Wednesday, March 25

Doin' It In The Dark

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Don't forget! Sat, 8:30 pm local time...

Turn out the lights for an hour and see what happens!

In Nashville you should hop over to DrinkHaus or some other highpoints just outside of downtown to see the lights go out or you can do other stuff, just shut the lights out!

Saturday, March 21

New Soccer Gear

Spring has sprung and the Men's National Team is coming to Nashville! For these and several other reasons I decided to buy a new jersey. Now, I am a geek for cool gear, whether it be soccer or electronic, and that has always caused problems with US Soccer gear b/c Nike and US Soccer have always underwhelmed me. You look at the hip things Umbro and Puma do regularly and the things Adidas does sometimes and you see what I'm talking about. After much procrastination the bug to buy got too big and started to search...

Initially, I thought the official website or Nike would be best, mainly b/c that's how I shop. I like security of name brands but I decided to look for a cheaper price. After some surfing and googling I ended up at It was fun tooling around their "store" they carry all sorts of stuff and have some great prices on some things including the jersey I ended up with. What I first noticed about the site was how much it caters to team gear not my bag but very cool. I did notice how easy it was to shop team gear, you can even shop by color (I love that function!).

The jersey is a Nike USA Away Soccer Jersey and it is actually better than I expected. I like the gray trim on this very dark blue jersey. The inside the collar "Don't tread on me" is a nice touch too. Its a simple jersey with nothing but the swoosh and the US Soccer shield. You have the option of getting some player names and numbers but I'm not that much a fanboy. Tara likes it. Its subtle.

The other thing I like about is their community work. They have a big front solicitation for SoccerGrow, an organization that helps bring together individuals and organizations to help bring gear to those who need it. I was not familiar with this organization but was glad to see front and center.

All in all I had a good online experience shopping for my US National Team jersey at If I were in the team buying/coaching crowd this site would have to be at the top of my list for soccer uniforms and training gear. Not being in that crowd this is a good site to check for deals but you have to be prepared for limited quantities on some items.

Tuesday, March 17

Summer Soccer is almost here!

To celebrate the new MLS season I am going to see the Men's National Team play Trinidad & Tobago. Where would I get to see a World Cup Qualifier, you might ask? Atlanta? Chicago? Miami? No! The Men's National Team is gonna play a World Cup Qualifier, a true CONCACAF match right here in Music City, USA!!