Friday, September 1

Eye on Green Hills

Yesterday was cool musician day in Davis-Kidd!
Well first the Governor came in and told me he was feeling much better. He's lost a lot of weight and he looked tired but he was dressed down and about to eat lunch by himself.
Then the musicians...Kenny Vaughan. I first saw him many moons ago when he was touring with Lucinda Williams and he's a hot player. He actually comes in often, usually looks at some music books, then some CDs. Then came Justin (Townes) Earle. I thought I knew who Justin Earle was but I was wrong. The guy who came in was not the guy I thought was Justin. I think I had him confused with John Cash - I didn't have who they are confused, I just thought Justin looked more like John. He got some cool books and went on his way. Very rock-n-roll, tall, thin, inked. He was very nice and polite. 
One of the things I will miss about this place.
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