Monday, October 11

Family (an outsider's prespective)

You know its interesting to introduce people, especially significant others, to family members. You get so accustomed to hwo your family does things that you don't even notice.

For instance, this weekend my Tara spent time in my Aunt's house for the time. They had met but not spent a huge amount of time together.

Tara observed that my Aunt is an external processor (in Tara's mom's words). She talks alot, a running commentary combined with a perpetual string of questions. I hadn't ever really thought about it. I knew we talked alot but I hadn't reflected on how it was actually a running dialog. Now, some people do this with mundane, trivial ideas and observations but my Aunt is almost always serious; she talks about politics, society, race and family alot. But as I reflect more sometimes she just talks; she talks to the car in front of her when they won't make their turn as quickly as she would like, she talks about people as they pass by; nothing malicious, just observations. She talks in movies or while watching TV, usually rhetorical questions like: "Why do they have to use such foul language?"

It is amazing and informative to see things from the outside every once & awhile.
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