Wednesday, June 8

Harold Ford, Jr.

You know, I've talked to several people in my small circle about Harold's political potential. We like him a lot as a representative but I wonder if Senate is a bad move.

The history of US Presidency shows that most were Governors. Senators haven't fared well when they've taken the leap.

Now granted, he has a better shot at getting a Senatorial seat versus a Governor's mansion in the state of TN but still. What about Mayor of Memphis and then VP, then President?

I could see him as VP then Pres.

The other question, which might have something to do with why he's sticking with DC Politics, is escaping the family. The Memphis Fords have a crazy assed political history (most recently we've seen the downfall of Harold's uncle, John Ford) and I can only imagine he wants to distance himself from that as much as possible.

Anyway...just a little politics on this hot Summer afternoon.
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