Wednesday, October 4

Greatest Record Store on the planet!

Grimey's. It's the kind of place to drive people like Tara crazy but I and my record store junkie friends love rummaging through the bins of CDs, LPs and whatever else. If you have to walk over some CD boxes so be it, if you have to move a stack of CDs to get to another stack so be it, you just soak it all in.

Not to mention events like:

Robert Randolph Listening Party – Tuesday, October 10 @ Noon

Join us at noon on a Tuesday for a lunchtime listening party for the new CD from Robert Randolph & The Family Band – Colorblind. It delves even deeper into a Sly Stone/Stevie Wonder funk bag and features guests Dave Matthews and Eric Clapton, but Randolph’s sacred steel stylings are the real show. We’ve got a boatload of hot wings from Mojo Grill on tap, plus some drinks and additional snacks. Skip out for lunch and we’ll feed you while we rock out to Colorblind. The new CD will be on sale and we’ll have some prizes and give-aways as well to sweeten the pot.

HOWARD TATE – Thursday, October 12 @ 6PM

Yet another in-store performance that has me just tingling with excitement! Howard Tate is a veteran soul man who first shook the world with an album on Verve back in 1966 produced by legendary producer/songwriter Jerry Ragovoy (“Piece Of My Heart”, “Cry Baby”, “Time Is On My Side”). Tate’s recording of Ragavoy’s “Get It While You Can” became a classic and led to a cover version by Janis Joplin. Highly regarded by soul music cultists, and virtually unknown by most, Howard Tate is one of those artists that if you don’t know his name, you’ll know his songs that Janis, Jimi, and BB King covered. After hitting the R&B Top 20 three times in the late ‘60s, his career began to wane with personal tragedies, mob ties, and religious conversion before Tate resurfaced in 2003 with the critically-acclaimed Rediscovered CD. Now he’s followed that fine release up with a truly remarkable collection of soul, blues, and pop songs featuring the notable contributions of Lou Reed, Carla Bley, and Steve Swallow. A Portrait Of Howard is a daring mix of originals and covers, including 3 Randy Newman songs and numbers by Burt Bacharach, Nick Lowe, and originals from Tate and producer Steve Weisberg. Please join us next Thursday when Howard Tate will grace us with an in-store set as he passes through town. There is no other gig scheduled at this time (he hopes to come back for a proper club performance perhaps in December) so this is your only chance to hear this soul music legend and his “tremulous, honeyed, yet resoundingly deep pipes.” Don’t miss it!
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