Wednesday, August 30

I did it, I did it!

After months and months of rejections--I've had at least 5 job interviews in as many months and all ended in rejection--the tide has turned. It started a few weeks ago when I interviewed for a job at the Science/Engineering Library. The interview went great, I was quite hopeful. I didn't hear anything for awhile and then BAM! Another rejection but, BUT, the director said it was the hardest hiring decision she'd ever made and the job went to a Vandy insider.

After that I applied to staffmark temp services for a music industry job "Digital music identifier". I had no idea and I'd never worked with a temp agency before. The job asked for someone comfortable with digital music, streaming audio and the ability to identify songs quickly. I went to staffmark, took some office skill tests and they called me later that afternoon to set up an interview.

A few days later I interviewed at a Nashville high-rise but it was fun. I walked in and the boss was honestly complimentary about my resume and he apologized that the only way they could bring me on - IF they brought me on, of course - was as a temp. He gave me a really quick blurb about the company and asked me about myself. The four of us went on to chat about music. I would bring it back to how I thought I could help and then we would chat some more. It was fun. I walked out again thinking it was a great interview.

Within 2 hours I had a job offer!

The only time I had a response like that lead to 5 wonderful years at OneMusic!

From what I understand I will spend a lot of time listening to streaming radio trying to ID songs and verifying metadata for one of the performance rights organizations. So, it sounds like I will know commercial radio like nobody's business, which sucks but hell, if I get to listen to the radio for a living, a decent living…

Now, it doesn't pay as well as OneMusic did (thanks Jim!) but it is a 25% increase (look more toward the 25th percentile) over what I got at Davis-Kidd. No, I haven't given up on grad school but the procrasti-monster is alive and well.

So, there you have it. Almost a year to the day after I started at Davis-Kidd I will be leaving. If it weren't for the money and those spoiled Green Hills/Belle Meade ***holes I would've stayed at DK in a heartbeat. It is an amazing group of people to work with.
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