Friday, August 6

Week in review.

Although I haven't gotten much sleep this week it's been pretty productive, at least at work...

Highlights include:

    1. I bought and have devoured "How to Practice: The Way to a Meaningful Life". I highly recommend this book. It references, no, it mandates that we have to practice or maintain a routine to move towards wisdom and happiness. Not only does it say we have to do this but it explains how. Sometimes it's a bit esoteric and "Eastern" - for lack of a better word - but it does an amazing job of explaining the Buddhist way to self and world improvement. What's really interesting is how similar it sounds to Jesus' philosophy. I know there are scholars who say Jesus went "East" during his youth but hearing Buddhist tenets laid out so clearly as this you can't help but wonder where Christianity came from. Christianity, or should I say, what Jesus taught seems to have more in common with this stuff than it does Judaism.
    2. I went to Yoga and it kicked my ass. This was my 2nd class. This class was supposed to be "Yoga & Relaxation" but I swear it was more difficult that my 1st class, which was supposed to be more of a power yoga kinda thing. It's difficult but I will continue to go.
    3. The Village. What an interesting film. I had no idea of what was gonna happen, which is usual with M. Night Shyamalan's movies but this one was something I never imagined, even in retrospect. It's quite the social commentary as well.
    4. Multitude of congratulations and positive energy I am getting in relation to Tara & me getting engaged.
    5. Larissa's crazy-ass business ideas.

Lowlights include:

    1. Not sleeping. It's mostly my fault, I can't break the pattern. There just don't seem to be as many hours in the day as there are things I want to do.
    2. Hardly saw Tara at all this week.
    3. Doctors not keeping appointments. Maybe therapy isn't for me because both I've tried to see have had nothing but trouble keeping their appointments with me.
    4. My continued lack of motivation.
    5. My continued troubles with people who seem to be very confused about who they are and how it relates to other, in particular, how it relates to me.
    6. Being accused, again, of being unreasonably competitive about this that aren't competitive in nature. (Relates to #5)

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