Thursday, June 29

Never shop when hungry

We've all heard it, "never go to the grocery when hungry". Why? B/c you buy all sorts of crap you don't need or want.

Here are 16 other money saving tips:
1. Don’t shop for groceries if you’re hungry.
2. Shop with a list. Make a list and stick to it.
3. Choose a grocery store and learn its prices.
4. Buy in bulk, when possible.
5. Stock up on non-perishables.
6. If you do seasonal baking, stock up year round.
7. Know when to shop at big box stores.
8. Compare unit pricing.
9. Check your receipt.
10. Use coupons, but only to buy things you actually need (or want to try).
11. Use coupons for staple foods and ingredients, not highly-processed foods.
12. Take advantage of special coupons whenever possible.
13. For maximum savings, combine coupons with in-store sales.
14. Plan your meals around what’s on sale.
15. Examine sale flyers carefully.
16. Take advantage of “buy one, get one free” offers.
17. My wife’s final piece of advice? “Let your husband come with you for the company, but don’t let him put anything in the cart.” The experts agree.

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