Thursday, October 12

If this is conservative...

My Aunt has called me conservative for the last 5 or so years even though I worked for an environmental canvass organization, I smoked pot for a few years (did I admit that?), I have voted democrat since I was 16(although I voted for Nader in 2000 & 2004), I have had gay friends for over half my life (probably doesn't mean much to some but for somebody who grew up in the tradition I grew up in, I don't think that's too bad), and I married a woman who had no intention of changing her maiden name.

Today on All Things Considered there was an interview with Andrew Sullivan, a gay, catholic, British conservative who disagrees with what seems like everything the neo-cons and other conservatives believe and say. I skimmed his blog and he makes a lot of sense.

I liked what I heard and I guess if this is what my aunt means by conservative then I can handle it (I should probably read more of what he says before I completely align myself with him).
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