Friday, September 10

Kevin Garnett

The McQuillans are ready to bag groceries, do PR and anything else that Kevin Garnett might require. Members of that Plymouth, MN, family had their second incredibly kind, memorable encounter with the Timberwolves' MVP recently.

Peg McQuillan was shopping with her kids Abby, 10, and Alec, 8, at Lunds. Alec noticed a very tall man. 'Mommy do you think that's a basketball player?' Alec asked. I said 'I don't know, honey. He said 'May I ask him?' While K.G. was in the checkout line, Alec approached with questions, starting with a polite request for a name. Kevin, came the reply. "Garnett!?" Alec asked, whose eyes widened. "Abby and Alec asked for his autograph. The whole store is watching. You can't miss this man," said McQuillan. "He said, Let's go over here and sit down." The kids followed K.G. to a stand of Leeann Chin tables. "Kevin Garnett and my two kids, sitting at a table. And he's asking them where they live, if they play basketball, where they go to school.

He's like so sweet to them," said McQuillan. "I thanked him and said, 'You were equally sweet to my other son, [Jay, now 13] outside Circuit City.' He said, That's cool. That's what I get to do.' He's just such a gentleman."

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