Tuesday, August 31


I got this from chromewaves dot net...

First Record Bought: Pink Floyd's The Wall & MJ's Off the Wall
First Concert: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble @ Vanderbilt's Gym, Sept. 1984
Favourite Music Movie: Standing in the Shadows of Motown or The Wall or the Howlin' Wolf Story or Harder They Come
Favourite Music Book:
Favourite Songwriter: Bob Dylan or Bob Marley
Favourite Producer: Tom Dowd
Favourite Record Label: current...ropeadope, classic... Atlantic, Columbia and Stax
Favourite Magazine: Mojo
Favourite Bassist: Oteil Burbridge
Favourite Album Cover: ???
Favourite Teen Idol: Jessica Simpson (not for any musical reason)
Artist Who Broke Your Heart: ???
Artist You Will Always Believe In: ???
Singer Who Makes Your Skin Crawl: Celine
Singer Who Makes You Swoon: Aretha & Amel Larrieux
Favourite Sound: a solid backbeat
Album You Will Always Defend:
Album You Own That No One Else Does: La Mala Rodíguez (Spanish) - Alevosía
Classic Album You Own but Don't Like: Coltrane - A Love Supreme (don't like is too strong)
Artist You're Supposed to Like but Don't: Widespread Panic
Song You Can't Stand by an Artist You Like:
Band That Should Break Up: The Dead
Band That Should Re-form: Phil Lesh & Friends
Guilty Pleasure: AC/DC & ZZ Top
Favourite Music DVD: See above (fav music movie)
Concert You Wish You'd Seen: Any Bob Marley or Peter Tosh or, of course, Hendrix
Dream Collaboration:Charlie Hunter (and his drummer(s) of choice) with Branford Marsalis and a turntablist, Cassandra Wilson & Derek Trucks

Anything not filled out was b/c I couldn't think of an answer. Leave you comments and try this list yourself!

Boy Wonder goes to Old Trafford

Man Utd sign Rooney

Freudian Slip

Sometimes the truth comes out when you least expect it.
W goes oops.


Here she goes again. Once there was a catsuit now...moon boots!

Monday, August 30


...or is it just Boriquo?

After watching the MTV VMAs and Fat Joe with his Hector LaVoe t-shirt & comments I thought I'd check it out and I found this page. Hector sounds like a bad ass.
Music of Puerto Rico

Roots, the 22nd Century Version

African Ancestry

the Republican Obama?

Maryland Lieutenant Governor, Michael S. Steele, is being touted as the Republican answer to Barack Obama.


What a busy weekend. Friday Tara and I went to the Frist for the Frist Friday thing. It's such a meatmarket but you get to see the exhibits and a band and eat... I dropped Tara home and I came back to the house for some Olympics.

Sat was more Olympics and some yard work. Since rained so much this past week the ground was still wet so I decided to trim some hedges. I have to do this by hand b/c the two powered hedgers are crap! It was a good workout. Tara came over and we had our regular "date night". We get takeout from Chicago Gyros and we watch Sopranos. This was the end of Season 3.

Sunday was more yard work for me. Tara went to church and I mowed. Finally, I watched most of the Olympic Closing Ceremony and then Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. (I love this movie!)

Sunday, August 29

Hindu Thought of the Day

The no-mind state is not the vacancy of idiocy but the most supremely alert intelligence, undistracted by extraneous thought.
-Ramesh Balsekar

Thursday, August 26

Buddy Guy Band

Buddy Guy Band
Buddy Guy Band,
originally uploaded by bmitd67.
Special Guest Scott Holt is back there in the shadows but the star of this moment is the sax player. He and Buddy starting riffin' something serious on this tune.

Robert Cray Band

Robert Cray Band
Robert Cray Band,
originally uploaded by bmitd67.
Young Bob at the Ryman. The last time he was there nobody showed up but on the same bill as Buddy Guy the crowd was waaaay into it.

More Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy 1
Buddy Guy 1,
originally uploaded by bmitd67.

Buddy Guy in Nashville

Buddy Guy 2
Buddy Guy 2,
originally uploaded by bmitd67.
Buddy is doing something to his guitar. He has so many tricks its hard to tell.

Not your average Black atheletes

Peter Westbrook Foundation

Gold boots + golden goal=Gold Medal

Hip, hip hooray for the women!

US edge out Brazil for gold

The Kid

For Myself and Others: Past, Present and Prince

The result of war

Distraught father of Marine killed in Iraq burns van, self

This is the result of all war...pain & suffering.

Instability of the mind of an American Male

The following is an email sequence between two men I know. The background is that both men have know each other their entire lives but grew up in different cities. The names have been removed to protect everybody.

Male #1 (10:50am):

Look, I got a letter from MCI High Toll Department and they tell me that 5 "900" phone calls were made on Friday 8/20 for a total of $152.58. Are these your phone calls? Because I don't use MCI and I need to know if I should
investigate further.
Male #2 (11:00am):

I am sending you a check. I also made a few calls other LD calls.
Male #2 (11:00am):

The check will cover the interest payment.
Male #2 (11:05am):

You'll be receiving a letter by the beginning of next week.

There was a phone call next where Male #1 said he felt disrespected because he wasn't told about the phone calls and inconvenienced by having to transport Male #2 while #2 was in town. Male #2 hung up on Male #1 and the following is the next sequence of emails.

Male #2 (11:59am):

You brought up "driving" me to an interview as an inconvenience. Fuck you!! I said I would gladly take the bus and did the majority of the time of the last visit. I didn't inconvenience you. I didn't take advantage of you or anything like that. You have been taking advantage for years and to what end. Your bullshit is a foil for your internal bullshit. You could have gone to (2nd college choice). This is not about a phone bill. I have erased the bottom three fourths of this e-mail and you should be happy that I did.
Male #1 (21:37pm):

1. You're right. Transportation wasn't an issue and I was wrong to use that as an example. And yes, I could say no to your requests but I chose not to and you should not be blamed when I am disappointed with the choice I made. I do realize I do that. I am sorry.
2. You cannot really believe that this is about me choosing (college choice #1/alma mater) over (college choice #2). How do you get that? And what does it have to do with me feeling disrespected? Do you really know the reasons why I chose (college choice #1/alma mater)? Do you really know why I didn't choose (college choice #2)? Do you really know how I feel about the academic choice I made?
3. you need to deal with your own "internal bullshit" too. I know I have things to deal with and I am doing that.
Male #2 (12:23pm):

Go on the internet. Read the making of a slave. If you have not done so, read it. Get off of the plantation.
Male #1 (21:41pm):

You really need to explain this.
Male #2 (12:46pm):

The check is in the mail. Sorry I bothered. I am just doing my best with my quirks, which include the 900 rated PGs. I know what my quirks are and I am hard on myself for them, but I refuse to take anyone's shit. I look in the fucking mirror everyday and I ask myself to improve. I am not singling you out!!! I just refuse to take it!!!!
Male #1 (1:05pm):

Thank you for that, all of that.
Male #2 (1:41pm):

The system that was designed that is self-perpetuating including the bullshit about competition and pitting people against each other. Read that part of the speech. This is the American colonial system vis-à-vis African-Americans descendant from slavery. A system designed for self-perpetuation and that existed in this country longer than we have been legally free.
Male #1 (2:26pm):

I agree that the system seems to be set up to do exactly what you say, what the speech says. But I don't understand why you think that I am against you - we have more in common than not. And I still don't understand what my choice of college (and seemingly implied, career/life path) has do to with anything.
Male #2 (2:39pm):

Ultimately, You may not be there, but there are some issues that are unresolvable and cannot be categorized. Pure and simple.
Male #2 (2:40pm):

Some might say that the wilie Lynch speech is the status quo.
Male #1 (2:55pm):

I still don't understand. If I'm not there maybe you can give me an idea as to what you are referring to. You do a very good job of making me think about how I conduct my life.
Male #1 (2:56pm):

I can see where people might say that.
Male #2 (4:03pm):
(This was attached to the email {12:37pm} where Male #1 starts with "You're Right.") Formatting is from the email.

Male #2 (4:05pm):

I had athletic scholarship for two years at (my alma mater), and a job my last three years -- how about you??
Male #2 (4:34pm):

WHAT I am saying is that you are taking it out on the wrong person and I am taking it out on you so that you don't take it out on me in the first instance or as a matter of course. If you can't help it, then so be it -- Willie Lynch is alive and well!! It shouldn't be me teaching you. Nevertheless, you were there when my father should have taught me how to ride a bike and our mothers didn't want to be bothered. I have a long memory for positives too. I am not wrong in any of this, it is just a matter of how deep you want to go. I know the whole deal. It is shocking to have revelations.
Male #2 (4:45pm):

It took a long time and some reflection to see this. I am sorry that I recited my resume to your friend. Maybe that's not it. Anyway, if that is the case, I apologize. I am just sick of being attacked when I do no ever deliberately do it. Sorry. Goddammit!! It isn't easy changing the status quo you know.
Male #2 (5:45pm):

I do expect that little (Male #1) will taddle. He can't help it.

Alvin Youngblood Hart

From Jambands.com: Used with Alvin Youngblood Hart

Wednesday, August 25

Yoga class

Tonight my instructor welcomed me with an encouraging "I'm glad you are still coming." How encourging is that? It made me feel really good about what I was doing.

I am finding that I am able to focus more directly and I am seeing very slight changes in flexibility. Still tense as shit but we'll get there.

Tonight we did a headstand. We did it against the wall which is the only way I think I could handle it... but I feel like I accomplished something tonight, maybe even a breakthrough.

Disappointing Musicians

Beenie Man barred from MTV concert

I was also disappointed to hear Buju Banton represents a similar mentality.

How Africa Has Faired At Athens 2004?

In Athens' Olympic Stadium, Cameroon's Francoise Mbango Etone became the first woman to ever win a medal for her nation - and it was a gold one at that. The triple jumper became only the second black African athlete to ever win an Olympic field event, following in the footsteps of Nigerian long jumper Chioma Ajunwa in the 1996 Olympics. Etone jumped 15.30 metres - a new African record - to beat local Greek hero Hrysopiyi Devetzi and hot favourite Tatyana Lebedeva of Russia. The gold medal is only Cameroon's second following their footballers' triumph in Sydney four years ago.


My ebay account was hijacked this week!

Last night I was looking trough some accounts and websites and came across my ebay acct. It said I had 5 items for sale, a bunch of baseball cards (I don't own baseball cards, especially unopened boxes of them). Then I looked at my acct balance and it said I owed $450...

I changed as much as I could, I cancelled the sales and contacted ebay. It scared me and now I know about internet fraud.

Sewanee 24hrs A Day

Sewanee Quad Cam

You might have to download the Axis software but that's a small price to pay to see Sewanee's beauty.

Sunday, August 22

Hindu Wisdom

"Control the senses and purify the mind. In a pure mind there is constant awareness of the Self. Where there is constant awareness of the Self, freedom ends bondage and joy ends Sorrow."
-Chandogya Upanishad

Friday, August 20

Sticking it to the man!

"Iraq as a team does not want Mr. Bush to use us for the presidential campaign," Sadir told SI.com through a translator, speaking calmly and directly. "He can find another way to advertise himself."

Salih Sadir, Iraqi Midfielder
Iraqi soccer players angered by Bush campaign ads

New 'Exorcist' horrifyingly bad

A new "Exorcist" flick must have seemed like a good idea

This disappoints me but considering the trouble they had making this I'm not surprised.

Google, Google, Google!

A smashing success

One step ahead, two steps back

China, the land of conflict: Chinese crack down on religion

Yea! Sewanee's Right.

Local college rankings
The University of the South in Sewanee, TN, held steady at 33rd among the nation's liberal arts colleges, which ''emphasize undergraduate education and award at least half their degrees in the liberal arts.''

Breast Cancer Awareness

Help create the World's Largest Pink Ribbon

Thursday, August 19

U.S. Women Move on to Olympic Quarterfinals

The draw gives the U.S. seven points and first place in Group G, meaning they will face Group E third place finisher Japan in the quarterfinals.

U.S. Men's National Team earned a gritty 1-1 draw at Jamaica

Thanks to my cousin for cluing me in on this game and score.

89th minute strike from second-half sub Brian Ching, his first for the USA.

U.S. was able to keep their all-time unbeaten record against Jamaica intact with the tie. That mark now stands at 8-0-6, which includes a 2-0-5 mark in World Cup qualifying play.

the wrong opinion?

This comes from a friend of mine who works for a county office in the Midwest...
For those of you who I haven't spoken to about my recent work news, thought I would give you a brief synopsis.

I found out on Monday that I am receiving a five-day unpaid suspension effective next week. I was in complete shock that day, and I am still in a minor haze. The reason I was given was that I violated our computer use policy. They did not any point state that I had violated by the amount of time I had spent on the internet etc. My violation was based upon the content of my e-mails...which they had been looking through for the past year. Allegedly, this was based on an outsider getting an 'unwanted' e-mail and alerting the county. When I looked at the e-mail 'evidence' they gave me later, most of the e-mail was related to bush opinions, where I had sent a link to the michael moore website, etc.

When I asked about the harshness of the punishment I was told that the presiding judge recommended termination. I was told in not so many words that I was lucky to have my job. I have an exemplary work record, have recived all 'exceeds' on my job evaluations, and I do not have ANY infractions in my personnel file. I was also never given a verbal warning.

Off the record, when I asked, the supervisor agreed with me that if my e-mails were of a different 'perspective' (i.e. Republican) that I would probably not have been reprimanded.

Tuesday, August 17

Ethnic Press Fights For Access To RNC

Gaining access to the Republican National Convention has become a tortuous struggle for a slew of local ethnic publications. The full story.

Party School no more.

Sewanee is no longer a Top 20 Party School. Oh well, you can't be all things to all students!

How local colleges faired in the Party School rankings.

Monday, August 16


Motivation is very important, and thus my simple religion is love, respect for others, honesty: teachings that cover not only religion but also the fields of politics, economics, business, science, law, medicine-everywhere. With proper motivation these can help humanity.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Dallas Burn to change identity starting with 2005 season

Dallas Burn announced that, upon the completion of the 2004 Major League Soccer season, the Dallas Burn will now be known as FC Dallas.

Hopefully this will become a trend b/c some of the names in the MLS suck.

First-place Galaxy relieve coach Sigi Schmid

Not quite sure I understand this but...who am I?

I mean, really. Why would the first place team get rid of their coach?

The GM (Doug Hamilton) says:
"We're sitting at the top of the table, and I'm saying, 'It's not good enough.'"
Read the story here.

Where does the Blues come from?

Does the Blues have Muslim Roots?

I haven't spent much time studying the blues recently (I used to do it quite a lot back in the 90s) so I am going to claim no expertise on this subject. When I was paying more attention I had little idea of Muslim music so I couldn't have commented back then either. Hmmp, funny how these things work.

If you compare the sound bites in this article and i would include most "sufi" music you will hear similarities in tonal quality as well as melody in Muslim and Blues music. This type of similarity isn't new for me, I have heard it in the music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, I have heard it in Flamenco (which is surely influenced by Muslim music) but I have never really thought about what came first.

There is no reason to exclude the influence of Islam on the Blues. Muslims traveled all over the continent of Africa and some of Europe so, it is logical that the locals picked up things from them. Hell, you hear that in the stories of the blues guys...local musicians being influenced by traveling ones.

Much like African-Americans the art we created was a confluence or a syncretism of everything we as a people had experienced and are experiencing.


This was week 3 of the OneMusic lunch hour walk. Teresa, Billy and I have been going about 1-1/4 miles a couple of times a week. It's been fun and good for us.

Fame helps Alan Page find a home on bench

Fame helps Alan Page find a home on bench
Conrad Defiebre
Star Tribune
Published August 16, 2004

In the corner of an office at the Minnesota Judicial Center -- tucked away from the pictures and posters of the occupant's heroes Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Bobby Kennedy and Paul Robeson -- hangs a framed New York Times crossword puzzle from March 2002.

Former President Bill Clinton solved the puzzle and sent it along with a personal note "from your crossword friend" to the man whose name was the answer for 38 down: NFL Hall of Famer elected to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Justice Alan Page chuckles at the mention of one more proof of a life filled with "a lot of good fortune -- a wonderful wife, four fabulous children, a football career that I suspect most people could only dream of and the opportunity to serve on this court for the last 12 years."

The Minnesota Supreme Court has seldom harbored the sort of celebrity whose name turns up in crossword puzzles or on ex-presidents' correspondence lists. But Page has ridden his fame to two landslide elections to the state high court and what has to be odds-on favorite status in a third on Nov. 2.

He has done it, almost paradoxically, as a quiet, bow-tied model of judicial restraint, the near-antithesis of either a star athlete or a politician.

True to a strategy of focusing on his own assignment that he claims to have practiced as an All-Pro defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings, Page says he won't engage his latest election rival, Tim Tingelstad, a Bemidji child-support magistrate and evangelical church leader who is campaigning on his adherence to biblical principles.

Page, by contrast, won't divulge his religion or even whether he goes to church. He says he won't criticize or comment on his opponent. And despite a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling easing restrictions on what judicial candidates can say, Page won't discuss his views on legal and political issues.

"We take an oath to be impartial," he said. "If I were to announce my views, it would make it that much more difficult to step back and question myself. You have to have the ability to walk away from your own particular preferences if you are going to be impartial."

That's classic Alan Page: eloquent, self-minimizing, but fiercely stubborn when it comes to defending his position.

Record vote-getter

For nearly a century, judicial elections have occupied a dark backwater of Minnesota politics -- officially nonpartisan, usually uncontested, and held only to confirm a governor's appointments to the bench.

Page shook up that comfortable system in 1992 when he took legal action to ensure that a vacant Supreme Court seat would be filled by the electorate for the first time in a generation, then handily won at the polls over a foe who questioned his qualifications.

Six years later, he rolled up 1.3 million votes, then a state record, in trouncing a challenger who accused him of conflicts of interest stemming from the multimillion-dollar Page Education Foundation minority scholarship fund.

Characteristically, Page mostly ignored those attacks. Now, as the senior member of the high court, he is a leading defender of the system against those who would open it to unfettered partisan politicking.

"The judiciary simply cannot be impartial or trusted when party politics encourages judges to behave as traditional politicians," he said in a speech to the National Press Club. "Whereas executive and legislative officials commit themselves to enacting their political agendas, a judge's role is to interpret the law fairly and ensure due process to every litigant."
Some would say, however, that Page's brand of impartiality leans distinctly to the left. Before joining the court, he worked for DFL Attorney General Hubert Humphrey III, and he has long enjoyed the support of leading DFL politicians. Page says he attended one DFL caucus in his Kenwood precinct of Minneapolis in the 1970s, found the process "painful" and never went back.
Still, Page was widely mentioned in 2002 as a possible Democratic candidate to replace the late U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone.

"If you look at his decisions, he has a very liberal outlook on life," said Greg Wersal, an avowed Republican who has run unsuccessfully for the Supreme Court. He criticized Page's support of rulings that gave poor women the right to state-financed abortions and broadened the rights of criminal defendants.

Others see Page's judicial record in a more positive light.

"I'd describe him as an Earl Warren-Thurgood Marshall-William Douglas liberal," said Hennepin County District Judge Jack Nordby. "He's sensitive to individual rights vs. the power of government and corporations. His opinions tend to be pretty sound, and he's quite consistent in his views. Most others on that court bounce all over the place."

'Lot of hostility'

Nordby also said that Page is "extraordinarily important historically" as the only black, in fact the only member of any racial minority, to serve on Minnesota's high court. Among the 83 Supreme Court justices in state history, Nordby said, "no governor has ever appointed anybody but a white gentile."

Page has crusaded against racial bias in the legal system in both his jurisprudence and the Supreme Court's administrative rules. Wersal says Page is behind the court's mandatory diversity training for trial judges and lawyers, which Wersal says has engendered "a lot of hostility in the legal community."

Page isn't fazed by such criticism. He says he knows there's a problem from his own experience of being stopped by police "two or three times, for no good reason" and from a Supreme Court task force report that found that people of color are arrested more often than whites, charged with crimes more often and given higher bails, tougher plea bargains, less fair trials and far longer sentences.

"Our criminal justice system at times seems more interested in putting people of color in jail than helping them succeed," he said in a May commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame. "Living in a color-blind society should not require that we live in a society that is blind to racial bias."
That philosophy has led to some of the most scathing of his 120 dissents from the court's majority opinions, by far the most of any current justice. The issues have involved school funding disparities between white and minority areas, racial bias in jury selection, even the case of a 16-year-old murder suspect who was tried as a juvenile, Page said, only because he was white. Similarly situated blacks invariably are sent to adult court, he said.

Other Page dissents have come over lawyer discipline that he considered too lenient and sex offender civil commitment that he deemed too draconian.

He also has fought racial disparity through the Page Education Foundation minority scholarship fund that he and his wife, Diane Sims Page, founded in 1988. Since then, more than 2,000 Minnesota minority students have received $4.5 million in college scholarships raised by the foundation.

Zen of football

Alan Cedric Page, 59, was born and raised in the steel mill city of Canton, Ohio, the fourth of four children of Howard and Georgianna Page. His father was a bartender and owner-operator of jukeboxes and vending machines, his mother an attendant at a golf club.

Except for his mother's death when he was 14, Page describes his childhood as uneventful. He had little interest in sports in grade school, partly because he was always the last kid picked for playground teams. In fourth grade, long before he had an inkling of a football career, he decided he wanted to be a lawyer.

His goal seemed attainable because he was a good student, at least until ninth grade, when he became an undersized 185-pound lineman on the beefy Canton Central Catholic High School football team. Page's Baptist parents sent all their children there in search of a better education than Canton's public schools offered.

He tried football only because his older brother was on the team, but quickly discovered a love and talent for it. And he began to develop his Zen-like approach to the game: Don't worry about the opponent; just cover your assignment, read your keys and react.

Otherwise, he said, "there's a tendency to want to perform at the level of the opponent. I think that's a prescription for mediocrity."

Page has never been mediocre. With extraordinary speed and quickness, he became, in the words of ex-University of Minnesota coach Murray Warmath, "the greatest college prospect I have ever seen." Warmath lost the prized recruit, however, to Ara Parseghian at Notre Dame, where Page was an All-American on the undefeated 1966 Irish national champions.

The next spring, he graduated with a degree in political science and was drafted in the first round by the Vikings. Stardom and four Super Bowl appearances in the middle of the Minnesota "Purple People Eaters" defensive line followed.

Life after football

Amid all the glory, though, Page was bored. He had shown his independent streak as early as his first Vikings training camp by refusing to guzzle beer in a rookie hazing ritual. He started law school in his second year in the NFL. He rose to leadership of the NFL players' union. He took up distance running and became the first active NFL player to complete a marathon.

He clashed famously with Vikings coach Bud Grant over his weight, his running and his legal pursuits. Four games into the 1978 season, the team cut him. He spent the next three years as a member of both the Chicago Bears and the Minneapolis law firm of Lindquist & Vennum.

After his football career ended in 1981, he began applying to be appointed a judge but was repeatedly rejected by Gov. Rudy Perpich's selection commission. Uncomfortable with drumming up law clients, he switched to the attorney general's office in 1985 as a specialist in employment law.

With the Page Foundation, Page got "very much involved in raising funds and very much didn't like it," he said. His election to the Supreme Court four years later "gave me a good excuse to get out of the fundraising business."

Now, he says, he doesn't even check who contributes to either the foundation or his election campaigns. Skeptics doubt that, but Page says "not knowing who gives makes life eminently simpler than knowing." As long as he is not aware of the generosity of litigants before the court, he says, he won't have to recuse himself from their cases.

His detachment does not extend to ignoring Tingelstad's campaign Web site (www.highesthill.com), which is replete with references to the Bible and a divine calling to run for the court. Page's site (www.alanpage.org) is less colorful and extensive, bearing a campaign slogan -- "A Justice for All" -- his résumé, texts of two speeches and little else.

"I don't view myself as being opposed to whoever the opponent may be," Page said. "My job is to tell people who I am: Do I work hard, am I qualified, am I impartial? I approached football the same way. It worked very, very well."
Conrad deFiebre is at cdefiebre@startribune.com

© Copyright 2004 Star Tribune. All rights reserved.

Saturday, August 14

Olympic Soccer


Dead Prez

Alright it has taken me awhile to get into this record. I bought RBG (revolutionary but gangsta) about a month ago. I boought it b/c I'd always heard good things about Dead Prez but had never listened.

Their sound suprised me. I'm not into the hardcore stuff and this is definitely hardcore. Lots of talk about guns, lots of spitting "nigga" but the record has a vibe, a smart vibe. There's a lot of talk about the struggle from the projects. This is some angry shit. But Sticman and M-1 have a strong flow and conscious lyrics.

Can't listen to this too often but if you're pissed...
"If you claimin' gangsta then bang on the system and show that you ready to ride. Till we get our freedom we got to get over, we steady on the rise."

Friday, August 13

Tarantino Confirmed for Sin City
It's a shame more film makers don't work with friends...

It is the beautiful game.

Haitian streets go berserk over the boys from Brazil

It's interesting how you find things to cheer for even if they might not make a lot of sense.

A Done Deal

Owen moves to Real
Owen, 24, is to sign a four-year deal with Real in a move which is expected to net Liverpool £8m plus midfielder Antonio Nunez.

My life in a nutshell.

Thank you, goodnight!
Aging fans want to rock but they also need to sleep
By Monica Eng ~ Chicago Tribune staff reporter

Like a lot of longtime clubgoing music fans, I've gotten old. Nights of bounding out of the house at 11 p.m., cheerfully standing around a hot, smoky bar for hours, returning home after 3 a.m. and then zinging back into action the next day like a fresh little rock 'n' roll daisy are way behind me. So is it too much to ask for a show that has some temperature control, clean air, a place to sit and--at the risk of sounding massively un-rock 'n' roll--gets me home by 11 p.m.?

When I asked this of a fellow reporter, he told me that I don't deserve to rock anymore and maybe I should just stop going to clubs. Then he mumbled something about taking up Ravinia and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Ten years ago his sneering comments might have held water. But times have changed. And so as live music fans continue to grow older, club bookers have been quietly adjusting start times to suit their customers' more mature biorhythms and lifestyles."That is definitely the case, especially when we are doing a show that is being welcomed by WXRT," says Sean McDonough, talent booker for Metro. "Their audience is typically 35- to 40-year-old crowd that has the kids and the day job and is living up in whatever suburb or even in the city. They don't want to be out late. They want to be home at 11 o'clock." And that is what McDonough is giving them. But Metro is certainly not the only venue in town making concessions to the elderly 'XRT crowd. In late July the radio station sponsored two nights of Finn Brothers shows at the Vic that started promptly at 7:30 p.m. with opener Angela McCluskey and wrapped up with the Finns harmonizing their last note just after 10 p.m. Although the show was classified "all ages," the only youngsters there seemed to be the spawn (even an infant in a Snugli) of older fans. But even those who didn't bring their kids could appreciate the early hours (ending before 10:30 p.m.) that come with all-ages shows. "We have a baby and three kids with the baby-sitter tonight so I don't want to go to shows that get me home at 2 in the morning," said Chicagoan Katherine Logue, 39. "Also I think there is a certain [time] hump for a lot of adults, if you don't get out of the house by then, that's it. "For this reason even a latenight club such as FitzGerald's in Berwyn has seen start times shift. "For a lot of shows I have been kicking back the start time a half an hour to an hour because I think for a lot of people it's important just psychologically to see that a show starts before 10," the club's owner Bill FitzGerald said. This doesn't mean that shows at FitzGerald's don't still go late. They do, but some just tend to start earlier, "or sometimes we will schedule an early show with a singer-songwriter and then have a band later that night," says FitzGerald. Fans also have the option of seeing slightly earlier shows at FitzGerald's recently opened SideBar, where start times are often 8 or 9 p.m. and singer-songwriters are likely to play. These are the types of performers who often get the early treatment at Schubas, where booker Matt Rucins tries to carefully read the fan base in order to determine start times. "If it's an older crowd, we'll usually do an 8 o'clock start with one support meaning that the headliner would go on by 9 and the people would be leaving here around 10 or 10:30 p.m. Oddly enough, I go with what my parents would be able to stomach," says Rucins, 28.

As part of its marketing campaign, Wrigleyville's 13-year-old Uncommon Ground started billing its music schedule "Rock Concerts for Grown-ups with day jobs … Go out every night of the week and still get to bed by 11." And that's just referring to the cafe's "late shows." In addition to its evening folk, pop and rock concerts that start around 7:30 p.m., Uncommon Ground co-owner Michael Cameron books some really early performances on weekends. "With this huge baby boom in our neighborhood, I have been booking late weekend afternoon shows for the parents that just need a break," he says. "I get performers who may be in their 50s and they would say 'That's perfect. None of my friends want to come out to a smoky bar at midnight to see me on a weekend anyway.' "Uncommon Ground, with its early shows, tasteful drink selection, seating and no-smoking policy qualifies as one of the best fogey-friendly venues around.

But in this category, nothing beats the Old Town School of Folk Music. Most know about the school's comfy seats, punctual start times, smoke-free building and tempting selection of drinks (beer, too) and snacks. But many don't know that, if you choose your show carefully, you can really rock here too. When performers such as Alejandro Escovedo, The Bottle Rockets or Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men come to play, it can be the most comfortable and intimate rock joint around. And for the convenience of those who like their loud licks served late, Old Town booker Colleen Miller often schedules two performances a night for the more popular acts. "The early show will usually have the older people and younger fans will come to the 10 o'clock," she said. But oldsters aren't the only ones who appreciate earlier or at least on-time shows. Even young bookers can get grumpy when they attend concerts that start falling behind schedule."I don't like leaving too late either," says Rucins. "When things start running behind then you're looking at a pretty late night and sometimes it takes away from the enjoyment of the show. "Still, there is also such a thing as show that starts too early. A lot of bands--especially during the longer summer days--don't want to be playing while the sun is out. First of all, it's pretty unrock 'n' roll and second, it forces them to compete with nice weather."I think that on a warm summer night around 7:30 p.m. they would rather be on their deck drinking a beer instead of a dark room watching an early band," says Rucins. And sometimes early start times just clash too much with a band's creepy, dangerous mood. This came up recently as Jam Productions talent buyer Nick Miller was negotiating details with an agent for the Cramps who was considering making an upcoming show all-ages, thus early. "I told him we needed to make it [later]," Miller says. "People don't want to be at a 7 o'clock show watching the Cramps. That's just weird. "Still, music being such a matter of personal taste, start times are not usually going to be the main consideration when it comes to catching a favorite band on tour. As Rucins observes, "If you are big enough fan, then for one night you are probably willing to suffer a little bit. "This is true. But it is also true that as the rocking body ages, its tolerance for late night shows is going to diminish and the idea of staying home and sitting in front of the stereo pretending to be at a concert will seem less ridiculous.

These recent adjustments to suit the maturing rock fans have helped to put off that day just a little longer. Says Chicagoan Julie Molzoff, 40, waiting for the Finn Brothers to hit the stage last month: "Just because we are all aging doesn't mean we don't want to see rock shows anymore."

Copyright © 2004, Chicago Tribune

This is part of why they call it the beautiful game.

Iraq overcomes own goal to stun Portual 4-2

Thursday, August 12

  • Born: 23 June 1972, Marseille
  • Clubs: Cannes, Bordeaux, Juventus, Real Madrid
  • France career:
    Debut 17 August 1994
    Won 93 caps and scored 26 goals
    Won 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000
  • Personal honours:
    World player of the year 1998, 2000 and 2003
    European player of the year 1998
  • Major club honours:
    Champions League (Real Madrid 2001)
    European Super Cup (1996 Juventus, 2002 Real Madrid)
    League title (Serie A with Juventus 1996/7, 1997/98, La Liga with Real Madrid
Oh well. I guess they missed that one. Real 'drop Vieria bid'

On the other hand: Real 'set to sign Owen'
Iraq stun Portugal at Olympics
Moore embarrasses new CIA chief

I Am a Gay

New Jersey governor James McGreevey
Event celebrates film industry pioneer, Oscar Micheaux.

Thanks Billy.
The Belcourt is just kickin' my ass. Nashville is so fortunate to have a theater like this. This past week I saw the newly remastered Godzilla from 1954 and without Raymond Burr.

Look at what's coming up over the next couple weeks or so:

There's some music coming as well as art in the lobby. What an awesome movie theater!

...and of course the Tower Wish List
In your spare time you should check out Song Meanings at Songfacts
I don't usually do this but since my birthday is coming up...

Jai's wish list at Amazon
Got this list from my boys at ropeadope: The Best Music of the Year... So Far

How many do you own? I have 6.
I love this show.
'Booknotes' coming to an end - Aug 11, 2004

What I'm Listening to - 8/12/04

Please contribute to the alejandrofund and buy some of his records.

There are more records, most notably the new Charlie Hunter and Amel Larrieux, but that's all I have time to write now.

I missed this the first time around: Kinks' Dave Davies partially paralyzed - Aug 11, 2004

That's sad.

Wednesday, August 11

Congratulations to the Trucks Family (Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Charlie Trucks) on the birth of Jessica Naima Trucks, 6 lbs 10 oz., Born 8/09/2004!
And there's a REASON no outside forces are trying to help??
Sudan faces new atrocity charges

Support your local indi radio.

WRFN (Radio Free Nashville) benefit Friday, August 20, 6:00pm at The Sutler.

Featuring: Johnny Jones, guitarist from Nashville's golden era of rhythm & blues and mentor to Jimi Hendrix.

Also appearing:
Muldoon Felton Goold
Ten Mile Drive

Tix are $5 at the door.

Saturday, August 14th

Live at the Radio Cafe in East Nashville

Charlie Degenhart & the Plastic Soul

'Black' Andy Roddick opens at 8:00
CD and the Plastic Soul are on at 9:00
closin' the night...the fabulous 'My Brother'!!!

(cover charge TBA -- at most it'll be three bucks!!)

come on out and join us in some rock and roll revelry . . .

How to Go Natural - 10 Lifestyle Tips
  1. Natural Clothing - easy! Buy cotton, wool, leather, silk and all the variations (organic is even better)
  2. Natural Food - easy! No fast food and stay on the produce aisle in your grocery (organic is even better)
  3. Natural Personal Care - more difficult. Look for Tom's of Maine & J/A/S/O/N
  4. Natural Cleaning - more difficult. Look for Ecover & Seventh Generation
  5. Natural Pest Control and Repellents - most difficult b/c of effectiveness
  6. Natural Bedding - easy! stick with cotton & wool (organic is better but really expensive)
  7. Natural Furnishings - easy! Use real wood, cotton, leather, and other natural fiber
  8. Natural Renovating and Building Supplies - more difficult. Use less toxic materials and paints
  9. Natural Pet Care - watch pesticides and processed food
  10. Natural Consumer Choices - General - READ LABELS, if you can't pronounce it you might want to 2nd guess it.

Tuesday, August 10

Hmmm, something to wonder about.

After almost 10 years of recording and touring the world together, we are announcing that Theryl "The Houseman" DeClouet will no longer be a permanent member of Galactic.
Read more here.
Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Monday, August 9

This is not good news, not at all. ManU is already missing Ruud & Saha!

Solskjaer may miss season
I wanna go! Anybody wanna sponsor me for a trip to Japan?

My Dad's Military Awards:

I've been working to find details of my Dad's military records and about 3 months from the orignal request date I got a response from NPRC today.

Master Sgt James C Sanders received the following awards while serving in the US Army:
  1. Good Conduct Medal, 4th award
  2. American Campaign Medal
  3. European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 2 bronze service stars
  4. WWII Victory Medal
  5. Korean Service Medal with 2 bronze service stars
  6. UN Service Medal
  7. Honorable Service Lapel Button WWII
  8. Expert Badge with Carbine Bar
  9. Sharpshooter Badge with Rifle Bar
Now, I don't know if this qualifies as a lot of medals but it looks like I can honestly call my Dad a decorated War Hero. He makes me proud and I miss him; I wish I could ask him the stories behind each award.

Fahrenheit 9/11 vs. Manchurian Candidate

I saw Manchurian Candidate and it now ranks as one of my favorite - dare I say, it ranks as one of the best - movies of the year.

First let me say that Jonathan Demme is a freaking genius! His vision for this film was amazing. You are on edge the entire time. He uses ambient noise and camera work to portray the extreme paranoia of his characters and of these really confused, edgy political times.

The film is a remake of the amazing Frankenheimer film that featured Frank Sinatra.

Go see this movie.

As far as how it relates to Fahrenheit 9/11. Well, I guess there are 2 schools of thought. If you want to bash Bush or have trouble understanding how fiction can tell a factual story then you should stick with Michael Moore. Now, if you are the kind of person who doesn't need to be beat over the head with an idea or you recognize that fiction quite often has factual undercurrents (Sci-Fi fans really understand this concept) you will understand that this film speaks volumes and it speaks volumes that Michael Moore can't touch. Moore can say things because he has to avoid slander. Moore won't say things b/c his focus is SO narrow. In Manchurian Candidate the story can allude to all sorts of politicians and political issues and not worry because the story is "made up."

Besides, I think Demme's work is far more poetic than Michael Moore. And don't give me a line about Moore doing documentaries b/c documentaries can be very poetic, did you ever see Winged Migration or The Civil War?

Saturday, August 7

My boy Al

You gotta listen to this piece, it gets in DEEP. Besides, Al's music is deeper than most anything you've ever heard!

PS: Buy this tribute and the live album. You can get the Por Vida Live record only at participating Indi record stores.

You can also contribute to the alejandro fund.

Friday, August 6

The Kansas attorney general has withheld more than 1,600 compact discs from distribution to state libraries because officials determined the albums promote violence or illegal activity, records show:
"We feel we removed most of the albums that did not mesh with the values of a majority of Kansans."
-- Whitney Watson, Kline's spokesperson

Is this Attorney General's domain?
I thought the library was a public institution.

Read more here.

These transfers just aren't going well, huh?

Mutu move to Juve collapses

What's going on?

Wenger confident on Vieira

Rest in Peace.

'Super Freak' Rick James dead - Aug 6, 2004

Critical Listening:

You have to learn to listen... There is no easy way to learn this - all I can do is tel you how utterly important it is that you do so.
Larry Crane from TapeOp #42
CNN.com - Bush opposes 'legacy' college admissions - Aug 6, 2004

He was asked, "Colleges should get rid of legacy?"

Bush responded, "Well I think so, yes. I think it ought to be based upon merit."

Under legacy programs, applicants are given an advantage if their parents or grandparents attended the school. Bush, a third-generation graduate of Yale University, joked about his own legacy.

"Well, in my case, I had to knock on a lot of doors to follow the old man's footsteps," he said to laughter.
I say bullshit, he had to knock on a lot of doors to become president too... some Supreme Court Justices and financiers.

Week in review.

Although I haven't gotten much sleep this week it's been pretty productive, at least at work...

Highlights include:

    1. I bought and have devoured "How to Practice: The Way to a Meaningful Life". I highly recommend this book. It references, no, it mandates that we have to practice or maintain a routine to move towards wisdom and happiness. Not only does it say we have to do this but it explains how. Sometimes it's a bit esoteric and "Eastern" - for lack of a better word - but it does an amazing job of explaining the Buddhist way to self and world improvement. What's really interesting is how similar it sounds to Jesus' philosophy. I know there are scholars who say Jesus went "East" during his youth but hearing Buddhist tenets laid out so clearly as this you can't help but wonder where Christianity came from. Christianity, or should I say, what Jesus taught seems to have more in common with this stuff than it does Judaism.
    2. I went to Yoga and it kicked my ass. This was my 2nd class. This class was supposed to be "Yoga & Relaxation" but I swear it was more difficult that my 1st class, which was supposed to be more of a power yoga kinda thing. It's difficult but I will continue to go.
    3. The Village. What an interesting film. I had no idea of what was gonna happen, which is usual with M. Night Shyamalan's movies but this one was something I never imagined, even in retrospect. It's quite the social commentary as well.
    4. Multitude of congratulations and positive energy I am getting in relation to Tara & me getting engaged.
    5. Larissa's crazy-ass business ideas.

Lowlights include:

    1. Not sleeping. It's mostly my fault, I can't break the pattern. There just don't seem to be as many hours in the day as there are things I want to do.
    2. Hardly saw Tara at all this week.
    3. Doctors not keeping appointments. Maybe therapy isn't for me because both I've tried to see have had nothing but trouble keeping their appointments with me.
    4. My continued lack of motivation.
    5. My continued troubles with people who seem to be very confused about who they are and how it relates to other, in particular, how it relates to me.
    6. Being accused, again, of being unreasonably competitive about this that aren't competitive in nature. (Relates to #5)

Everybody slips up but come on!

'They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people - and neither do we.'
President GW Bush
My new political hero's book

"Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance"
This is the first picture I've seen of Joaqiun (sp?) as Johnny...

Ruuud gone down

Thursday, August 5

Parenting (a photo series):

Parenting (a photo series):

Parenting (a photo series):

Things are going so well in Iraq. Thanks Mr. President for trying to force a lifestyle on yet another group of people...
US helicopter downed over Najaf
This is just fucked up. Where do people get these ideas?
Republican candidate admits supporting eugenics
This morning on the Interstate:

I looked over to my left and there was a woman in a brand new Cadillac doing 65 mph with her face up next to her rear view mirror putting on her eyeliner.

I looked away for a couple seconds and when I looked back she was halfway over in my lane, still working on that makeup.

As a man, I don't scare easily. But she scared me so much; I dropped my electric shaver, which knocked the donut out of my other hand. In all the confusion of trying to straighten out the car using my knees against the steering wheel, it knocked my cell phone away from my ear which fell into the coffee between my legs, splashed, and burned Big Jim and the Twins, ruined the damn phone, soaked my trousers, and disconnected an important call.

Damn women drivers!

This message brought to you from the Woman Power Group, LLC


Illinois GOP offers Senate nod to Alan Keyes - Aug 5, 2004

Wednesday, August 4

Of the films coming soon I am most excited to see Baadassss and Hero. I saw the original, Sweet Sweetback's Baadasss Song and i never quite understood it. I understand it psychologically but cinematically I never got it. Hero. All I can say is this film looks beautiful (not only because of Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung & Tony Leung) and exhilarating.

Zatochi is pretty exciting too, I've seen a few of the older ones and they are really entertaining. Good Japanese cinema which always includes tragedy, comedy and action.

The story of the weeping camel also looks incredible. I love seeing animals and people in their natural habitats and this is about a camel in Mongolia. It is a National Geographic film so the filmography should be stunning. These are the times when I relish in the gact that I was an encyclopedia reader in my childhood, let alone being an Anthro major in college.

August Indies at the Regal Green Hills Cinema

Now Showing:
Before Sunset
Fahrenheit 9/11 (ends Thursday)
The Mother (Starts Friday)
Napoleon Dynamite
The Story of the Weeping Camel (starts Friday)
Strayed (starts Friday)

Opening throughout the month of August:
8/13 - Seducing Dr. Lewis, Control Room
8/20 - A Home at the End of the World, Garden State, Baadassss, Zatoichi
8/27 - Hero, Festival Express, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

If you are in Nashville you need to join NFC so you can get discounts on movies like these and maybe even see some of them for free!

Difficult Buddhist Lesson of the Day:

Hard times build determination and inner strength. Through them we can also come to appreciate the usefulness of anger. Instead of getting angry, nurture a deep caring and respect for troublemakers because by creating such trying circumstances, they provide us with invaluable opportunities to practice tolerance and patience.
Taken from How to Practice: the Way to a Meaningful Life by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Real does it again

Tuesday, August 3

What are we waiting for?

Darfur abuses continue, UN says
Shaq Fu says:

Speaking about Bryant's case last week on Z100 radio in Portland, O'Neal said his former teammate would need a jury of rappers -- "Ludacris, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg" -- to get off.

Power to the people! Tennesseans for Fair Taxation home page
Hearing begins for Army reservist England - Aug 3, 2004

Some people just don't get it:

Pfc. Lynndie England, when first questioned about the Abu Ghraib photos showing her with naked Iraqi prisoners, explained, "It was just for fun."

                "The engineer's job is to capture the moment.
                The producer's job is to manipulate the moment."
                                            Jim Dickinson

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I'm Rich, Bitch!

Chappelle renews for $50 million
Deal with Comedy Central includes other projects.

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) -- Dave Chappelle has signed a massive deal with Comedy Central that will return the comedian's hit series to the network for two more seasons.

Sources familiar with the deal indicate it could be worth about $50 million, vaulting Chappelle, 30, into the rarefied realm of television's top earners. The new contract is believed to mark not only a steep increase for Chappelle as star, writer, co-executive producer and co-creator of "Chappelle's Show," but more significantly, reward him with a hefty chunk of the series' robust DVD sales.

Increasing the pressure on Comedy to close a megadeal with Chappelle was interest from other programmers eager to tap his talents, including NBC Universal Television Group, according to sources, which ultimately deemed Chappelle too expensive. FX is said to have made an eight-figure offer to lure Chappelle to the network, but to no avail.

The deal also has implications beyond Comedy for Chappelle within the network's parent company, Viacom, sources said. Another component sets up Chappelle with a multimillion-dollar deal at Paramount Pictures to star in an adaptation of the autobiography of Rick James, the funk veteran whom Chappelle has lampooned on "Chappelle's Show." He may also be tapped for a different film project.

In addition, the contract is said to establish a development deal for Chappelle's production company, Pilot Boy Prods., with managing principal Mustafa Abuelhija. The pair already has a project under consideration at Comedy featuring "Chappelle's Show" contributor Paul Mooney. Also reaping the benefits of the deal was Chappelle's longtime partner, Neal Brennan, a director, executive producer, co-creator and writer of the series. While terms of the deal for Brennan were not disclosed, it is one of the richest deals in basic cable for a multihyphenate. "I knew we could continue at Comedy Central," Brennan said. "We weren't thinking of going anywhere else."

Chappelle, who is vacationing in Paris, was not available for comment.

"Chappelle's Show" has become an important series for Comedy, scoring a trio of Emmy nominations last month and ranking as the highest-rated cable program for the network's demographic sweet spot, men 18-34, who comprised much of the 3.1 million total viewers the series averaged in its second season. The ratings for "Chappelle's Show" not only held up well in reruns, but boosted other longtime Comedy staples including "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" and "South Park" -- not to mention the network's strong primetime performance in the first and second quarter of the year.

"Life without 'Chappelle's Show' would not have been very bright as far as getting or exceeding those numbers again," said Lauren Corrao, senior VP original programming and head of development. "It means a great deal to growing our schedule. We're thrilled to have him back."

More important, "Chappelle's Show" has become a juggernaut on DVD, selling 1.7 million units to date of a collection of first-season episodes -- the most successful television-related DVD of the year despite minimal marketing.

Chappelle's original deal reaped barely a fraction of DVD revenues -- a source of frustration to the comedian as his second one-year deal with Comedy expired. The new deal cuts Chappelle not only a larger portion of DVD sales -- including retroactively to the first and second seasons -- but revenue from merchandising and events as well. As DVD becomes an increasingly lucrative revenue stream for networks and studios, the format is taking a place next to syndication as a crucial deal point for profit participants. In HBO's contentious renegotiation with "The Sopranos" star James Gandolfini last year, DVD also emerged as a thorny issue.

Combining Chappelle's DVD take with his per-episode salary (estimated to be in the low-middle six figures) puts him in the league of Gandolfini and fellow Comedy executive producers Matt Stone and Trey Parker of "South Park." He is also slated to partake of a syndication sale of "Chappelle's Show," which may be a remote possibility given the series' raunchy content.

Chappelle has already turned down an offer to host the upcoming sister network MTV's Video Music Awards but is said to be considering a second installment of the stand-up special he filmed for another Viacom property, Showtime, that debuts next month.

The first of 26 new episodes of "Chappelle's Show" is expected to premiere in the first quarter of next year. Each 13-episode season will consist of 10 original episodes, plus two "best-of" episodes and another devoted to music performances.

Article coutesy of CNN.com

Copyright 2004 Reuters. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.