Friday, March 2

Oscar Response

This is actually more a response - a dissent, if you will - to the extraordinarily smart and beautiful, poetically inclined maven of Brown Rabbit Tanning, Marjorie. Marjorie and I worked at Davis-Kidd together, we started on the same day (to walk into the breakroom and see her certainly made me feel better about working for $8/hr), and I typically agree with her on things film and political, although she once steered me to an insane Turkish movie, which I have fortunately forgotten the name of, although I did like the music.

I will have to say that her disinterest in The Queen disappoints me greatly. I, not being an Anglophile wasn't interested in The Queen but when the lights went down I became enthralled and entranced by Dame Helen Mirren (who joins other silver-haired beauties, Raquel Welch - I know she's not silver haired but you know what I mean - and Emmylou Harris, on my hottie list). Here performance was all encompassing, she is one of the few who truly and absolutely deserved her Oscar. The Departed, ok I can see not wanting to see it but it was an intense recreation of the Japanese cinema and how can you not love Jack. Babel, I hear you Marjorie but I think all of those issues are entwined and appropriate - although, I don't know about that racist thing, I didn't really see so much of that in Babel.

Volver, Letters from Iwo Jima & Happy Feet were the 3 best I saw this last year

As far as costumes Marjorie says Marie Antoinette, which I will see tonight, but I must say that Curse of the Golden Flower was stunning...the movie sucked but I couldn't get enough of the sets and costumes. Zhang Yimou's understanding of colors and textures is unparalleled.

Marjorie we will have to hook up for some filmfest stuff, hopefully I can afford a few. When is someone gonna drop a gold brick on my doorstep? Sheesh!

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