Monday, September 25

Nashville Lifestyles

So, on my 2nd Monday at the new job I said hi to Isaac Hayes & David Porter.

Landmark is an official division of BMI so we were invited to go to the "mandatory fun day".
You know those days when corporate America decides to show the employees how important they are.
Ours was a ride on the General Jackson riverboat, watching the wonderful Middle Tennessee landscape (I saw a heron & a hawk - or something that flies high and dives into the water for fish).

We met at BMI and I was a bit early so I was sort hanging by myself when in walks Black Moses! I knew he and David Porter were coming but I didn't know the arrangement. Sure enough, I made eye contact with Isaac and as he continues past me we exchanged hellos. Holy shit! Isaac Hayes said hi to me this morning!

Later Isaac came to stage and although he's doing well it's obvious his stroke knocked some of the wind out of his sail. He was funny and David Porter came to his side through his storytelling.

He's not nearly as tall as I thought he was. :-)

Nothing special on the boat. The food was pretty good, we got one beer each some new country dude sang (Jake Owen).

In Nashville we talk about gurmy, or being a gurm, which translates into gushing, cheeseball, "can I have your autograph", fan. You can say that all you want but Stax records is one of the most important aspects of American culture, one of the most important record labels in the history of recorded music and if I get a little goofy when I see two of the guys who worked their and work hits for them then so be it.
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