Wednesday, August 11

How to Go Natural - 10 Lifestyle Tips
  1. Natural Clothing - easy! Buy cotton, wool, leather, silk and all the variations (organic is even better)
  2. Natural Food - easy! No fast food and stay on the produce aisle in your grocery (organic is even better)
  3. Natural Personal Care - more difficult. Look for Tom's of Maine & J/A/S/O/N
  4. Natural Cleaning - more difficult. Look for Ecover & Seventh Generation
  5. Natural Pest Control and Repellents - most difficult b/c of effectiveness
  6. Natural Bedding - easy! stick with cotton & wool (organic is better but really expensive)
  7. Natural Furnishings - easy! Use real wood, cotton, leather, and other natural fiber
  8. Natural Renovating and Building Supplies - more difficult. Use less toxic materials and paints
  9. Natural Pet Care - watch pesticides and processed food
  10. Natural Consumer Choices - General - READ LABELS, if you can't pronounce it you might want to 2nd guess it.
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