Wednesday, September 27

Help, I can't start.

I've mentioned how much I procrastinate. Below is some useful info that I will possibly use.
Procrastination is a widely complex problem that can be solved in many different ways and caused by many more. Despite this complexity, I have found that the simple solution of understanding, breaking down and starting is the most effective strategy. Here is a summary of that method:

* Understand where the procrastination is coming from:
o All procrastination is rooted in linking more pain to taking action than inaction
o Three Major Culprits:
+ Fear
+ Stress
+ Fatigue (Lack of Energy)
* Break down your walls and create stairs to make a large activity manageable
o Break down by:
+ Steps in Order
+ Components
+ Progressions of Intensity
* With the activity broken down, you might need an extra push, so:
o Use Rewards
o Use Leverage
o Modify the Activity
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