Monday, August 30


What a busy weekend. Friday Tara and I went to the Frist for the Frist Friday thing. It's such a meatmarket but you get to see the exhibits and a band and eat... I dropped Tara home and I came back to the house for some Olympics.

Sat was more Olympics and some yard work. Since rained so much this past week the ground was still wet so I decided to trim some hedges. I have to do this by hand b/c the two powered hedgers are crap! It was a good workout. Tara came over and we had our regular "date night". We get takeout from Chicago Gyros and we watch Sopranos. This was the end of Season 3.

Sunday was more yard work for me. Tara went to church and I mowed. Finally, I watched most of the Olympic Closing Ceremony and then Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. (I love this movie!)
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