Tuesday, June 15

Speaking of Black Music. Let's talk about the Most Underrated Funk Band...

The Meters.

the funky Meters, as they are called now, started as a house band to SeaSaint Studios and ultimately became one of the most sought after backing bands, playing on the biggest hits from New Orleans...everybody from Lee Dorsey to LaBelle.

In the late 70s the original 4tet broke up but all continue to perform. George Porter & Art Neville have the funky Meters, Leo Nocentelli has his band and Zigaboo Modeliste has his band and every once & awhile they come together at jazz fest or something to play on each others' stage.

If you wanna hear the missing link in funk history, the link that is the basis of the sound of New Orleans check out the albums these guys have to offer. You can't lose with any of them.
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