Saturday, August 14

Dead Prez

Alright it has taken me awhile to get into this record. I bought RBG (revolutionary but gangsta) about a month ago. I boought it b/c I'd always heard good things about Dead Prez but had never listened.

Their sound suprised me. I'm not into the hardcore stuff and this is definitely hardcore. Lots of talk about guns, lots of spitting "nigga" but the record has a vibe, a smart vibe. There's a lot of talk about the struggle from the projects. This is some angry shit. But Sticman and M-1 have a strong flow and conscious lyrics.

Can't listen to this too often but if you're pissed...
"If you claimin' gangsta then bang on the system and show that you ready to ride. Till we get our freedom we got to get over, we steady on the rise."

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