Wednesday, June 16

Nashville Symphony plays Lord of the Rings

Before this year I was not an orchestra kind of guy. Yes, my radio is perpetually tuned to WPLN-FM and AM but I just never thought about the music.

Last year in the early stages of dating Tara we went to the Beethoven Fest and I was knocked out. Not only did I not fall asleep but I was enchanted and vitalized by the symphony. It was fascinatinating to watch the sections play as I was listening. It was sort of like watching a clock's internal mechanism.

Now I'm always game to see the symphony.

Tonight Tara and I went to Centennial Park to see the Nashville Symphony play the music of the Lord of the Rings and Chicago. Unbeknownst to us there were several more pieces on the program including "Ride of the Valkyries" and Carmen's Hoedown - a mix of bits from Carmen and a hoedown. It was so cool and relaxing to be out in the open with this relaxed symphony belting out some great music.

If you live near Nashville check out the symphony when you can.
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