Wednesday, June 23


Recently I've had some very vivid dreams. Not regular dreams but epics. Dreams where one scenario flows right into another and into another although none are necessarily connected.

The other night I had a dream that included images from video games I play and images of my Dad (died 1996) and my Step-Mom (died this time last year). It also included images of a house guest and my girlfriend. All of these images were translated into "scenes" or items in scenes and then all these scenes were strung together like a movie.

This kind of thing happened 2 nights in a row and I don't ever remember dreaming like this.

Does anybody know anything about dream interpretation? How true is the info that's interpreted? Can the foretell your future? Or are they a fresh perspective on what has past?

There are so many mysteries. I wonder if I will ever be satisfied? *Sigh*
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