Thursday, November 30

President or Supreme Court Justice?

I feel I need to let you know that this quote is from Andrew Sullivan. I figure you might get confused because I have so many chats with former presidential candidates.
I had a chat recently with a senior Republican and former presidential candidate. We were discussing how deeply divided the Republicans are. I asked him: what could unite them again at this point? He answered in one word: Hillary. She's the last hope for the far right. Please, Senator Clinton. Don't do it.
Yesterday I heard on someone on NPR talking about Senator Doctor Bill Frist's decision to be a doctor again and they mentioned how wide open the Republican field has become now that several of the presumed frontrunners (Frist, Santorum, the guy in VA) are out of the race. My thought was then, what do the Democrats have to do to fuck this up. We'll never again have an Independent, let alone Green Party, as a serious candidate so I have to align myself with Democrats, which is depressing in and of itself, since they can't seem to shoot fish in a barrel. Anyway, Andrew and his unnamed conversation partner pretty much spell it out. Hillary is not the candidate for 2008, if ever. She's an extraordinary woman but I don't think the Oval Office should be her goal, nor the best embodiment of non ministrari sed ministrare.

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