Wednesday, March 22

New Hero

I don't know a whole lot about Kevin Phillips but listening to him on Fresh Air last night gave me the impression that he might be the smartest observer of politics I've ever heard.

He recently published, American Theocracy, where he links our dependence on forieign oil, our evolution into a debt society (both personal and governmental) and the evolution of the Republican Party into a pseudo-religious party. Not only does he make an astonishing set on links but he also posits that the modern Rebulican Party - through both Bush presidencies - has transformed America into a theocracy.

What brings this home for me is that there was a woman in the store yesterday who bought 6+ copies of two different pro-Bush books (Rebel in Chief & Enduring Revolution)and during her loud & long cellphone conversation. She framed everything as God's will - if it is God's will she will get these books in the hands of everyone, it is God's will that the person on the other end of the phone called her as she was buying these books. It wasn't hard to hear and it was very interesting to listen to.
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