Monday, November 13

Tis the Season for Fair Trade

Visit - the new marketplace for ethical and fairtrade products.

For a Christmas which invokes the true spirit of the season, make this festive season a Fair trade one.

Never before have so many Fairtrade certified seasonal gifts been as readily available as they are this year. The growing range of Fairtrade cotton has meant many new gift ideas for this year and a Fairtrade football should help kick start the New Year in a positive way.

Fairtrade food, drinks, flowers and chocolate can all help to make this a time to remember – in our homes and in homes on the other side of the world.

Choose from hundreds of exciting products with the FAIRTRADE Mark now available in the new look and you can spend your Christmas cash safe in the knowledge that your purchases are guaranteed to make a real difference to the lives of marginalised farmers and their families in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
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