Tuesday, November 28

King Biscuit's King

Robert Lockwood aka Robert Junior Lockwood has died.

I was fortunate enough to see Robert perform several times through the years at King Biscuit Blues Fest and it was always a pleasure. It was romantic to stand in the shadow of the step-son of Robert Johnson and it was fun to listen to him play.

He had an uptown style nothing like what you probably think of when you think of his step-father, Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson taught Lockwood some guitar stuff but Robert Lockwood was a child of the jazz era and his music was more like T-Bone Walker than Robert Johnson.

His generation is all but gone; Honeyboy Edwards being one of a very few still around. Hell, even the next generation which includes BB King and Buddy Guy is about gone. The Blues is on the verge of becoming a historic artform. I know some will argue with me about that but so few of the artists out there who are creating interesting Blues. I kinda gave up on the music a while ago so maybe it's just me but I can't help think the good stuff is being ignored and therefore suffocating the genre.

Enough of that negativity.

Go see live blues for Robert Lockwood.
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