Sunday, June 20

New favorite Athlete

Thierry Henry. I used to think he was kinda wussy but after a year of watching EPL on FoxSports World I have changed my mind.

I used to think that because of his physique. He's thin with long legs and his socks were always pulled up to his knees. Now, why all of that meant anything I don't know but the man is amazing. He never seems to tire (he played 3150 minutes of the last season with Arsenal - that's 35 full games!)and he's a powerful striker with all sorts of finesse. There is a reason why he was voted Player of the Year by the English Professional Footballers' Association (2nd year in a row) and the European Sports Magazine Golden Shoe (1st Frenchman to win this award).

Besides all that. His name is fun to say... teary ahn-ree.

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