Friday, August 18

Hey, I know that guy.

Late last week at DK I saw EVERYBODY I know. OK that's a slight exaggeration. I saw more people I knew, or who knew me, than I had seen in a long time. In a span of 2 days I saw 2 fellow FRHS grads (Class of 1985); one of whom is a bizillioniare - she's written more than a couple of extremely popular songs in the rock and country worlds, and another who was a band geek in high school but now has the widest shoulders on the planet. I'm talking Mr. Incredible sized shoulders. There was also a fellow Sewanee grad. My Councilman's wife came in about this time and there was the other fellow FRHS alum, a woman who was a year ahead of me, who had a younger sister in my graduating class, and who almost every boy in her grad and mine had a crush on. She looks as good now as she did then.

To top the week off was an introduction to a cyberfriend, a fellow blogger. This was the big surprise. I hadn't read his blog in quite awhile but I remember when I first was looking for something about East Nashville on the web and I came across his web. He recognized me and said he read my blog, which surprised me but he thought my "Buddhist Thought of the Day" was cool.

Today, not initially part of the this story, the talented Pam Tillis came through. She bought Wired which has a cover story about music and we had a nice little chat about how every few years there's a new rebellion against the music industry and how cool it is to be energized by it. Not once did I let her know that I knew who she was. She was very nice.

That's just a few days in the Mall at Green Hills. I haven't seen some of my regulars like the Governor, the Mayor (he was looking for "Canadian Bacon" the last time he was in), Lee Beaman, Martina McBride, Keith Urban, Faith & Tim, David Olney, or Gordon Gee in awhile
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