groups LeVert and LSG, has died, according to his label, Atlantic Records. He was 40.
So young.

More Mr. Ed

I put my two cents in yesterday but I like the way James Poling says it over at metadish. I have to agree with how he remembers those Sundays at 6pm. The difference being ed Bradley was even cooler because he was a Black guy, like my dad and ultimately, like me.

Thursday, November 9

So long to the "60 Minute Man"

Sad news. I had no idea he had leukemia. Ed Bradley was a hero and an icon.

Bad couple of days for the big guys

Spain: Miguel Angel Sanchez's 57th-minute goal gave third-division Rayo Vallecano a 1-0 win over Espanyol and eliminated the defending champion from the Copa del Rey.

Scotland: St Johnstone recorded one of their finest results to stun Rangers at Ibrox and reach the CIS Cup semi-finals.

Hibernian progressed to the CIS Cup semi-finals thanks to a deserved win over Edinburgh rivals Hearts.

Monday, November 6

Bill Clinton & the Stones suck

Ahmet is one of the most important people in my musical pantheon and I hope he recovers fully.
Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic Records, was in a coma after falling backstage at former President Bill Clinton's birthday party in New York.
Ertegun slipped and hit his head as the Rolling Stones were going onstage to perform Sunday, Oct. 29, The Daily Mail reported.
"Mick was terribly upset," an aide to the band said, referring to lead singer Mick Jagger. "Ahmet was unconscious in the intensive care unit and the doctors at first didn't give him much of a chance. But they are now listing him as stable."
Ertegun, son of a Turkish diplomat, founded Atlantic in 1947 with his brother, using money borrowed from their dentist. The label's roster has included luminaries of jazz, R&B and rock ranging from Ray Charles and Duke Ellington to Led Zeppelin and the Stones.
Original story

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Having slain anger, one sleeps soundly;
Having slain anger, one does not sorrow;
The killing of anger,
With its poisoned root and honeyed tip:
This is the killing the noble ones praise,
For having slain that, one does not sorrow.
Buddha, "The Connected Discourses of the Buddha"

Saturday, November 4

Buddhist Thought of the Day

If you students of the Way wish to become Buddhas, you need study no doctrines whatever, but learn only how to avoid seeking for and attaching yourselves to anything.
Huang Po, "Zen Teaching of Huang Po"

Thursday, November 2

Who let this guy out?

Stephen King
Thanks Time for this quote:
If I know anything, I know scary, and giving this president and this out-of-control Congress two more years to screw up our future is downright terrifying.
Stephen King
In an emailed election pitch for

Nat's Confessions

William Styron died (NYT, you might have to subscribe) the other day.

When I was a freshman at Sewanee I had a lot of trouble with writing (I blame this on my high school but that's another story). I had the same professor for both English 101 & 102.She seemed convinced that I could write I just hadn't been given the skills. After the first couple or three writing assignments she had me in her office weekly were we would go over what I had done correctly and what I had done incorrectly. She was an extremely patient woman and I was a willing student, I mean, I never really thought about. The teacher says "come see me", you go, right? At Sewanee, English 101 was poetry + The Sound & The Fury by Faulkner; English 102 was Shakespeare plays. My professor, whose name I can't remember, suggested we continue working together in ENG 102, our weekly meetings continued and improvements became apparent and consistent. By the end of the semester I was making B's, maybe even an A, on my papers and my professor had announced she was leaving Sewanee to go somewhere in CA. During our last meeting, which was more a congratulatory thing, she expressed her pleasure at my growth by given me her copy of the Confessions of Nat Turner. I didn't know the book or the author. I have no idea if she gave it to me b/c I was Black or b/c she actually thought I would enjoy it. It was years later before I read it but I did. I read it, I enjoyed it. It was my first exposure to the Nat Turner story. I knew he'd led a slave rebellion but I didn't know anything surrounding it nor was I informed enough to realize this was a book of fiction. I'll have to pull it out again to see what I think now.

I think of that professor periodically, probably more than any of my non-departmental professors. She took what seemed like a strong interest in my potential and she helped. At a liberal arts college like Sewanee you cannot survive without being able to write well. For her to help me that first year was instrumental in my ability to make it through an Anthropology program with as little effort as I put in (I worked but not as hard as I should have).

Monday, October 30

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Irrigators regulate the waters; arrow-makers straighten arrow shafts; carpenters shape wood; and the good control themselves.
Dhammapada 145

Andrew Sullivan strikes again

Actually he quotes Ghandi. I won't put it here b/c of the beautiful simplicity of Andrew's formatting.

Tuesday, October 24

The Perfect Role

Angelina as Mariane PearlI'm listening to "Speaking of Faith"(if you're interested in how people spiritually deal with various social & personal issues you need to check out this show), the episode with Mariane Pearl and I have to tell you that the movie, A Mighty Heart, might be the perfect role for Angelina Jolie. Doing a little google search on the movie I found this picture (left) of her in the role I am convinced that this will be "the one" for Angelina.

As I am listening to Mariane Pearl (below) I hear attitude, intelligence and this sexy French accent. On top of it all she is quite attractive. Who knows what the movie will actually bring but on face value Angelina is perfect.

Mariane Pearl

Monday, October 23

Buddhist Thought of the Day - Democracy Edition

To my mind, democracy is more compassionate, more harmonious, more friendly than any other system. It respects others' rights and considers others equally as human brothers and sisters. Although you might disagree with them, you have to respect their wishes.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

BET looks smarter

I haven't watched BET in so long and I completely missed the news that Reggie Hudlin was taking over. This is such a smart move, Reggie has sense, he's creative and his heart seems to be in the right place - that makes him an anomaly in the entertainment CEO landscape, doesn't it? Reading this article he seems to be staying the course, his course.
"The black audience wants to be respected," he told The Associated Press. "They want quality programs that respect their intelligence. It better be hip, it better be innovative and be as fresh as possible."
I wish him well and hope BET finally broadcasts something worth while.

Sunday, October 22

Buddhist Thought of the Day

They, the enlightened, intent on jhana*,
delighting in stilling
& renunciation,
self-awakened & mindful:
even the devas
view them with envy.
Dhammapada, 14, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

*Jhana is a meditative state of profound stillness and concentration in which the mind becomes fully immersed and absorbed in the chosen object of attention. It is the cornerstone in the development of Right Concentration.

Friday, October 20

Tower no more

What does it mean that Tower is out of business?
The closing of the flagship location of Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood is another shining example of the illness that has infected the music business. Feeding on executive arrogance and technological fear – the pompous geniuses who run today’s media conglomerates and so called major record labels are much to blame for the loss of such an icon. It was on their watch that the music business has gone from a 30 billion dollar business per year (domestically) to one that sells about one third of that now. For the music business, the fall of the Roman Empire has taken a little more than a decade.
Read this

Buddhist Thought of the Day

The brahman Dona saw the Buddha sitting under a tree and was impressed by his peaceful air of alertness and his good looks. He asked the Buddha:
"Are you a god?"
"No, brahman, I am not a god."
"Then an angel?"
"No, indeed, brahman."
"A spirit, then?"
"No, I am not a spirit."
"Then what are you?"
"I am awake."
Anguttara Nikaya

Thursday, October 19

Buddhist Thought of the Day

To study the Buddha is to study oneself. To study oneself is to forget oneself. To forget oneself is to be enlightened by the myriad dharmas. The be enlightened by the myriad dharmas is to bring about the dropping away of body and mind of both oneself and others. The traces of enlightenment come to an end, and this traceless enlightenment is continued endlessly.
Dôgen, "Flowers Fall"

Wednesday, October 18

New Edition, the Band

Even Bobby Brown had it going on...

Buddhist Thought of the Day

They're easy to do--
things of no good
& no use to yourself.
What's truly useful & good
is truly harder than hard to do.
Dhammapada, 7, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Monday, October 16

Self-help my ass!

Working at Davis-Kidd allowed me to see how prevalent and disgusting the self-help industry. There is a cure-what-ails-you, fix-what-your-parents-broke book for everything you can imagine. Some of the problems with this industry, as I see them, are that they all blame somebody else for everything, there are very few that tell the reader to take responsibility or maybe even "just deal with it" and they try to give you immediate fixes for things that should take a long time. You shouldn't be able to get out of debt tomorrow or overcome procrastination in 8 days or whatever they proclaim. None ever talk about patience or diligence.

Some of them are huge sellers; you name a diet book, the Purpose Driven Life, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Some of them will surely help people but I think a vast majority of the people will get nothing more than excuses and bad habits.

Here is a link to a Motley Fool article about the fallacy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

The Five Precepts
  1. For the purpose of training I vow to refrain from taking life.
  2. For the purpose of training I vow to refrain from taking what is not given.
  3. For the purpose of training I vow to refrain from sexual misconduct.
  4. For the purpose of training I vow to refrain from false speech.
  5. For the purpose of training I vow to refrain from intoxicants which lead to carelessness.
translated by Gil Fronsdal

Sunday, October 15

My Econ 101 professor

I didn't learn anything in Econ 101. I spent more time making fun of the teacher's accent than anything. She, my teacher, is friends with the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner!

the Story

Buddhist Thought of the Day

There is no fire like greed and no crime like hatred. There is no sorrow like being bound to this world; there is no happiness like freedom.

Friday, October 13

Andrew Sullivan again

Here Sullivan references Bill Clinton to explain how GW and his crew have totalled our already wrecked political system (my words, not his).

Sullivan says:
in this election, the Democrats are the only way to stop the abuse of power now dominant in the GOP leadership

Truman Capote

Different movies, different vibes, different stories.

I've not read any Truman Capote, I was never interested.

Earlier this year there was the Phillip Seymour Hoffman movie, Capote, I thought it was great. But now there is Infamous, an indi film about Truman writing In Cold Blood. Capote didn't make me want to read the book, Infamous did.

Infamous is a very subtle story and I think has a much stronger emotional impact. It slowly sucks you in. I was amazed by Truman's boldness, egotistical attitude and manipulative abilities but there was such a sadness. I think some people would say that the Harper Lee (a very southern sounding, understated Sandra Bullock) was too direct of a narrator (the action was interspersed with interviews with Truman's friends and acquaintances). She was there often and her "observations" of Truman came across, at times as directives to the audience.

Overall, I liked this movie a lot and, like I said, I'm gonna read some Capote.

Thursday, October 12

If this is conservative...

My Aunt has called me conservative for the last 5 or so years even though I worked for an environmental canvass organization, I smoked pot for a few years (did I admit that?), I have voted democrat since I was 16(although I voted for Nader in 2000 & 2004), I have had gay friends for over half my life (probably doesn't mean much to some but for somebody who grew up in the tradition I grew up in, I don't think that's too bad), and I married a woman who had no intention of changing her maiden name.

Today on All Things Considered there was an interview with Andrew Sullivan, a gay, catholic, British conservative who disagrees with what seems like everything the neo-cons and other conservatives believe and say. I skimmed his blog and he makes a lot of sense.

I liked what I heard and I guess if this is what my aunt means by conservative then I can handle it (I should probably read more of what he says before I completely align myself with him).

Wednesday, October 11

East Nashville Politics

My street tends to be pretty apolitical, or at least, there is little overt political discussion. I rarely see yard signs, or even bumper stickers, but earlier this week I was going to the YMCA and a house on my street has a Chris Lugo for Senate sign. Yes, a Green Party supporter on my street. That's exciting to me!

Election Stuff:

Metro Election Commission
East Nashville Green Party
Harold Ford, Jr.
Tennessee Democrats
Tennessee Republicans

Remember, people died so that ALL of us can vote.

Buddhist Thought of the Day

The non-doing of any evil,
the performance of what's skillful,
the cleansing of one's own mind:
this is the teaching
of the Awakened.
Dhammapada, 13, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Tuesday, October 10

A Letter to Nashville's Book Lovers

For those who aren't on the Davis Kidd email list.
A Letter to Nashville's Book Lovers
We'll soon be celebrating our one-year anniversary here in the new space at the Green Hills Mall, and we've heard lots of comments along the way -- some applause and also some constructive advice. We thought we'd take a minute to address the comments and questions that we've heard the most:

Why did you move to the Mall?
Davis-Kidd has continued to evolve through many changes over the past 25 years, and we really felt we needed a larger space to provide a more comfortable, more unique shopping environment worthy of our customers. With the exciting changes that have been occurring at Green Hills Mall, we felt it provided us the best option to relocate into a fresh, revitalized new space. Being able to maintain our own store front with parking in front of our store we felt would keep our profile at the level shoppers in Green Hills had come to expect. And with the excellent variety of the nation's best retailers at the mall, it would not only allow us increased exposure to a wider range of shoppers, but it also would provide our customers with multiple shopping opportunities once they made Davis-Kidd their destination.

It's often difficult to find parking in front of the store.
We understand that has been a problem for many of our customers. Being in a high-traffic area is great, but during the evenings and weekends we do realize that parking is a little tight in front of our store. However, many customers have come to realize that if they choose to park in the parking garage on the other side of Macy's, they can find great ease in parking and walk through the Macy's store in sheltered comfort to arrive at our store. We hear only good things from customers that have started to do that.

Why is so much of the new store located downstairs?
As popular as the Green Hills shopping area has become, space is at a premium for retailers. Since we weren't able to build "out," we decided to build "up." We felt that it was important to take a position that allowed us to rent a greater amount of space, because it's a high priority for us that people feel very comfortable lingering in our store. We also felt that our new store design helped us maintain the kind of very unique feel that customers expect from an independent retailer. The last thing we'd ever want to do is lose those special touches that set us apart from the cookie-cutter chains.

It seems that you're not carrying as many books as you used to.
Davis-Kidd has always remained committed to carrying the largest inventory of books in the industry, yet as a small company that can sometimes be a tall order given the amount of books that are being published today. We have made a significant investment over the past couple of years in revamping our purchasing and inventory systems and look for all of that to come together this fall. That has been the number one initiative for us as a company this year and I'm happy to say we anticipate that as we head into the holiday season, our book inventory should be not only back to the level you and I expect, but also with a much better approach to insuring that we have the right assortment of books that our customers are looking for.

I think you will also see us doing much more in the way of targeted merchandising within subject areas in the store. We have the best booksellers in the business (our booksellers actually do read the books!). We are always looking to enhance our ability to highlight titles we believe answer the questions many customers face when standing in a section they are not totally familiar with. What you will notice as a customer is more displays with featured signage highlighting key titles within subsections of book categories.

What other changes are planned?
We're relocating our Events space into a larger spot that will allow for less noisy distractions. We plan to create a large enough area to seat many more people than we could in the old store but also have an atmosphere that is a little more serene. We look forward to providing even more space to highlight our local authors and local products -- one of the sections in our store that we take the most pride in. We believe that what makes Nashville special is what helps make us special as well.

Are you glad you made the move?
Yes! In our new store, we have approximately 20% more space than we had in the old location. This allowed us to enhance our music offerings, something we've always longed to do, given that we are in the music capital of the US! It also allowed us to refurbish and expand our bistro with a large space dedicated for group events, and a private room available for receptions and other special occasions. It already is drawing a lot of interest from groups that want to hold meetings and take advantage of being in a great bookstore, as well as having the opportunity to buy the fare from our wonderful bistro. We foresee using it in more creative ways to bring books and readers together.

More room also means more couches and chairs for people to get comfortable while engaging with books. Additionally, we have given magazines a thorough revamping as it relates to our supply fulfillment strategy. You will see our selection of periodicals increase greatly from the old store as we head into the fall. Finally, and very importantly, we were able to build our own bathrooms!

Davis-Kidd is proud to be one of the most respected book retailers in the nation, and we realize that we could never have achieved 25 years of success without you, our loyal customers. We truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to fill out a comment card, email us, or stop to chat with a bookseller. We've already made several changes based on your suggestions -- such as improving the lighting over the bistro -- and we're always looking forward to hearing from you.

As always, I am available to any of our customers that want to contact me -- and so many do. Please feel free to e-mail me at

Neil Van Uum
Owner, Davis-Kidd Booksellers
I'm glad to see Neil address these issues in a public way. He has always had trouble with the Nashville store (of so he says). The customers have been reticent to change, no matter the change. While a full-time employee I definitely questions some decisions he made but I'm not a business owner so I couldn't say much, I could just question.

I hope DK thrives, it's a wonderful and unique place for employees and customers alike. I highly recommend all book, chocolate and "fancy" soap lovers to shop there.

Wednesday, October 4

Greatest Record Store on the planet!

Grimey's. It's the kind of place to drive people like Tara crazy but I and my record store junkie friends love rummaging through the bins of CDs, LPs and whatever else. If you have to walk over some CD boxes so be it, if you have to move a stack of CDs to get to another stack so be it, you just soak it all in.

Not to mention events like:

Robert Randolph Listening Party – Tuesday, October 10 @ Noon

Join us at noon on a Tuesday for a lunchtime listening party for the new CD from Robert Randolph & The Family Band – Colorblind. It delves even deeper into a Sly Stone/Stevie Wonder funk bag and features guests Dave Matthews and Eric Clapton, but Randolph’s sacred steel stylings are the real show. We’ve got a boatload of hot wings from Mojo Grill on tap, plus some drinks and additional snacks. Skip out for lunch and we’ll feed you while we rock out to Colorblind. The new CD will be on sale and we’ll have some prizes and give-aways as well to sweeten the pot.

HOWARD TATE – Thursday, October 12 @ 6PM

Yet another in-store performance that has me just tingling with excitement! Howard Tate is a veteran soul man who first shook the world with an album on Verve back in 1966 produced by legendary producer/songwriter Jerry Ragovoy (“Piece Of My Heart”, “Cry Baby”, “Time Is On My Side”). Tate’s recording of Ragavoy’s “Get It While You Can” became a classic and led to a cover version by Janis Joplin. Highly regarded by soul music cultists, and virtually unknown by most, Howard Tate is one of those artists that if you don’t know his name, you’ll know his songs that Janis, Jimi, and BB King covered. After hitting the R&B Top 20 three times in the late ‘60s, his career began to wane with personal tragedies, mob ties, and religious conversion before Tate resurfaced in 2003 with the critically-acclaimed Rediscovered CD. Now he’s followed that fine release up with a truly remarkable collection of soul, blues, and pop songs featuring the notable contributions of Lou Reed, Carla Bley, and Steve Swallow. A Portrait Of Howard is a daring mix of originals and covers, including 3 Randy Newman songs and numbers by Burt Bacharach, Nick Lowe, and originals from Tate and producer Steve Weisberg. Please join us next Thursday when Howard Tate will grace us with an in-store set as he passes through town. There is no other gig scheduled at this time (he hopes to come back for a proper club performance perhaps in December) so this is your only chance to hear this soul music legend and his “tremulous, honeyed, yet resoundingly deep pipes.” Don’t miss it!

Thursday, September 28

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Right meditation is not escapism; it is not meant to provide hiding-places for temporary oblivion. Realistic meditation has the purpose of training the mind to face, to understand and to conquer this very world in which we live.
Nyanaponika Thera, "Power of Minfulness"(.pdf)

Wednesday, September 27

Help, I can't start.

I've mentioned how much I procrastinate. Below is some useful info that I will possibly use.
Procrastination is a widely complex problem that can be solved in many different ways and caused by many more. Despite this complexity, I have found that the simple solution of understanding, breaking down and starting is the most effective strategy. Here is a summary of that method:

* Understand where the procrastination is coming from:
o All procrastination is rooted in linking more pain to taking action than inaction
o Three Major Culprits:
+ Fear
+ Stress
+ Fatigue (Lack of Energy)
* Break down your walls and create stairs to make a large activity manageable
o Break down by:
+ Steps in Order
+ Components
+ Progressions of Intensity
* With the activity broken down, you might need an extra push, so:
o Use Rewards
o Use Leverage
o Modify the Activity

Monday, September 25

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Not thinking about anything is zen. Once you know this, walking, standing, sitting, or lying down, everything you do is zen. To know that the mind is empty is to see the Buddha...Using the mind to look for reality is delusion. Not using the mind to look for reality is awareness. Freeing oneself from words is liberation.

Nashville Lifestyles

So, on my 2nd Monday at the new job I said hi to Isaac Hayes & David Porter.

Landmark is an official division of BMI so we were invited to go to the "mandatory fun day".
You know those days when corporate America decides to show the employees how important they are.
Ours was a ride on the General Jackson riverboat, watching the wonderful Middle Tennessee landscape (I saw a heron & a hawk - or something that flies high and dives into the water for fish).

We met at BMI and I was a bit early so I was sort hanging by myself when in walks Black Moses! I knew he and David Porter were coming but I didn't know the arrangement. Sure enough, I made eye contact with Isaac and as he continues past me we exchanged hellos. Holy shit! Isaac Hayes said hi to me this morning!

Later Isaac came to stage and although he's doing well it's obvious his stroke knocked some of the wind out of his sail. He was funny and David Porter came to his side through his storytelling.

He's not nearly as tall as I thought he was. :-)

Nothing special on the boat. The food was pretty good, we got one beer each some new country dude sang (Jake Owen).

In Nashville we talk about gurmy, or being a gurm, which translates into gushing, cheeseball, "can I have your autograph", fan. You can say that all you want but Stax records is one of the most important aspects of American culture, one of the most important record labels in the history of recorded music and if I get a little goofy when I see two of the guys who worked their and work hits for them then so be it.

Sunday, September 24

Are you likeable?

Do the following and you will be liked:

1. Be positive.
2. Control your insecurities.
3. Provide value.
4. Eliminate all judgments.
5. Become a person of conviction.

Look to the Prometheus Institute for details.

Sounds a bit like the Four Agreements, don't you think?

1. be impeccable with your word
2. don't take anything personally
3. don't make assumptions
4. always do your best

Which do you find most difficult?

Friday, September 22

82 yrs old

My mother would've been 82 yrs old today. She died two weeks before her 60th birthday. Which means for the last four years I have lived longer without my mother than I did with.

I miss her.

Week 2

I haven't said anything about my new job but I will say that in week 2 I will get to see, maybe meet Isaac Hayes & David Porter.

Sunday, September 17

Posts again

I've had a lot of trouble posting from any of my blogging software and I don't know what's up.

It can be hard to get to the web so I'll see what I can do. Bear with me.



Tuesday, September 5


My last 5 posts haven't made it to the net. Something weird is going on. I get confirmation from performancing that they posted but then they don't show up.

Saturday, September 2

Buddhist Thought of the Day

Listen to the sound of water. Listen to the water running through chasms and rocks. It is the minor streams that make a loud noise; the great waters flow silently.

The hollow resounds and the full is still. Foolishness is like a half-filled pot; the wise man is a lake full of water.
Sutta Nipata

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Friday, September 1

Eye on Green Hills

Yesterday was cool musician day in Davis-Kidd!
Well first the Governor came in and told me he was feeling much better. He's lost a lot of weight and he looked tired but he was dressed down and about to eat lunch by himself.
Then the musicians...Kenny Vaughan. I first saw him many moons ago when he was touring with Lucinda Williams and he's a hot player. He actually comes in often, usually looks at some music books, then some CDs. Then came Justin (Townes) Earle. I thought I knew who Justin Earle was but I was wrong. The guy who came in was not the guy I thought was Justin. I think I had him confused with John Cash - I didn't have who they are confused, I just thought Justin looked more like John. He got some cool books and went on his way. Very rock-n-roll, tall, thin, inked. He was very nice and polite. 
One of the things I will miss about this place.

Wednesday, August 30

I did it, I did it!

After months and months of rejections--I've had at least 5 job interviews in as many months and all ended in rejection--the tide has turned. It started a few weeks ago when I interviewed for a job at the Science/Engineering Library. The interview went great, I was quite hopeful. I didn't hear anything for awhile and then BAM! Another rejection but, BUT, the director said it was the hardest hiring decision she'd ever made and the job went to a Vandy insider.

After that I applied to staffmark temp services for a music industry job "Digital music identifier". I had no idea and I'd never worked with a temp agency before. The job asked for someone comfortable with digital music, streaming audio and the ability to identify songs quickly. I went to staffmark, took some office skill tests and they called me later that afternoon to set up an interview.

A few days later I interviewed at a Nashville high-rise but it was fun. I walked in and the boss was honestly complimentary about my resume and he apologized that the only way they could bring me on - IF they brought me on, of course - was as a temp. He gave me a really quick blurb about the company and asked me about myself. The four of us went on to chat about music. I would bring it back to how I thought I could help and then we would chat some more. It was fun. I walked out again thinking it was a great interview.

Within 2 hours I had a job offer!

The only time I had a response like that lead to 5 wonderful years at OneMusic!

From what I understand I will spend a lot of time listening to streaming radio trying to ID songs and verifying metadata for one of the performance rights organizations. So, it sounds like I will know commercial radio like nobody's business, which sucks but hell, if I get to listen to the radio for a living, a decent living…

Now, it doesn't pay as well as OneMusic did (thanks Jim!) but it is a 25% increase (look more toward the 25th percentile) over what I got at Davis-Kidd. No, I haven't given up on grad school but the procrasti-monster is alive and well.

So, there you have it. Almost a year to the day after I started at Davis-Kidd I will be leaving. If it weren't for the money and those spoiled Green Hills/Belle Meade ***holes I would've stayed at DK in a heartbeat. It is an amazing group of people to work with.

Tuesday, August 29

Force to be reckoned with

Sevilla crushes Levante 4-0
The emphatic victory came four days after UEFA Cup champion Sevilla trounced FC Barcelona 3-0 in Monte Carlo to win the European Super Cup.
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Monday, August 28

Buddhist Thought of the Day

In the eating hall, a stuffed parrot hung from the ceiling, and from its golden beak dangled a card that read, "We are in training to be nobody special." I had often repeated this to myself, working against my need for achievement and recognition, and the discontent that could engender. "I am in training to be nobody special." Saying the words in my mind, I felt how they redirected me from a certain seductive struggle and excitement and disease, into a more stable focus: forget what others think of you, forget the future goal of achievement; arrive instead in this body/mind, attending to this present moment. This is is the whole of practice.
Sandy Boucher, "Hidden Spring"

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Back to the music industry I go...details after I sign the papers.

Sunday, August 27

Buddhist Thought of the Day

It's good to see Noble Ones.
Happy their company--always.
Though not seeing fools
constantly, constantly
one would be happy.
Dhammapada 206, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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Saturday, August 26

10 tips on leading a balanced life

1) Go home from work on time.
2) Don’t be a yes person.
3) Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday.
4) Slow down.
5) Don’t buy into the culture around you if you don’t want to.
6) Create your own sub-culture involving your friends and family.
7) Recognize you have the right to be healthier than those around you.
8) Do something meaningful with your spare time.
9) Let go of the need to buy the next big thing.
10) Develop compassion, patience and tolerance for your fellow people.

the Full Article

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Friday, August 25

Uh Oh. Do we have a rising champion?

Sevilla smacks Barça in Super Cup.

Sevilla, who demolished Middlesbrough 4-0 in the UEFA Cup final last May to win their first trophy in 58 years, were more aggressive than their prestigious opponents and bravely seized their chances.


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Buddhist Thought of the Day

In the gloom and darkness of the night, when there is a sudden flash of light, a person will recognize objects; in the same way, the one with a flash of insight sees according to reality--"This is how sorrow works; this is how it arises; this is how it can come to an end; this is the path leading to that end."
Anguttara Nikaya

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Thursday, August 24

A story about the last time I consumed "The Autobiography of Malcolm X"

by Malcolm X

I have read this book a couple of times and it amazes me how much new I see when I read it. Each era of world situation and whatnot brings Malcolm’s words into a new space.

The one thing that never changes is how strong of an individual Malcolm was that he could see the mistakes he made and then redirect. That takes a lot of personal strength and it is something we don’t let our leaders do these days. Once they make a decision it stays with them for life and that’s sad. It short changes the individual as well as the society.

What a different world we would live in if Malcolm hadn’t been killed.

Wednesday, August 23

Buddhist Thought of the Day

If you can cultivate wholesome mental states prior to sleep and allow them to continue right into sleep without getting distracted, then sleep itself becomes wholesome.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama, "Sleeping, Dreaming and Dying"

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Tuesday, August 22


are people so fucking rude and impatient?
Maybe my tolerance for this type behavior is lower than it used to be. Today I am saying outloud:
People suck! (and a lot of them are stupid too)

Bongo Java East + Las Paletas

The best news I have heard in months...
BJRC East now has about a dozen different Las Paletas flavors!
I went this morning for my Tues coffee sale (each pound bag is $2 cheaper!) and my jaw dropped when I saw the list of Las Paletas.
The last time I went, about 2 months ago, they only had about 3 or 4 flavors.

Sunday, August 20

Buddhist Thought of the Day

While practicing generosity, we should always remember how very fortunate we are to have this opportunity.
Gomo Tulku, "Becoming a Child of the Buddhas"

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Saturday, August 19

"my head spun around..."

Warren speaks about the new Mule album and other stuff.

Warren explains why some of us hate the current Mule output:
MG- Looking back, are you surprised at the path Gov’t Mule has taken since Allen Woody passed away?

WH- It was never our intention to remain a power trio, not that we had thought of adding a fourth or fifth member early on. When we formed Gov’t Mule, we explored this improv-trio format based on the fact that nobody was doing it. It was a dying art and a void that needed to be filled. And we had fun filling that void. We never had it in our minds that it’s what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives.

It started as a project and we knew it would change and evolve through the years. Woody and I talked constantly about how the first record should be very raw, live and improv-based and that the second record should be a little more produced, but still improv-based. But, we always felt the third record should be much more of a studio album. Woody was always pushing us to explore directions that we hadn’t explored and utilize different instrumentations. He actually played a bunch of different instruments and he wanted to utilize that in the music. By the time we got to Life Before Insanity, we were writing songs which reflected that. All the bands which have some longevity in the improv world---and let’s take the Dead and the Allman Brothers as two shining examples---are successful because they have a cool, collective improv which is combined with great songs. That’s why they are still here. Just the ability to jam is not going to get you very far. So, it’s always been in our mind that song-craft needs to become more front-and-center. But we always want to be more improvisational and I think every record is going to showcase something different from us.

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Friday, August 18

I'm looking for a specific book.

Just had a phone call.

Customer asked "I need a dictionary for my 6th grader"

"Ok, which one?"

"It's made by Merriam-Webster"

"Well, they have several versions of dictionaries, do you know which one?"

"No, he's in the 6th grade. I'll call the school bookstore, see which version and call you back."

Now, if the school has a bookstore, why would you need to call a commercial bookstore?

Buddhist Thought of the Day

The realization that another person wishes to harm and hurt you cannot undermine genuine compassion—a compassion based on the clear recognition of that person as someone who has the natural and instinctual desire to seek happiness and overcome suffering, just like oneself.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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Hey, I know that guy.

Late last week at DK I saw EVERYBODY I know. OK that's a slight exaggeration. I saw more people I knew, or who knew me, than I had seen in a long time. In a span of 2 days I saw 2 fellow FRHS grads (Class of 1985); one of whom is a bizillioniare - she's written more than a couple of extremely popular songs in the rock and country worlds, and another who was a band geek in high school but now has the widest shoulders on the planet. I'm talking Mr. Incredible sized shoulders. There was also a fellow Sewanee grad. My Councilman's wife came in about this time and there was the other fellow FRHS alum, a woman who was a year ahead of me, who had a younger sister in my graduating class, and who almost every boy in her grad and mine had a crush on. She looks as good now as she did then.

To top the week off was an introduction to a cyberfriend, a fellow blogger. This was the big surprise. I hadn't read his blog in quite awhile but I remember when I first was looking for something about East Nashville on the web and I came across his web. He recognized me and said he read my blog, which surprised me but he thought my "Buddhist Thought of the Day" was cool.

Today, not initially part of the this story, the talented Pam Tillis came through. She bought Wired which has a cover story about music and we had a nice little chat about how every few years there's a new rebellion against the music industry and how cool it is to be energized by it. Not once did I let her know that I knew who she was. She was very nice.

That's just a few days in the Mall at Green Hills. I haven't seen some of my regulars like the Governor, the Mayor (he was looking for "Canadian Bacon" the last time he was in), Lee Beaman, Martina McBride, Keith Urban, Faith & Tim, David Olney, or Gordon Gee in awhile