Thursday, March 15

Why I recommend "You Suck: A Love Story"

by Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore. I think you love him or hate him. I love him. I like his universal themes that victimized women have more strength than they imagine, there are unexplainables, homeless are people too and nerdy guys save the world and get the girl!

This is a wonderful continuation of Bloodsucking Fiends. I liked Bloodsucking Fiends but not as much as some of his others so I didn’t expect much out of this one. I was surprised, this was a great story and has a wonderfully romantic ending. His characters are char-ac-ters. They have wonderful personalities, he understands different types of people and can bring them all to life. There are inside jokes related to his other books. If you like Letterman and Colbert Report with a bit of geeky fantasy I think you will love most anything Christopher Moore has written.

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